Ryan Babel strikes again

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Ryan Babel tonight tweeted what he first claimed were Patrice Evra and Wayne Rooney’s Blackberry BBM#s.

Ryan tweeted the following:

@RyanBabel : Patrick Evra on BBm 2195E10D ???

@RyanBabel : RT @rrrodje: 26F1F8A1 Wayne Rooney

Later on he did reveal that both of the BBMs were not of the Manchester United football players but of people who had abused him. Of course by then it was probably too late as the ones who had abused Ryan probably got their share of abuse.

Ryan is currently playing for Bundesliga outfit Hoffenheim and is out of the reach of the FA who fined him last year for tweeting a picture of Howard Webb wearing a Manchester United shirt.




  1. Would you please post this again in English please.
    I read this full article and still have no clue what is being said.

  2. Not sure I understand what it’s all about…

    But a simple advice for Ryan, stop tweeting. Just stop.

    It’s not doing you any favors, and you should concentrate on plying.

    You have ability and capability to be a very good player, don’t take forever to capitalize on your ability.

    Hoffenheim is not the limit for your achievements, and you could make a huge comeback in PL like Anelka made, if you just put your priorities in order.

  3. hahaha… good work RB, nice payback… wish you were still with us but i hope things are going well in the bundesliga…

  4. yea i personaly i miss RYAN so much i love wacthing him (BABEL)when ever he’s with the ball and kenny made a mistake of letting RYAN go,now that we have SUAREZ it could’ve been a perfect partnership in our lfc attack.

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