Liverpool 5 – Oldham 1 [video]

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  1. agree a striker is needed, however brilliant performance tonight from the mighty red. thought Bellamy was MOTM was amazing and Gerrard played some sensational balls through to him. great partnership blossoming there. shelvey also a good game and I think maxi was not given credit tonight had a brilliant game. Was very happy that Carrol especially and Downing were on target for us. come on you reds keep up the performance an we’ll bring the silverwear back in no time

  2. if i was Dalglish i would rather play SHELVEY over that Henderson…the way Shelvey played today or any other game is by far better than anything Henderson has ever played….
    with Shelvey:
    -more attacking forward passes
    -more quality in attack passes and creativity and he’s only 19/20
    -roams round da pitch with purpose and intent
    -he is also ambitious and gets in the box
    with Henderson:
    -all we get is side ways and back passes
    -not ambitious at all
    -roams da pitch aimlessly without any real contribution
    -he is a neutral player doesnt play bad but doesnt show any real threat…
    ma point is Shelvey should play over Henderson its so obvious he is a better player..its not jst one game

  3. We dont need another striker, what we need is to continue showing teamwotk in the offense, (do crosses, use distance shots, and COLLECTIVE PLAYS) doing that the goals will continue to appear, teamwork in the offense is the key. YNWA!!

  4. the oldham player was complaining because 2 idiotic liverpool fans called him a f***ing black ba****d!!! the lad was in tears!! i hope they get banned from anfield and any other ground!! reports say liverpool are in trouble once again for racism. great game tho, we didnt deserve that much of a lashing and belamys equaliser was sooo lucky. but not going to take away how good liverpool are

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