Rafa for England?

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By Shaun Dowling

It is not really surprising that the xenophobilic and anti-scouse press core have not even mentioned Rafael Benitez for the post of England manager. Rafa is not an Anglophile but from his behavior since leaving LFC seems more like a ‘scouseaphile’. This is the only reason why he hasn’t even been thought of in any of the different papers and websites over the last few days. It is laughable that Hodgson got more lines written about him that our ex-coach.

Why would Rafa be good to England? He is a super tactician, a strategist who knows how to get teams who might not have the best players in the world at least to a semifinal. This is beyond dispute in my book. He did is many times with LFC and with the talent of the best English players at his dispense, he would be a great manager to bring on at least in the short term.

There is talk that the FA want someone for the Euro’s and then after place someone on a more permanent basis could be a strong reason why an out of work internationally experienced manager like Benitez could fit in. He knows the English game and having competed at the highest level of the Champions League and the Premiership he has the experience. The press may actually tolerate his presence if he is asked to get the country out of the hole they have placed themselves in. He could be given a little slack at least.

There is also the FA criteria that for the long term the new coach is someone who brings on youth. Rafa’s CV is rich in this aspect having re-organised the Academy and Liverpool now tasting the fruits of his lead with players like Kelly and Spearing being an integral part of the first team. This long-term view would be more difficult as criticism would be thrown at him left, right and center, but if he won the Euros they would have to shut up.

The media may hate it if he is appointed and would treat him with the distain that they show every non-British coach and manager. Compared to ‘Arry’ Redknapp, Rafa is miles ahead on international experience and winning big trophies.  He is sitting at home working hard to help the people in the local community and just taking in football.

For the short-term, England could do with his talent. It is the logical choice, no?


  1. While Rafa is very qualified for this position I would hate to see him taking the position.

    The News Media will be so brutal to him, even if he wins the World Cup they will still find ways to criticise him.

  2. Yes Antoine. I agree. But isn’t it terrible he hasn’t even been mentioned?

    I love the guy and wouldn’t want to see him hurt but he is big enough to take it whether it be in England, Spain or Italy.

  3. We at Howtobet.net regard Rafa as a perfect candidate for England. Like the poster says: Rafa is a master tactican. Man management is a little bit less of importance having the squad only for small periods at a time, and then the environment and the togetherness hopefully takes care of the rest.

    He surely would be able to get the best out of the players. If the FA doesn’t consider him they are donking again.

  4. You do realise that Kelly & Spearing weren’t part of the “new” youth set up that Benitez brought in, right?

    The reason he, or even Wenger hasn’t been mentioned is because he’s not English – a criteria which the FA themselves described as “desirable”

  5. Unfortunately there is little point in musing on the man for the post. The FA will insist that he is English ‘cos as everyone knows they are the best managers! And that is just “about their intelligence level”…..

  6. Ok Dave. Won’t go on about Kelly/Spearo but Morinho and Big Gus H ate being mentioned but not H. Also I don’t think there is any criteria for being English specified by the FA yet. I’ll have to double check.

  7. If we look at the past 2 foriegn managers neither of them worked in England before. They were both new to the culture of English football in many respects. Rafa has been working with a top (the best) team for some time. He and his family like it here. The press should be much morre sympathtic towards putting forward a case for him to take the job, at least for the short-term.

  8. Agree.. Certainly best choice for the timing, hes a big boy he can handle the media as long the team delivers!

  9. “clearly there is a preference for an Englishman or British person” Bernstein was quoted as saying.

    Mourinho has been in talks about it before and is probably the best
    manager in the world. Hiddink has managed several national teams – this is why these two are mentioned more.

    I’m not agreeing or disagreeing with your opinion that he’d be good, just stating other reasons why the press may not be as favourable

    1. “Mourinho……. is probably the best manager in the world”

      Not without an open cheque book, when he goes to a team on a tight budget and wins consistently, then and only then, could we consider him a great manager

  10. It is a shame when the press has such a strong influence in who gets the job AND who can stand up to them during the job.

  11. Rafa loves LFC. Fergie wouldn’t hand Rooney to “the safe hand”, so forget it that FA (Ferguson Association) will even consider Rafa.

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