News media bias spreads globally

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Thanks to Peter Ho for sending this to me. The Star in Malaysia would make the British tabloids very proud with their bais. Check out the back page from today, it reads “Make way for the Reds” and then in small print (“they wish”). What is that suppose to mean?



  1. Bloody manure, biased, jealous supporters. Shameful how a tabloid can be biased. Malaysian LFC supporters and fans. Boycott the Star. Yes we can BOYCOTT.

  2. The majority of football fans in Malaysia are split between utd and Liverpool, this artical or review of the game was obviously penned by a utd fan.

  3. Can i point out that recently sold Ravel Morrison and Macheda are in trouble for HOMOPHOBIC comments, both are from the manc academy!. Where is the PFA and FA regarding this story????, David Cameron said in a speech last week that Homophobia is seen in the same light as racism. The mancs are very quiet and so are the media…….I wonder why????

  4. I have seen a lot of biased reports about LFC, in fact, too many. Was watching Carlton Palmer’s comments after the final, saying that KK got the tactics totally wrong !! What critics do you see about Redknapp after the defeat against Arsenal?

  5. I think the important word here is “tabloid.” This is how they sell papers. The way to combat it is stop buying them and giving them credence by talking about them.

  6. cardiff is owned by a millionaire from malaysia, and almost all the reports in tv or newspapers are biased towards cardiff. a tv report said this ” impian pasukan kepunyaan malaysia untuk menjulang piala carling berkecai” which means “the dream of a team owned by a malaysian to lift Carling Cup was shattered”. And the whole report needless to say, biased as if liverpool is nothing. so much bragging by malaysian, as if Cardiff really originated from them.

    By the way, in Malaysia the United’s fans are (maybe) more than Liverpool fans. So it might be the writer is indeed a ManU fan.

  7. fyi, the mainstream media here is well-known for biased news coverage esp. for political news. And The Star is a paper owned by a component party of ruling (read: ruining) government here. Not so long ago, someone even advertised a full page in the same paper wishing Fergie happy birthday.

    Secondly, the PM here is a Manc, so I wouldn’t be too surprised they came out with biased news coverage / captions etc…

  8. Take a look into another perspective. We are still in 7th position, we wish there is a way to grab the fourth and another wembley. I think its a fair headline.

  9. I am from Malaysia and i dun read this rubbish The Star. And i agree with the readers above that actually Malaysia had more Manure fans (glory hunters). Anyway, let’s get our job done to win FA cup and secure 4th spot in EPL this season! YNWA

  10. I haven’t bought the Star for years now. Too much biased reporting. I’ve signed the Say No To The Star petition. Let’s see if the editor apologizes for this blatant disrespect to LFC and fans.

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