Who Would You Have Bought?

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So much vitriol has been poured on the internet by the all-intelligent LFC fan over the past 18 hours or that it is not funny anymore. You can criticize a criticism-worthy performance all you like. I mean I am boiling from within but there are somethings that don’t make any sense at all.

Why would anyone start calling Kenny names or demand a sack all of a sudden? Well some games haven’t panned out well and some signings haven’t lived up to their potential but to be honest, they’ve not lived up to the expectations that we’ve had about them.

I’ve tried to be patient with the new players understanding that almost the entire front 5 or 6 are new and need to play for much longer together to be productive. But 6-7 months have been a fair wait and for them to have put in a performance like yesternight isn’t acceptable and they definitely should have done better.

Look guys, the signings haven’t turned out well that’s true but I should add ‘yet’ to be fair. Retrospective is a good thing but lets rewind a few months and go back to summer. What was the target then? A top-4 finish (I’m sure it is still the target and it is yet achievable). Do you need European players to take you there? May be but more importantly, and to be sure, you need performers who have done well in the Premier League. Who would you then buy from? PL clubs, obviously. Which clubs? Well some of the rivals we will not do business with so we go to clubs like Sunderland, Aston Villa, Newcastle. And we buy their star performers. Not just best, we buy the Player of the Years from these clubs. If you go back, you will make the same decision. It’s easy to say Aguero and Mata but remember you need them to be willing to come to you for you to sign them. They wanted fatter cheques and Champions League. Nor did Young and Jones want to come here. Nobody thought in the last windows that Ba would have been good.

The only players who have signed last year and have impressed are Jose Enrique and Luis Suarez.

The most blatant oversight I think was a Defensive MF cover when we had only one.

The other problem is that Kenny probably has to understand his MF better. Gerrard is wasted if he isn’t upfront servicing Carroll. Henderson on the wings is wasted as well like Raul Meireles was last year. Charlie Adam can only play in the hole. If we thought Aqua’s position in the team was threatened because of a certain Steven Gerrard who plays in the position Aqua plays in, then I don’t see any reason to prompt enrolling Adam. Kenny said last night that the players took this game lightly but to be honest I’ve felt that about LFC on a whole thru the season. In the bigger games they seem so well prepared and tactically stout but someone shuts shop against them and they forget how to form a move.

The other real problem that I’ve noted is the lack of strikers. Last January we had 3 – Torres, Babel and N’gog. Since then we’ve sold off all of them but only bought one out and out striker in Carroll. Suarez and Bellamy are more of wide players or secondary strikers.

Every good team has two players for each position and every good player can play in two positions. Both of these seem to be missing at LFC at the moment except for defense. And when defense has an off day like yesterday, we’re in trouble. I can’t see it not happening again.

As I’ve said, Kenny shouldn’t be immune from criticism in case of defeat if he gets credit for all the wins. But calling him names or demanding sack is over the top to be honest.

However, impatience is something we can do without. Manchester City couldn’t attract top players till this summer. They were transfered to the Sheikh in 2008. They played Europa in 2010-11 and even after 35 games of 2010-11 Premier League season they weren’t sure of  Champions League qualification. I am not saying that we will take that long but just giving a parameter for comparison. If you want to compare Aguero to Carroll, and why did we not sign him, you also should then have the same patience levels.




  1. Falcao instead of carroll, kept meireles – he would have stayed if he had not been alienated from the squad. Brought in Cahill in the summer instead of coates (rates him, but needs players for now, not the future). No downing, no carroll, no henderson, no coates. I know henderson will come good, but again – we need players for now, not the future. I would have moved for mata far ealier – we would have had a chance no doubt. Enrique is fine for me – just have to be far less arrogant when in possession.

  2. Kaushal, in my view we have to start by accepting and admitting that most of the signings were not up to scratch!
    Luis Suarez – Passed with Honours
    Craig Bellamy – Passed with Honours
    Luis Enrique – Passed with Merit
    Sebastian Coates – Passed
    Stewart Downing – Re-sit
    Charlie Adam – Re-sit
    Jordan Henderson – Failed
    Andy Carroll – Failed
    Doni – Invisible
    If the Club, Management and Dalglish that this is more or less the assessment so far, it’s useless looking at other players!

