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I guess I better have a go at summarising what we’ve just seen.

Before I start I want to get one thing straight I don’t condone what Luis Suarez said to Patrice Evra nor do I think it was handed correctly by the club but I support my team through thick and thin because that’s what fans do. I do not have to agree with every decision my club makes and I’ve the right to voice concerns over club affairs because that’s the nature of the game.

Aside from that, today was an entirely bitter match from start to finish, a few flash points included.

The refused Evra handshake, which Evra made sure everybody in the ground was aware of by pulling out a lovely little dance move.

I personally think the handshake should have happened, you don’t have to like the players you’re shaking hands with but a bit of respect should equally be shown. I understand Luis Suarez has his own reasons to refuse the shake, that’s fine but with the world watching you’d have thought it would have been logical that a little water flowed under a massive bridge before an intense encounter between rivals.

Reports of some Hillsborough chanting.

Really United fans? Really?

Luis Suarez seemingly smashing the ball towards the United bench.

Obviously he thought this’d get the Old Trafford crowd back on his side?!

This then led to a tunnel ‘bust up’ 

Hardly surprising but it still amazes me that 22+ grown men can’t control themselves in those sort of situations, high pressured, intense atmosphere and lots at stake but at the end of the day, they’re suppose to be role models and adults.

The game ended with Mr Evra celebrating like he’d won the league.. right in front of Mr Suarez.

If that’s not a player trying to provoke a reaction then I don’t know what is, I expect both clubs will be warned by the wonderful FA about the control of their players during the game, and rightly so. You’d think Evra would want to forget it wouldn’t you, let his ordeal end there, he can walk away with a win and a title challenge still fierce, but no.  Daft, needless and childish, just three words to sum up Danny Welbeck’s hair, but more seriously it’s just so sour after everything that’s gone on and leaves Liverpool fans thinking, started with class ended an arse.

Isn’t it amazing that all of the talking points I’ve mentioned none of which were about the game itself. Rooney scored 2 decent goals, Johnson lost his man for the first and Spearing lost concentration for a second which is something you just can’t do at Old Trafford. We pulled a goal back through Luis Suarez after a cracking ball in from Charlie Adam but the changes were made too late and we gave ourselves too much to do.

We started the game wrongly, on paper we looked like a team that was put out to pressurise United’s midfield and back line. It didn’t happen and Suarez was swamped upfront with little delivery and little support. The amount of times we passed the ball backwards or sideways was obscene. Something needs to be done.

When you sum it all up we were beaten by the better side on the day but we’ll be back next time with more fight and I have no doubt about that.


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  1. Downing has to go and Spearing is only a carling cup player. I would rather watch Swansea every week – LFC might easily lose to Cardiff

  2. Agree with much of what you say. I support Suarez’s right NOT to shake Evras hand but accept it didnt help. That said Evra should be penalised for his actions.

  3. Jesus mate you really don’t understand the Suarez thing he didn’t do anything racist to evra evra misunderstood what was said then lied don’t blame luis for not shaking hands don’t blame rio either poor performance all round by the team

    1. It was the language he used, not the intend in which he used it. Not acceptable in the English Premier League.

  4. the press are absolutely loving it that suarez refused the handshake ..whats the difference between that and wayne bridges ? get rid of these stupid handshakes before the game there is no need for them ….as for the game we got what we deserved we played with less fight here utd were well up for it and we looked nervous ….but i think its about time the club brought this argument to a close its getting petty and childish the way its being handled and the only winners will be the press and sky sports news ….

  5. Completely agree with this post. I see many people bashing Evra in all liverpool forums but at the end of the day, Evra is going to play champions league while at this rate, I dont see that happening for us.

    1. I love Liverpool to the core but Saurez and Daglish were well wide of the mark today. Saurez should have shook Evra’s hand and Daglish should have been man enough to point out the error of Saurez’s actions.

      Doesn’t really seem that Daglish has a grip on this team. His buys have been shit. His tactics are really questionable and the team is seriously AVERAGE!

      Surely NESV didn’t purchase LFC to be 7th and making the headlines for all the wrong reasons???

      I reckon they should off load Saurez as soon as possible as it’s clear that he is damaging the brand and reputation of the club. Daglish should also be sacked as soon as they can find a good successor.

  6. Why don’t you like the way the club handled it? They defended Suarez against a lying bastard in Evra! And when it became better to take the moral high ground and draw a line under it they did! Evra is a liar – I’m
    Not going to go over the incident again but it was a cultural difference in what Suarez said provoked by Evra saying derogatory things about where Suarez is from and his sister!

    If you’re a fan you should be behind Suarez and the club 100%

    1. The fact Suarez said it in an English Premier League game is the issue, I didn’t like the clubs statement, it smacked of, ‘Suarez has lots of black links to him hence he cannot be a racist.’ I don’t think Suarez even is a racist I just think he said silly things and silly times, to the wrong people. I’m not going to blindly support my club, I’d rather be subjective with my opinions.

