The Wisdom of Sir Alex

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  1. i think the main point here is that nobody really is that much of a saint, and that footballers are not any different from the fallible folk on the highstreet. We often make mistakes and choose to do crazy, stupid things.

    There is no moral highground on either side – everybody needs to takes their blinkered glasses off, get over it and enjoy football without it being raised to some unintended bastion for moral behaviour.

    Case in point:


    Ashley Cole: Cheated on his wife
    John Terry: Cheated on his wife, alleged racist abuse
    Rio Ferdinand: Missed drugs test
    Steven Gerrard: Assaulted a member of the public on camera
    Wayne Rooney: Cheated on his girlfriend/wife
    Stewart Downing: Assaulted a woman
    Andy Carroll: Assaulted a woman

  2. Thanx, this by far the best post in the last few days, we as liverpool and suarez supporters don’t only want to read the shit they say about our players but the quite obviouse that gets overlooked by one sided idiots

  3. RE: Downing

    He was cleared of charges of the alleged assault.

    It might be that there is no moral highground on either side, doesn’t deflect anything away from the massive hypocrisy that comes from SAF. I don’t think one can simply dismiss what one has said just because “not everyone is an angel.”

    What he said was unncessary, disrespectful and unbecoming of a public figure in the arena of sports.

  4. thank you stephers. @kev, the point is no one forced fergie to open his mouth but he just couldnt let the chance to slip away so easily. he should take a look at himself into the mirror next time he speaks. this person is a disgrace and a cheap lying bastard period.

  5. A line should be drawn under this .But time will tell what really happend between Evra and Suarez I dont think Suarez would have pushed so far if he thought he was guilty after all it’s one mans word against another.What about Ferdinand not shaking hands John terry has not been found guilty yet and he has also been dropped by the FA there are some very good players black and white for me they were Kennedy Daglish and John Barnes.

  6. I think the thing that needs to be highlighted here is the fact that Suarez and Kenny have now come out and apologised for what they have done and said whereas nobody from the Utd camp have come out and apologised for their actions.

    Rio Ferdinand refused to shake Suarez hand but yet instead of apologizing for his actions he hypocritically said all it needed was a hand shake to put the issue to bed. The very words that Rio publicly blasted Blatter for saying. Rio also publicly backed his brothers decision not to shake John Terrys hand last week but his hypocrisy allows him to forget any of that.

    Evra not only kicked off in the tunnel and had to be removed from entering Liverpools dressing room at half time but he also done over exuberant celebrations right infront of Suarez but yet he has not apologised for anything.

    As for fergie I think the picture at the top shows how much of a hypocrite he is but let’s not forget that it was also Fergie and the utd board that fully backed Schmeichel when he racially abused Ian Wright.

    Racism needs to be kicked out of society let alone football, but so does hypocrisy because until they are society and football will never be able to fully move forward in the manner that it should.

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