    1. Agree with the report card Tonio. I would give players a little more time to draw the line but then you’re you and I’m me. You’re the one a little more pragmatic. However, even I would concede that the time given to some players has been enough. 7 months is a fair enough time specially when you see that the players who failed were primarily bought so that they could start delivering from day 01. The only little tweak I would make is that I would give Henderson a little more time. He has sparks.

        1. Tim, I gave Adam that assessment only based on the fact that he was not an expensive buy, compared to the Downing, Henderson and Carroll bonanza!
          He is slow on the ball, looses possession easily, and gets more yellow cards for useless fouls than children get lollipops!

    2. Henderson =failed reason= plays like a girl!
      Downing =failed reason= plays like a big girl!
      Carroll =failed reason= plays like a big girl who likes a drink!
      Adam =failed reason=plays like a drunk girl!

    3. Ermmm…. correct me if i’m wrong but i think Charlie Adam has the most assists in the Liverpool team. I would’ve given him a ‘pass’.

  3. Dempsey for Adam.lavazzi for Downing.Cavani for Carroll.Enrique and Henderson are good players.Henderson will become a great player.would have easily got the first three for 60-65 million for what we spent on adam,Carroll,Downing.another false dawn for us this season here’s hoping for next year YNWA

  4. We need performers who have done well in the premier league?? Are you sure about that statement? Is it an overriding belief that you share with Kenny or is it based on fact? The implication of that statement basically means we should only buy players from the premier league itself. That my friend, is a grave grave error. One that will, and we all will be witnessing this in slow motion real time, set us back years …back to the 80’s. One example, when Bayern Munich took upon themselves to buy mainly from their rivals in Bundesliga, it weakened their rivals and they continued to dominate in Germany, but never have they won or done well in europe ever since. With the exception of one final recently. However it will not work in the PL bcoz there are City, Chelsea, Utd that have huge spending power and can buy ANY players they really want.

    1. Since the PL was the only competition we were going to be participating in this year and PL result the paramount objective of the season, PL players would be naturally suited to help us. More so since a lot of non-PL players haven’t been able to perform in the PL from the word go. Unfortunately and incidentally, the non-PL player (Suarez) and the non-regularly-playing player (Bellamy) have been the best buys for us.

    2. I fully agree with Sq but for a different reason. We all agree Luis had no premier league experience and yet he scored on his debut and never looked back. This lame excuse that PL experience is essential has to stop. Where was Tiote playing in the PL? Was Cabaye a PL player? How about Dembele and Sessegnol? No, some people have been hiding under this excuse for too long and it is affecting LFC’s future.

      To answer the question, I would have brought in a DM (if it has to be PL, I would go for Tiote) but I would spend to get M’Vila, Mouthino, Montolivio, Gago, Veloso, Kuzmanovic or Badelj (if the focus is on value). I would have also fought for a pacey creative midfileder a la Mata, Hazard, Erikson, Reus, Marin, Vargas, Hamsik, Kagawa, Granero or Boudbouz. There were no wingers in the PL that could be had for good value last summer. I would have gone for Dzagoyev, Carlos Eduardo or Perotti. Up front I would have gone for Dszudszak, Cavani, Gomez, Soldado or Podolski.

  5. At last some sense, I was following some of the forum posts before yesterday’s game and they were almost all upbeat about the side Kenny put out, afterwards they were calling Kenny ‘tactically naive’! Yes, we are all desperate for success but, as was pointed out with City, it will take time. We are in a far better position in the league than this time last year and have a far easier 2nd half of the season than our immediate rivals. Keep calm and have a little faith.

  6. I think Aqua should be brought back.we lack that creative spark, and from pre-season games when he payed, you could see how effective he was creating all those chances. Why he’s out on loan…I really don’t know!
    Henderson though criticized has played very effectively in my opinion. He is the only one who shows any real commitment in chasing down the ball when lost, and putting in tackles.Adam is lazy and slow, Kuyt is past it…looses the ball too often.Carroll gets no service or support, and Downing has lost his edge. Bellamy also shows heart.

  7. this question is asked everytime we lose,answers are given yet thesame question is repeated with nothing being done to the players suggested,so why asking us to suggest when nothing is done to our suggestion

  8. LFC need a new manager! BRING BACK RAFA!(he’s waiting in the wings),with the backing KK has had Benitez(master tactician),would have the team firing on all cylinders! Dalgish has bought willy nilly(no idea who he wanted – no team plan!).

