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….. and no more visits to the Adidas Stores. I am a bit of a LFC nut so whenever I get the chance to visit a new city I make a B line for the Adidas store. Maybe I might see something I fancy but my main objective is to make sure our red  holy shirt is hung in front if any other English shirt that is hanging in the vicinity.

Last year I can confirm that Chelsea shirts got relegated to the back of the displays in Adidas shops in Buenos Aires, Barcelona, Brasilia and Paris after my visit. I hate seeing that blue shirt being given priority over the our sacred colour.
The visibility of our ‘brand’, I hate that word which alianates the club, is just one part of putting or maintaining us in the minds of people who have not yet appreciated what it is to support the greatest club in the world. So I do this generous task in each store to help mankind support my club with its fine traditions and values. My unselfish act I know goes unrewarded but you do these small gestures for the team you love don’t you.

Now with the new deal I have no idea how to plan my visiting time when I get to a new place. Will Warrior’s distribution of our shirt be worldwide? Will it reach the public who love football? I have never heard of this sports manufacturer around the world. I heard they do Lacross and are linked to New Balance but where is football in this. Maybe they want to break the Adidas and Nike domination. Fair enough, but what about us customers?

What markets are Warrior selling in, does anyone know? Can they distribute to all corners of the World?

If the only place I’ll be able to get my yearly shirt (one year the home kit and the next the away kit) is at the LFC online store then I’ll have to curb my needs.

Sometimes the fan abroad needs a JJB store in another country but that is unlikely so we never have the names of our heros on the shirt. It may be a great deal for the club but what about a supporters especially the worldwide supporter market in Vietnam, Chile or Zimbabwe? Also the local post isn’t as reliable in every country so many of us go to a local sports store than buy over the internet.

If my great club want their badge seen on the many different people who live well away from L4, Warrior will have a lot to do to compete with traditional brands that the fans have access to.

I hope Mr Ayre has seriously thought about this and not just taken the money for the good of the clubs balance sheet because  revenue is more and more comming from people who can not travel to Anfield and have never got to a game but love the club equally.

Shaun Dowling


  1. Their American you can bet your last dollar they know exactly who and where there marketing to, its what they do best, are marketing is,in safe hands

  2. Shaun I disagree with you, this is an awesome deal for the club.

    You might be too young to remember but we have had other brands before such as Umbro and Reebok.

    I personally only bought 1 shirt from an Adidas store because where I live there is no such thing and I purchase my shirts online.

    In this day and age we can’t get hung up about brick-and-mortar stores. These are dying breeds and many prefer to make their shopping online. While the brick-and-mortars will exist in the larger cities the smaller rural customers will have to deal with shopping online no matter what the brand is.


  3. Surely lfc will deliver world wide off there store do they not? im more worried about what the shirt looks like. if im honest im worried its going to be a poor shirt. i hope its not!

  4. Shaun Dowling, thank you for mentioning Zimbabwe, thats my home. Check me out on thekop website, my name is afrikop.

    Come on Warriors go against all odds and distribute.

  5. I honestly never heard of Warriors before and I live in Brazil where I can easily find an Adidas store with the Liverpool kit inside but, a Warriors store? I guess not.
    They are gonna have to work a lot to compete with worldwide brands. I am definetly not counting on seeing a Liverpool shirt here for the next 2 or 3 seasons.
    But honestly, I also worry about the quality of the kits, after all the players are gonna have to use it every week… and also, I hope they don’t go trying something new and stupid and make the kits look shitty (like the white and blue kit, ugh).

  6. No problem if anyone disagrees with me. We all support the same team and my light-hearded article just demonstrates how LFC and Adidas reach the world.
    Julia is in Brazil probably the strongest football identity with massive amounts of people, even bigger than the US as football if the number one sport and still open to all. Julia do you see more Chelsea shirts than Liverpool in Brazil (Brasil).

    I’m sure it is the same in all of South America that no one has heard of Warrior so I hope we do. Africa is also important not just the East.

    Yes American businesses are very professional and competent in selling their wears and that is what I hope for our shirt as we wil be more visible around the world. I’ll be moving our shirt into everyones view wherever I go.

    Maybe ‘spit’ (great name mate) doesn’t appreciate the worldwide appeal of our club. I’d love to see why this article is pointless. This is what Ian Ayre keeps banging on about and he is right the worldwide appeal of LFC, especially about the TV market.

    Online sales are imoprtant but there is still nothing better than putting the shirt on in the shop before hand. Also non supporters walk in a shop undecided. If they see our shirt they can make a chioce.

    Thanks for your comments

  7. The reason none of you have seen or heard of Warrior is because they make Lacrosse and Hockey gear mainly. They are a division of New Balance and I’m sure you’ve seen their running shoes and clothes before somewhere. Watch some NHL games and you’ll see a ton of players wear their gloves and use their equipment.

  8. I am actually happy with the warrior deal for 3 reasons:
    1. Money! (25 Mill, Wow!)
    2. Exclusivity!( No more seeing Chelsea shirts hanging in the same place as the “bigger” club)
    3. Spirit! (Bring new in the business, they have to be more creative, more focused and need to have a high distribution network)

    As far as those of you who are concerned about how will they sell, don’t worry! They will be the first guys to think about that!

  9. It is great there is so much postivity with this deal I am certainly not against it.
    I look forward to buying the new kit but I will miss the three stripes. I remmeber wearing my LFC shirt with the 3 stripes from the shoulder. Years ago lol

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