  7. Fergie doesn’t help matters with his comments saying suarez shouldn;t play for us again. Evra is the one who shouldn;t play again and get banned for trying to incite violence. Fergie should apologize to suarez and shake his hand. Evra should be find manu deducted points cos of what happened after game. Fair play to Suarez he wa the man out there he never got involved with Evras antics. so evra ended up being the child he is. I have no idea who prompted the half time scuffle but i could have a guess. it was propbqbly evra. Evra isn;t a footballer he can’t do his job without getting someone 8 match ban. soon as he comesback he scores against hom did same at Anfield Suarez deserves an award for his behaviour. evra should be put in front of F.A for his antics they seriously need looking into. Suarez has suffered his punishment and should be allowed to play without provocation from other players. Will F.A do anything course not why they only do something when innocent are guilty and guilty are innocent.

  8. if somebody lied the way evra did i wouldnt shake his hand,but ben u having your say when u havnt read the report because if u did u wouldnt come up with that shite

  9. Cardiff have a FANTASTIC CHANCE – Gerard is coming to the end of his career and the rest of midfield are slow and stupid

  10. Ferguson and the race-baiting rat Evra can both go straight to hell. In two years Suarez will still be starring for Liverpool and Evra will be facing trial for smacking his wife or some other such bad behavior.

  11. We did not play today and don’t deserve anything from this game. The players as a whole did not deserve to wear the jersey and played like school boys. We did not even make them work hard enough for the win. It hurts like hell to say this but that’s the truth. We might not even win the League Cup if today’s team shows up at Wembley. Sigh. Kenny has to take a some hard decisions soon.

  12. Sell suarez someone clearly passionate about Liverpool and football in general and buy tevez someone who hates england and refuses to play? No thanks mate.

    I only wish suarez had shook hands because kenny told him to, but I probably wouldn’t shake the hand of someone who did what evra did especially when evras made bullshit racial allegations in the past and has been caught on video saying “n****r”.

  13. The whole teamwere a disgrace today.Utd were by far the beter team. How long will Kenny persist with downing and henderson. They give nothing to the team as an attacking force. Surely kenny has got to take some of the blame for another gutless performance,no fight no effort and complete lack of attacking flair.

  14. I would support Suarez through thick and thin afterall its good for a player to have his heart close to club rather than not.As I would have wanted him to shake hands wiv Evra he chose not to its his prerogative Suarez is a grown man and I can imagine how he would have felt with the injustice meted on him, no one would have felt good either being purnished wrongly by the F.A he was suspended for 8 matches and was handed a find of £40,000 common I feel for him..Afterall he got on wiv his job on pitch played his part and scored.In addition to all what happened I think some players needs a stick I m disappointed in Downing he had less impact in this game he was awful as if he didn’t train beforehand as for Jay I wouldn’t criticise him as he is still learning his trade and working his way being a better player.I Hope KK would use whatever funds available to him come summer to buy wisely I can’t withstand further awful inconsistent players in our team any more.

  15. In all of this, who the fvck is Fergie to tell LFC that they shouldn’t ever play Suarez again?

    Doesn’t the press go after Fergie for a statement like that?

    Doesn’t the press ask Fergie if he will ever play Rio Ferdinand again and if Rio will be kicked off the team??????

  16. I don’t blame Luis for not shaking hands as he figures Evra tarnished his name…the man can do whatever the hell he chooses in my opinion. Think Evra shoulda been a man and not tried to force a shake…that was weird “you are gonna respect me dammit” – what a child. In the same regard, who gives a damn if he celebrates in front of Suarez…he has that same right and again…who gives a damn. I would imagine Suarez would have done the same and that is why he didn’t even blink at it which was great to see. I just don’t see why Evra is trying to force respect from Suarez…pretty lame. He should recognize the situatiion and move on.

    Man Downing started so promising and now can’t even cross a ball…he looks shattered. We could really have used Lucas today…need Gerrard to play up near Suarez which would make us much better up front. disappointing day but we push on. Really have to beat Arsenal!

  17. I posted this on another forum…

    Ugly scenes today at Old Trafford in the 2-1 victory for Man U against Liverpool.

    Being a Liverpool fan I was very keen prior to the game for the players and the club to move on from the recent Suarez/Evra affair and let the football once again be the main talking point.

    Luis Suarez however decided to light the touchpaper once again by refusing to shake hands with Evra before the game. Quite what he was hoping to achieve with this gesture is beyond me. Everyone has to move on but he cannot and it created an ugly tension throughout the game.

    A bigger problem comes with Kenny Dalglish. He isn’t far away from dragging the whole club through the shitter over this. Although a slightly fading star, the Liverpool brand is still global and it represents doing the right thing.