  9. Don’t buy Henderson, keep Meireles

    Take £35m for Torres with Sturidge replacing Ngog as part of the deal and buy Darren Bent as our number 9.

    Buy Cahill or Samba as I still think that Agger is overdew for his annual season ending injury.

    Buy Honda for the right wing as well as Downing but reduce the need for him to play on the right.

    I still think Adam will come good but no-one could have predicted Lucas’ injury and other than Masherano I don’t think there’s that many defensive mid fielders available.

  10. For Adam I would have got Javi Martinez from Alt Bilb
    Eden Hazzard for Downing
    Would have taken 45M + Sturridge for Torres and Cavani for Carroll

  11. Guys, please! I well and truly accept everyone’s opinion but seriously? Samaki, Aquilani is NOT COMING back because he wants to stay in Italy, live with it. Cavani at Liverpool? With Barcelona and Real Madrid in hot pursuit do you honestly think Cavani will come to Merseyside?
    We were chasing two players last summer if you all remember: Phil Jones and Ashley Young. What happens, Utd come in for them and they snub us as if we don’t even exist!
    We overpaid shamefully for Carroll, Downing and Henderson. That is almost Stg 75 million! Do you guys realise that, 75 million on three players that in 20/25 games have not even given back what they are paid in wages never mind the capital spent on them!!!!
    Dalglish has come out of the shell now and has for the first time openly criticized the players, and rightly so!
    Dempsey for Adam? What’s the relevance in that?
    Kaushal a player does not need seven months to show his worth! Suarez and Bellamy hit the ground running from the word go because THEY ARE quality players. Coates is a future investment, granted, but the rest have hugely under-performed. More a question of being realistic than being pragmatic if you ask me friend. I was swearing like a pig yesterday because it was evident that the players had the weds and sat matches in that empty skull of theirs! That was the most embarrassing performance since White Hart Lane if you ask me! We have made goalie’s all look like Buffon with our imprecision and yesterday’s Bogdan was the one with the most evident gaffe’s in the PL this season! I really do NOT see us getting a CL place with this mentality and play, but then we will probably be all happy with winning the League Cup, assuming we do win it of course!

  12. I would have bought a Manager who knows the what the hell he’s doing.
    I would not have hired a man that has not done the job for 12 years and then bring him back permanently.
    Should have gone with Pelligrini, Deschamps, Benetiz, et tal. Not Dalglish

  13. i’d have got falcoa for carroll, parker for adams and adam johnson for downing. i do think the service to carroll has been shocking .kenny has to start doing whats right for liverpool and stop playing the crap he’s bought henderson and adams are not good enuff to wear a replica shirt never mind a 1st team shirt. maxi and bellamy need to start and if we dont buy anyone in this window play spearing
    my team ……reina……………………..

  14. Get rid of Adam too lazy when not got the ball and when he has got it he tries the spectacular pass and gives the ball away, can’t tackle very well without fouling either

  15. i don’t know why u guyz have faith in hendo.he is a waste.we lost 1-0 to stoke bcuz of that fool.Kenny is simply not a coach.we need Rafa type who have good eye for talented players not these britian players.bring in Aqua he is best in mf apart from our captain.

  16. Let’s not all get on kenny’s back too quickly as if he had a fully fit squad at his disposal I’m sure we would have a lot more points than we have at the moment, look Gerrard has just come back from a long lay off, lucus is out for the rest of the season and Suarez has still got until spurs to serve his ban, if these three players were fit and available all season as truthfully we all know they are out best players we would not be in 7th in the league and you would all be praising kenny for what he has done, let’s use a bit of common sense when criticising the manager as the likes of chelsea, man u, man city, spurs and arsenal wouldn’t cope that well either if there 3 best players haven’t been available all season, just unfortunately the players who have to fill the boots of gerrard when he was out suarez and Lucus are just not good enough to get us where we should be, keep the faith, king kenny is a very shrewd and clever manager, he will bring the title back within his contract length. YNWA

  17. Anyone who spent 35million on Carroll knows nothing about football cant even run properly Henderson downing Adams what shit

  18. We just need one world class latino striker to revive everyone, like higuain, cavani, tevez, villa, neymar.

  19. Coatez is defo one for the future and was a reasonable price.
    Jose is class and a good price.
    Suarez is amazing and with better players around him would surely score more and was a good price.
    Carroll and Hendo are possibly ones for the future but looking more and more unlikely,shocking price.
    Downing just hasnt got the balls to step up for a big team.
    Adam is nothing more than a squad player.
    Managers make mistakes in the transfer window but they have got to accept them.
    What I would like to know is do you not have to earn your place in the team anymore? and when you do you dont get it ie Maxi.
    I know right now we cant attract the likes of Hazard or Cavani but come on we can sign much better players than who we have and for a lot less money.

