There is no proof that these idiots are Liverpool fans

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This video surfaced last night showing a couple of so called Liverpool fans taunting Samir Nasri after the game, it has now gone viral.

While Nasri is not the nicest person in the world most Liverpool supporters (including myself) would never condone such behaviour. First of all it is very dangerous and secondly it is inconsistant with our creed. Needless to say there is no proof that they are Liverpool fans. If they were returning from the game you would likely see a scarf or something with the LFC colours on it. These idiots don’t have a Scouse accent and yes we have fans with every single accent (including myself) there is absolutely no proof that these are Liverpool fans.

Here is the exchange. Thanks to @EzizAllamov for sending me the video.


  1. Agree entirely Antoine,
    They sound like a pair of idiots….ask him to wind his window down and then give him stick, and not even in a humorous way.

  2. They sound more concerned with his connection to Arsenal. And they say they hope Man City don’t win the league – so who do they want to win it? Most Liverpool fans would prefer City over Utd.

  3. Notice how the main protagonist has a slight Birmingham accent, and the lad filming clearly has a Manc accent.

  4. I agree there is no proof that these idiots are Liverpool fans and their behavior is stupid, moronic and dangerous to themselves and others on the road.

    Unfortunately, there are idiots like this in every walk of life and it would be naive to think that this does not include Liverpool supporters. Again, unfortunately, It’s just the way it is in a small percentage of any group, there’s always a few who let everyone else down.

    The best we can do is ignore them and not respond, as I’m glad to see Samir Nasri (mostly) did here.

  5. Man U fans would be my best bet – they have the right mentality for that sort of crap.

    Why would Nasri wind his window down anyway – asking for trouble that is.


  6. I dno where you guys are from to sit and say this isnt how liverpool fans act.. I was at the game, i go to home games IM FROM LIVERPOOL and the video is hilarious.

  7. Of course they’re liverpool supporters.

    They’ve got southerners accents. I hear it enough at Anfield to know.

  8. As usual anything negative about the club gets plenty of air time – truth, accuracy and honesty don’t come into it.

  9. What a pair of clowns. Thats just not funny, abuse on a football pitch is one thing but leave the guy alone off it. He has the same right to privacy as everyone else.

  10. If anything they’re probably Arsenal/Spurs/Chelsea supporters(used loosely) the last guy had a birmingham accent but the rest were londoners.
    Highly unlikely Liverpool fans would be driving around Manchester after the match.

  11. If they were Liverpool fans would they be saying “We hope you don’t win the league” knowing if they don’t that Man Utd would likely win it? It’s also classless to rub it in at half time in a tie which can still go either way. I suspect that they are Man Utd fans.

  12. They don’t sound like Liverpool fans, believe me! But, even if they are they are just 2 idiots and were just amusing themselves and not even worth being in the news.

  13. ManU supporter usually smarter and play with media or complicated games well but Liverpool fan alway frank and only are simple people who kind and just want watch TV with Liverpool.

  14. Look! You dont go stealing sugar, then come out and say: hi! My name is this and that. Im the one that stole the sugar.
    These guys are cleary framing liverpool fans. Cementing them as the most ill-behaved in the country.

  15. Since when is “proof” needed? Naturally with the press they are going to be LFC fans. They couldn;t be anything else could they? do you think a 3 man committee ( independent naturally!)could get to the bottom of this quickly and get their guilty verdict out ASAP? Probably think so.

  16. There are Liverpool fans throughout the country and the world you don’t have to be a scouse to be a fan. Whether these 2 are or not, does it matter aren’t we fans allowed to have banter or mock one another anymore?

    Ok i see the point of an accident could have been caused, but ive seen alot worse, besides i dnt see Nasri minding really he said what he wanted to say and drove off.

    I don’t know what all the agro is about this video anyway, put it this way if we had just seen a player from a team we support or dispise or even some other celeb in their car nxt to us, we would do the same ask them to put their window dwn and chat to em.

  17. They aren’t Man U fans, listen to what the bloke says at the end “I hope you don’t win the league no more” if they were Man U why would they have ever hoped city would win it?

    Quite why this is news though is beyond me.

  18. hardly abusive behaviour! just banal banter from not very intelligent people! jeezuz! why are people wasting their time on this nonesense! the media will be more than happy to promote this as their is a vendetta against LFC, but if everyone is honest every club has fans who are short in the brain cell department! Man Ure, City, Chelsea et al, no one club is free from morons! but to call this abuse! grow up! just idiots being idiots!

  19. This guys are Arsenal fans, nothing to do with Liverpool, I fear that anything racist comment or action by anyone around the country will be brushed on our great club

  20. If you give idiots this type of airtime you will encourage them to do more stupid things.
    Ignore them and they will go away!!

  21. I am a Liverpool supporter of 20 years and I’m 34 years of age and it is naive and ridiculous to believe that in this day and age that any group of people are pure and genuine. There are Liverpool supporters out there, just like at every single club around Europe and the world, that are scumbags and dickheads. These guys could easily be Liverpool supporters, there is no evidence whatsoever that they are not, accents count for nothing, if they were Irish would they be even less likely to be Liverpool supporters than if they were from Birmingham?? The only evidence from that is a reference to the Liverpool game based on the score line and that leads me to strongly believe they are most likely Liverpool supporters!

  22. Come on! they could very well be LFC fans. I am sure in our world wide support that we have thousands of fans who are stupid, ignorant, abusive shitheads. They are a minority and will eventually drift over to Old Trafford, but lets stop this sillness of pretending that every LFC fan is a perfect human being. I’d say based on the video the odds are high that they are LFC fans. Foolish, dangerous LFC fans. They exist and should be called out.

  23. Arsenal supporters if ever i saw, other wise they wouldn’t be arsed, they said about him joining city, but we know city are full of mercenaries doing the same thing.

  24. What is the big deal like i said in my previous post, if any of us had seen a celeb, footy player etc nxt to us on the road in their car, you would ask them for a chat. Now these 2 lads abused Nasri and it could have caused an accident which i can understand, but are we not allowed to take the mick out of each other no more. Can’t two rival fans take the mick out of each other, can we not rip an opponents player, we do it all day long in the stadiums and ive heard alot worse said in the stadiums.

    People really need to open their eyes and stop being indenile these things happen up and down the country and the world in other sports.

  25. What on earth are people going on about?
    Clearly arsenal fans – who else would be arsed about him moving?

  26. Yup as usual one eyed Liverpool fans living in their stupid make belief world. Next thing the Heysell tragedy is blamed on the italians. Yes grow up and face the facts everyone has stupid fans who idiotic things and sadly there are even more idiotic fans who chose to belive that their own fans are innocent… that is why Liverpool’s success is poor

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