    Dalglish is damaging his and the clubs reputation through his actions, press conferences and post-match interviews. He needs to clear this mess up quickly otherwise the owners may be wondering whether they have the right man after all.

    1. No! U got it wrong. Kenny & every one else expected Suarez to shake Evra. Mind U Suarez knows wat he has gone thru mo’ any one of us and da real truth.

  18. If Kenny said before the game that “Saurez will shake Evra’s hand,” he should have done that, and moved on. He could have held the high ground, and kept the suspicion on Evra that he is a winey french bitch. Instead he took it upon himself to disregard his coach, and make himself bigger than the team. That is my concern…How will this effect the changing room, and the team chemistry?

  19. I will make my comment simply based on played football. We have two fundamental problems this season: consistency and lack of scoring goals!
    A few minutes after Bellamy and Carroll came on I did something I never do, I stopped watching the game. Up until that moment, in the second half, we had not even shot once at De Gea!
    Essentially we were yet again boring! We are trying to appear cool with our team selections but those that watch and know football know what most of the selections are being made with ‘supposed’ player rotation. We are not fielding the best team from the word go.
    This will be a season where the Reds will yet again miss out on Champions League football. We have played 25 games and 15 games ago people on here commented ‘there are still games to play’. Luckily Chelsea, Arsenal and Newcastle are dropping points and are almost as inconsistent as us, otherwise we’d be leagues away.
    We are still mathematically in the fray, and how, but will our inconsistency and lack of finishing give us the edge we need to land 4th spot?
    Will we be happy with winning the League Cup (assuming we don’t loose the final of course)? Was this our goal last August when we started proceedings?
    Let’s face it, save some performances when we appeared to be superlative, we have been essentially average this season. This inconsistency will not take us anywhere! We need to wake up from dreamland!

  20. If you watch the video in slow motion, you will see that Suarez had his hand down, and that Evra didn’t go in, or waited until he was past to react. At full speed it is hard to tell, but I think that Suarez could have been the better man and demanded the handshake in order to make Evra look stupid rather than letting things look ambiguous. Ambiguity was never going to work in his favor since Evra is perceived as the victim in all of this.

    The fact is that Suarez has passed up every opportunity to be the bigger and better man throughout this whole affair (except for at the very start when he admitted to using negrito and explained that he meant nothing by it – someone with something to hide would have denied it), and Kenny hasn’t made it any better. I think that it is unlikely that Suarez racially abused Evra. He used language that was inappropriate and should have been punished, albeit with a much weaker suspension.

    Also, might I add that it is a bit racist that John Terry (white) is getting an innocent until proven guilty criminal investigation, and Suarez (brown/black) got a balance-of-probabilities hearing?

  21. i live in tHe us and we have a lot of people from south america and when i here them speak spanish i here the word that suarez say all the time. even the african american here them and they dont mind it cause they understand its part of their vocabulary. pretty much evra is just making an excuseout of himself.

  22. Re Suarez
    The FA and clubs need to take some responsibility as they could have insisted against the handshake as per Terry v Ferdinand.
    If Suarez and Evra agreed to shake hands prior to the game then Suarez needs to be put straight as he has put liverpool and in particular Kenny in a very poor light.
    If Suarez had not agreed then why should he shake hands wih a player he feels rightly or wrongly has besmerched his name.
    The club need to get hold of this because we dont hold the moral high ground and our reputation is becoming seriously tarnished as we have had mistakes on this.
    United were the better side on the back of a sloppy first ten in the 2nd half. Spearing (who will be a very good player) made a bad mistake that led to being 2 down and chasing shadows.
    Not sure why Carroll who had terrorised United in the cup game and was just coming to the boil didnt start particularly with De Gea frailties.
    Downing is having a shocker at the moment. Not sure why everyone gets on Johnson’s back because everything positive went through him in the first 45.
    Enrique was given a torrid time by Valencia.
    Liverpool need to get back to the things that matter most and that is winning football games.
    Champions League football remains up for grabs although 4 pts off the pace. Chelsea, Arsenal and Newcastle arent exactly firing themselves.
    Obviously i want Champions league football but if we dont get that but get the extra couple of world class players needed in the summer i will be more than happy.
    It is rare that clubs go from mediocrity (which is where we were) to Premier League winners a year later.
    Get real and start looking at the bigger picture.

  23. I mean guys even if Suarez is a good player, really cmon, have you like read basic marketing? We are probably losing milions of euros every day on having him?! We are being portrayed like a racist club like I dont know, Lazio?! This could be the end. We are going to destroy our international fanbase. This comes from a fan that has been supporting rafa benitez all the way and even hodgson all the way! I’ve been extremely loyal to the club and all the managers, rarelycritical to be honest!

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