  20. On paper Kenny’s signings looked to produce a balanced team and I was pleased when we signed them apart from Henderson. The only surprise was Jordan Henderson as the money would have been better spent on Eden Hazard. We do need a defensive midfielder as we look well exposed in that area.

    I would sign Eden Hazard for the right wing, Mario Gomez upfront and defensive midfielder Daniele De Rossi.

  21. carroll was bought in desperation torres wanted out we needed a striker and at the time carroll was on fire …newcastle set the price not kenny ..he had little choice in the matter as stated we only now have 1 out and out striker …so if we had not bought carroll we would of had none ….we were struggling thanks to the fookin yanks and to sum extent roy but the biggest problem in this team is not the skill or the attributes BUT the desire where is the desire they find it for the big games but time and time again season after season they cant find it against the teams we are expected to beat with ease .. this is not a one season problem this has been evident since the souness era and will continue until we get the players in who want to win the prem who want to win trophys …but alas we must compete with teams who have more money and euro footy to offer that in itself makes kennys position a hard one …

    1. Hasty decision for which we are paying the right price. The lad has not fitted in and we are simply not scoring the goals! Selling Nando for Stg 50 mil was pure genius, buying Carroll for Stg 35 mil was pure madness!

      1. Henderson plays like a girl simple as that i have seen better skill in the st patricks under tens girls team and more courage!

  22. I’ll keep repeating it for as long as I still care about Lfc: henderson is the cancer in our team. Carrol is crap, adam is not playing well, downing is useless, but none of them is as disturbing to the side as henderson. It’s like he sucks the offensive energy out of us every time he touches the ball. Like his every touch comdemns us not to score. It’s pathetic. He cant mark, only runs around like a headless chicken, dont know what he’s doing ob the field, doesnt want the ball, doesnt get into the area, does not know what to do with a football. I’ve noticed that some players are not passing the ball to him anymore, like Enrique or adam. They must have figured out that if you pass henderson the ball, it will either come back to you in the same spot or to another player on the side or the back. So why bother pass it to him? This criticism has nothing to do with yesterday’s game. He Played like that in EVERY game he’s played. But mostly, what disgusts me about him is he’s lack of courage. Ok, he runs, but what for? When we need him to hold the ball, he cant. To go forward… Ehat? I’ve said it once, and I’ll repeat it: he’s the anti-gerrard, the anti-iniesta. He’s the opposite to everything we should be looking for in a player. And he never gers subbed! For that reason alone, kenny must go. I’ve stopped having any hopes whenever he played.
    And for the kind of money we bought these guys, we could have easily bought mata, falcao, lavezzi and others, so dont get me that CL spot bullshit. It’s all about money and we wasted 100 mil.

  23. you people are freaking deluded thinking top players will or would have come here…They wwont till we have Champs League and thats a fact all of you are going to have to swallow.

    1. Fans have the right to have their own wish list. We all would have love to see players like aguero, mata, hazard, higuain etc playing for us instead of the pathetic excuses for footballers that we have right now. Although I don`t have my own wish list I hate it when I see others critisizing people with one. Yeah I know that life is not like in “football manager 2012”. Maybe most of these players would not have come. But who knows? Football is business nowadays! Its all about money. So all fools saying that players want only champions league football should just shut up. I don`t think chelsea or mancity were in champions league when they got new owners and started buying star players. Yeah maybe they greased the deal a little bit with fat cheques as wages but thats not an excuse for the pathetic transfer business we have been undertaking. Theres something called “value for the money”. Caroll at 35 million, downing at 20 million and henderson at nearly 20 million do not represent any value for money! Granted their wages may not be as high as say aguero or mata but i do think that better players could have been bought with this money. Why spend lot on transfer and try to save on wages. What kind of stupid transfer policy was that!? Look at newcastle they have a better team than us and they did not even spend half as much as us. Thats because they bought players that represented good value for money. A 35 million striker is expected to bag at least 15 goals per season. A 20 million winger should have at least 10 assists per season. With the crap we bought we are not getting any value for the money we spent. All those responsible for the transfers should seriously consider changing their transfer policy. they should try buying players not because of ethnicity or nationality but based purely on ability. There are lots of good players in the world who are not superstars and wont cost the earth in terms of transfer fees and wages but who would still be able to do the job. They need to improve their scouting system for that. Explore elsewhere instead of focusing only on players in england or playing in the epl. They thought that they would adapt faster than foreign players but that was another of their idiotic transfer policy that should change asap. 7th month has passed and the likes of downing henderson and caroll has still not gelled in the team. Also changing the squad like we did is not an excuse for giving time for the team to gell. Thats another load of crap i keep hearing. If players are quality hey will adapt. Newcastle bought as much players as we had and they did not need seem to need much time to adapt.

