Liverpool lineup vs Stoke

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The Skrtel/Agger partnership is broken up today as Agger suffered a knock. Carra and Coates both start together with Skrtel. Stevie G. captains the Reds.

Starting XI :  Reina, Johnson, Skrtel, Carragher, Coates, Enrique, Henderson, Gerrard, Adam, Downing, Kuyt

Subs : Aurelio, Carroll, Doni, Shelvey, Kelly, Flanagan, Bellamy.

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  1. Agger out with a knock. Even so should be a simple swap not this shite line up! Hes a legend but hes a shite manager!

  2. Why the fuck would you want to bring back Benitez you scruffy little twat.Shut the fuck up you clueless cunt and go and support Chelsea

  3. Just watched the first half Liverpool were useless .No strikers in the box weird …bring on Bellamy and caroll for god sake

  4. Fucking dalglish should start showing some balls especially when playing at home. the line up and formation today showed lack of ambition and guts. time to start thinking of a new manager. we played much better football under benitez.

  5. no one is bigger thgan the club including dalglsih. 100 million spent and nothing to show for. i hope dalglish has not been lining his own pocket given his proximity with newcastle. ahem!!!!!!!

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