Through The Fog: What Makes Liverpool FC Unique

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In the wake of weeks of PR turmoil for the Liverpool FC, with the Suarez race scandal and the abuse of a black player at Anfield confounded by a national press with an anti-Liverpool agenda, us fans did what we do best. We came together as one.

Anne Williams has been waiting 23 years for justice for her son, Kevin, who died needlessly at Hillsborough. The government’s e-petition scheme finally gave her the opportunity she needed to force those responsible for Kevin’s death to be held to account. Together, we have helped Anne take a big step along the road towards getting that justice.

The campaign started really slowly, with just a few thousand of the 100,000 signatures needed. Some notable journalists, like Tony Evans, were behind Anne’s quest for justice from the very start. However, the national media in general ignored it. Supporting Liverpool FC in the wake of all the scandal was not very fashionable on fleet street.

There are a lot of comments made mocking the so-called “LFC Family” on Twitter, but that is the best way to describe how thousands of Liverpool fans have united behind this common cause over the past week. Together, our voice was too loud to ignore and, slowly but surely, the mainstream media started to sit up and take notice.

Last night and this morning, watching as 60,000 names turned to 100,000 with breathtaking speed, I felt a sense of pride to be part of this family. When the chips are down, and the world is against us, we stand together as one. Bob Paisley, who knew the club and fans as well as anyone, summed it up perfectly when he said, “When you’re lost in a fog you must stick together. Then you don’t get lost. If there’s one secret to Liverpool, that’s it.”

Over the past week, we have shown that our spirit makes us truly unique. We’ve shown once again that together, Liverpool Football Club can achieve absolutely anything. Just like we did in Istanbul, just like we did in Rome. Just like we have done on countless occasions on the fields of Anfield Road. And just like we will do again.

For more information on why the fight for justice is so important, visit this website



  1. Great work! LFC spirit untouchable. Justification that this is the greatest sporting club in the world. YNWA. Thru thick and thin we must stick together. That is Liverpool football club and that is why LFC is loved all over the world. No disrespect to fans over the world but it is those fans at the coal face, at Anfield, that truly make this such a much loved club globally. Let’s back all the players and Kenny because sooner rather than later we will win again!

  2. Great article, couldnt agree more BUT please remember the overseas fans too. We are a family with 8 supporting Liverpool and living in New Zealand. We ache when you ache and would do anything to support the Club. We stayed up almost all night when Hicks/Gillett saga was playing out so we could follow it on internet. We got up in the middle of the night to watch at Istanbul in 2005. We watch EVERY game we can, whatever the time here. We do try to sign petitions but you need to be UK residents for that in most cases. We do write emails and we read all 115 pages of the Suarez report. We feel for you all and pray for you. We do agree re fans at the coal face and are so grateful for your stand. We are all RED and will never change. Y N W A from the Oram family in Auckland.

  3. Very well put… The story truly justifies YNWA!
    Although I am surprised to see so few comments on this post.

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