  24. I can tell you who, no-one in their right mind, would have BOUGHT….DONKEYS,like….Carroll, Downing and bouncer Adam…….that’s what…..and @ them ridiculous prices…………MADNESS KD!!!.

    You KD are living in the past!, and setting LFC 20 years backward, ala Souness, with your ‘Buy British CR*P!!!’

  25. will you rafa benitez lovers go away with your crap ,you all think he was a tactical genius because we won the champions league pfft the players did it that day not him ,and the make up of that squad that won was of houlliers making not his ,rafa made just as many mistakes in management might i say we came so close to winning the league and he went on his stupid rant, changed the team against a so called team called reading wich we got flogged because he was more interested in teh european tie mid week , he sold alonzo ,our main cog in our engine room bought a injury prone italian aqualani and never gave him a go ,and like most player say he was never a manager to praise his players just an arrogant pig ,sooner or later this was going to happen a result like last night with all the great football weve played dominated games ,for what to hit posts have goal keepers play out there skins against us there fore we dont get the results we deserve ,some times u need a result like this to make players realize even if u play good football and dont get what u deserve ,doesnt change the facts if u dont play good football you will be punished like we did ,all we need to do now is go back to the way we were playing good football and sooner or later we will get what we deserve ynwa

    1. Two European finals the FA cup final in three yrs I think he is genius. You, me and all LFC supporters we will wait for long time to c that again.

  26. Couldn’t understand why nobody was interested in Ba when he was so successful for West Ham end of last season (and on a free!) but it appears his knees explain that but I think he’s still worth taking a risk. Other players goal getters worth considering are Jelavic, and Dempsey if available. However, unlike others I have no suggestion for a defensive midfielder.

    My team would be: Reina, Flanagan,Enrique,Skrtel,Agger,?, Johnson, Gerrard, Bellamy, (Ba-Jel-Dem), Suarez
    On the bench would be Maxi, Caroll, Adam, Henderson or Robinson and Keeper.

  27. Its not so much who we bought but who we sold prematurely that has made the difference, the creative qualities of Aquilani and Miereles could have made the difference over the season. We should have kept them both for at least one season. Apart from that we still need one experienced striker NOW!!!!

  28. all you ppl saying carroll is crap and you would not have bought him remember he was firing for newcastle at the time and a bit like torres who could have predicted his form would go so badly downhill once he moved. kenny’s a manager, not a fortune teller, he can’t predict that a good player is going to be shite in six months and therefore don’t buy him. if you have that kind of predictive power maybe you should put your hands up to be manager.

  29. downing had been good,what the hell he can do if luck is not on his side,if he would have not hitted woodwork on his first match then he too would have been instant success just like suarez and the services he provided to suarez and carrol in the box but they failed to convert into goal.he is a really fine player

  30. I would’ve signed Henderson anyway. He’s improving with the influence of Gerrard, and I do believe he will be a top midfielder in one or two seasons. We just need to be patient with the lad.

    As for who I would’ve signed… Well, that’s easy. Instead of paying £35m for Carroll, I would’ve paid £30m for Edinson Cavani (Napoli). Instead of paying £20m for Downing, I would’ve paid £25m for Eden Hazard (Lille). Instead of paying £8m for Adam, I would’ve paid £8m for Sven Bender (Borussia Dortmund).

