Canadian Broadcasting referred to Hillsborough as a sport riot

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Thanks to Stephen Henderson for bringing this to my attention.

Last night the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation included Hillsborough in a list of “sports riots” during their nightly news broadcast The National (  at about 4:40).

We really should contact CBC and ask them to issue a correction, please be civil about it.

Complaints can be directed here: or


  1. There seems to be a problem accepting any feedback I put, with me getting incomplete information feedback.

  2. Think you need to sack your researcher!! This was a horrific trade and certainly not a sports riot! Shame on you for not respecting the loss of those 96!!!

  3. Want to inform you all that they’ve done the same thing at Studio Sport an Italian Programme adding that our brothers were 95 and not 96.

  4. What about someone starting a facebook petition to the Canadian Prime Minister. I’d do it but I have enough trouble finding my own wall.

  5. Jeff Waters and the rest of the band from Annihilator have had there justice for the 96 on,and they are canadian.

  6. Given today’s climate, one might consider it fortunate that they not deem it as a gathering of terrorists.

  7. I live in toronto and the CBC main office is just around the corner. Even better is my father works for them, and not only have i sent an email about this mistake, but gave a copy to my dad to take in. NO EXCUSE! for this mistake. Justice for the 96! YNWA!

  8. what’s the big deal? this happened at a sporting event, no? sorry if im coming off as a bit rude, but isnt football a sport? a sport riot is a riot that happens during a sporting event, which it did…

    1. What is the big deal u ask?It is avery big deal. Riots are cause when spectators cause trouble.Hillsborough disaster was cause by over crowding not riots.Get the facts correct. You will walk alone.

  9. I’m Canadian, and I worked at the CBC in editing. What happens is footage is requested of riots and this Hillsborough footage is lumped in with (I think it’s) the BBC’s riot footage.

    The editors get the footage and just look for breathtaking shots/footage and stick it in, the producer/director don’t know any better as the footage is sourced out and sent. It doesn’t come from a place of hate or not caring as much as it’s an error from the source footage.

    The same thing happened to Michael Moore for Fahrenheit 451, it was on a documentary on the 2nd DVD of the set.

    If it’s the BBC who do own the footage they need to NOT send it when other broadcasters or filmmakers request footage of riots.

  10. As someone who gets the CBC even in America, they’re only good for hockey and a talk show or two. Don’t be too harsh, guys.

  11. Hi I am a Canadian fan, I called them up as soon as I saw the news article and corrected them took a while to talk to an actual person. They just appologized on the national news saying that “There were not riots in sheffield, rather it was caused by over-crowding”. I will get a video of it posted.

  12. @ Miles. The Truth is there was only ever one ” version ” the one were 96 people died through incompetence of the authorities and the FACT that a despicable cover-up ensued.

  13. It’s funny how a lot of people are blaming Canada as a whole lol. Get a life people, I sent a compliant as well but don’t take the whole country as insensitive. If that was the case no one would like the States……Oh wait a second, I take back what I said ;) JFT96

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