Redmen TV : Liverpool 0-0 Stoke City: Uncensored Match Reactions and Analysis

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A 0-0 result with Stoke City was Liverpool’s 7th home draw of the season… In the aftermath, The Redmen TV bring you the uncensored reactions and analysis of Liverpool fans from around the world… CONTAINS STRONG LANGUAGE!


  1. The problem with the lack of goals is not Carroll or Kuyt, it is the system being adopted by Liverpool. Crossing the ball to Carroll is useless because Carroll is often on his own in the penalty area surrounded by about six or seven defenders. Irrespective who is playing centre forward. Indeed it was the same with Kuyt against Stoke. In the first half when Kuyt was in possession just outside the six yard area there was not one single Liverpool player to receive his pass. How can one forward penetrate a packed defence? Liverpool must adopt a more positive approach. Perhaps 4-3-3 would be more successful, certainly much better than 4-5-1. With two midfield players supporting the fowards and two forwards (wingers)helping the defence against counter attacks.

  2. We are short of strikers, we can’t afford to buy anyone so why not give a couple of the kids a try? They can’t play as bad as Carroll or Kuyte are doing at the moment. Rightly or wrongly Rafa wouldn’t have given it a second thought, needs must.

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