  31. i dnt thnk henderson is as bad as u people think. I can see a lucas in him! He wil come gud. But carroll and downing hav been the worst players kk has bought. But the fact that still shocks me is his defiance 2 accept the mistake. They play without soul! If they r playin 4 money then they shudnt be in Anfield! Adam was terrible in the last match but he has done well in a few matches so hes nt a total failure. @kaushal- u cant say that epl players is more experienced and hence they are better. They are just average mercenaries. And players like downing,carrolltand adam are just 1 season players! And i blame dalglish and comolli for signing such average players! Did man city hav CL when they bought toure,silva and dzeko? All of them were bought 4 almst same money as carroll,downing and henderson! Maybe they do inflated salaries but see where they are and where we are!

  32. With the average (British) players he’s bought and he’ll keep buying we have no hope in hell to finish fourth. His policy of buying British has backfired badly on him. Apart from Bellamy the others were waste of money. His best buys Suarez and Enrique( foreign) says everything. Replacing El Niño with Carroll is a joke. Meireles with Adam is even bigger fucking joke. First thing he should is bring El Niño back because he’s not happy at the Chaws. Or even better as much as I love KK I think he should move upstairs and help for the return of the legend(Rafa). YNWA

  33. Its like groundhog dog at the moment. Downing had ability, Carroll promised a lot and I was made up he signed for us but he had been lpoor. we will struggle to sign top names but we have to try, even if it means paying over the odds. we have to mimic man city a bit and do what they did. just a slight difference in financial resources!

  34. in my opinion
    adam already at peak of his performance, can’t improve anymore. to slow.
    hendo will improve, as midfielder n not a winger, but need to learn how to pass forward more than bacward n have faith in him self to drible or at least keep the ball.
    downing, i rate him quite high before, but with his performance with lfc maybe i made mistake.
    caroll either he’s not supported with the right player (i.e adam, hendo (playing out wide), downing > i mention them because i supposed we bought them in summer to support caroll).
    enrique = good
    bellamy n suarez = great

  35. sorry for caroll
    either he’s not supported with the right player (i.e adam, hendo (playing out wide), downing > i mention them because i supposed we bought them in summer to support caroll). or he’ll never be a goal getter for us

  36. I think Carroll’s biggest problem is the sh.te service that he has been getting from our midfield. I have to agree with the person who wrote about Henderson sucking the life out of the team. Henderson is absolutely useless & , rubbish player runs around like a little girl afraid to tackle & pulls out of any that come his way. I don’t know will he ever be any good but needs to be loaned out immediately preferably to team who will teach him to have some heart & guts. Downing should be sold immediately, he should never have been bought. Adam is a squad player only. Johnson is a poor version of Ashley Cole & Skertel is slow awkward & clumsy & both need to be moved on. Kuyt is just gone past it. Unfortunately we have a lot of rebuilding to do but midfield is a must immediately & a quality striker who can finish chances is critical

  37. KD u r stupid u dnt knw quality pleyars u starting CARROL he isnt pleyar if u want champion buy quality player like defensive medfeilder like/m’villa.tiote.j.martinez/ play mekar 2 or more like /ever panega.erikson.hamsik/ strikar /podolski.gomes.liorente/ reina
    johonson !skrtel, agger. enrique m’villa.
    e.panega. .erickson
    bellemey. .gerrard podolski.

  38. agree with the last post

    downing and the rest of the midfield are creating the chances (more than any other team in the league)

    its suarez you need to look at, one goal every 11 shots

  39. The problem is from the Manager in Kenny he shouldnt have bought Henderson in the first place when we have players coming through our academy that can play better,Kenny needs to look at himself more he should stop playing players out of position and he ought to have his first eleven steady not changing the team everytime.He should start playing Henderson in the centre midfield not playing him out wide,he should not be picking Adams in all matches as he lacks pace and commits needless fouls.We need a right winger maybe he should promote one of youngsters in Raheem into the first team.What happened to our quick pass and move ball??why is Enrique always taking far too many touches as if he is in a training ground??Why is kenny always persisting with Adams??Why is Kenny always playing Henderson out of position just like he did with Miereles??As i dont want Kenny out yet but i think he is the one that deserves not being here long..Rafa isnt the solution either as he is not a good man manager sold Alonso and replaced him with quater-fit Aquilani who has spent most of his time out on loan..I dont usually understand what goes wrong with these managers they act dumb at times.

  40. The problem is that a lot of money has been spent, nay wasted on unproven players. This is the reason why we wont get anybody this transfer window.

    Someone has to take their fair share of flak for carroll, henderson, adam and downing. Whether that be comolli or the king himself.

    Out of all the in’s only bellamy looks like he wants to play!

    im not suggesting the big players will come to lfc but if u look at the likes of demba ba or sessignon good players are always available if the scouting is right.

    i waited 20 years for the king to return as i felt that the man who bought aldridge barnes and beardsley was the one who could return us to the glory days. and to be fair had i seen any sort of potential i would remain hopeful. But minus Suarez, bellamy and maxi we lack any one else where we might get goals. This season even Agger has looked more threatening than our midfield!

    Some of the sales have been a bit exasperating too. If potential is what we wanted then babbel had loads, miereles and aqualiani too were creators of chances. Had a little bit of effort been expended on actually keeping Torres till at least the end of the season so he could see how he would have flourished with suarez then we would be challenging the manchester clubs instead of stoke and norwich.

    Even now all is not lost – we have created the most chances this season, have the best defensive record and hit the post the most. All that is required is a creative midfield alongside Gerrard and an out and out poacher to partner suarez.

    Until then the most ambitious we can be is challenge for the league cup – but im aware of how we perform against the lesser teams and wouldnt be surprised if we get done over in the final!

  41. hahahah NOowwww where are those Liverpool Fans that still believe we should give Carrol Henderson and Downing time to settle???????? you said that 3months ago..and threemonths from that time have you seen any positives???
    -Henderson is an unbelievable worthless prick he is my worst buy of them all coz there was no point Shelvey is Class! i dont want Granero but any midfielder ryt now would do better dan Henderson wasteman
    -charlie Adam is only good as a backup so i say he’s decent
    -Downing is shit(cant even beat his man, makes me to think why we let Riera go)
    -Carroll is unbelievably useless

    who i would have brought????
    -add an extra 3million and could have bought Mata
    -kept Aquilani(did so well in pre season) and kept Meireless(as he was indirectly forced out of the club) this means there would have been no Henderson
    -and strikers..Gomez was linked but personally no matter what it takes i would get carlos Tevez! no brainer
    -Dirk Fucking Kuyt has got to go..he is as useless as Henderson av never rated him(except when it comes to penalties)
    am happy with our defence coz Skrtel has stepped up!
    i think liverpool we must have very very rubbish scouts da fact that wack players always get their way to this club…i blame Dalglish he makes me to think what benitez would have done with all that money(even tho he might waste some at least guaranteed he wud hav got us a mata a llorente etc)
    and i watch connor Wickham whom Dalglish was soooooooo keen to buy and am thinkin wtf did he see in this guy????
    if i was Dalglish..
    OUT: kuyt, henderson, carrol, downing..
    (charlie adam stays tho as a good backup)
    IN: Tevez(no matter wat it costs it wud be worth it)
    glen johnson(RM) Kelly(RB)…Hazard lol(well suarez came to liverpool wen we wasnt in da champions league so u cant say its impossible to get him)..in total for just tevez and hazard rough estimate about 57million pounds for them both…and den sell those other Faggots: kuyt henderson carrol and downing..wastemans..the End lool
    Fuck that Bullshit about planning for the future like we have a good academy “they say its da best after barca’s” indeed!

  42. Phil Jones and Ashley Young joined Man U cos our club, LFC is nt ambitious. While Man U was thnkn abt d EPL title, we were thnkn top 4. Y? Bcos we want CL action. My question is, doesn’t winning d EPL title assure a CL action?
    – It’s hard wen my Man U & Chelse frnds always tease tha we r jst counting 4 d numbers to complete d 20 teams in d EPL.
    -Why aim 4 d ground wen we can fly in d skies?
    N let no 1 blame Roy cos he came in at a difficult time n we all knw dat.
    At least he tried.
    – If all those players were bout 4 d futre then why did dey start playing in d very 1st game of d season?

  43. @general zod hahaha benitez wanted kenwyne jones?? well at least hes better than all our strikers apart from suarez and bellars….and have you also forgotten that the same benitez was looking to get the likes of villa silva aguero into liverpool but simply coz we had no money(partly benitez’s fault) unlike Dalglish who wanted to buy connor Wickham etc
    @fabio you just said exactly everytin av always wanted to say aout henderson..”okay he runs..but runs for what??”

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