This guy should be deported for not shaking Henderson’s hand

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Still trying to figure out who the old geezer is but he fails to shake Jordan Henderson’s hand.

The FA should investigate this, as Fergie would say “He could have started a riot”.

Thanks to BeccaJames6 for submitting the video.


  1. Disgrace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Ban him from ever attending a football match again!!!!

  2. I think he just forgot that he hadn’t already shook hands with Henderson and just wanted to get on to the other team
    Let’s not make a mountain out of a molehill

  3. Nooooo! A ban will not suffice. Such a crime(Probably race driven) Should result in him being hanged drawn and quartered!!

  4. Ha! I have been dying to get to a computer to see that vid…couldnt see on Crackberry. That’s pretty funny…ahem I mean there must be an inquest into this…a slap in the face!

  5. By the way, any updates on Gerrard? sounds like a mild hammy but that would be a blow for the Arsenal game! Should’ve known bedder that to play him after the extended CC game on Sunday! Agger, Johnson, Gerrard all in some doubt for a big game…damn friendlies!

  6. Whats even more sad is this reina advertisement being seen as racist.

    Soon we’re not going to able to wear a black strip as this will make reference to polyester being an inferior material, and therefore being black polietster it means LFC are racist.

    fek sake

  7. The FA are so concerned about racism that they put a racist in charge of England, STUART PEARCE…………………..I rest my case!!!!!!

  8. And Jamaica will have to rename their river since it’s called Rio Negro and the weasel hypocrite Evra will be offended.

  9. I think he should apologize at the very least…what are we teaching the kids, and the kids kids

  10. What a disgrace to the human race this guy is!! The only way he can make ammends would be to kung fu kick a fan in the crowd, sleep with his brother wife, sleep with granny hookers and try and break someones leg on purpose to end their career! Then, and only then would he be acceptable to the human race again

  11. This is an outrage!!!, I say ban the FA fella, Ferguson, Howard Webb from having any involvement in Football!!!!…….. and thinking about it….you better add Derek on to that list as well.

  12. LOL :) He’s a disgrace to football and shouldn’t be (play) part of the three lions management team!!! What a bunch of hypocrites (the FA)!!! Long may they roth in hell!!!!

  13. LOL good ones guys
    The Reina ad is a joke
    The whole thing is getting way out of hand
    However, the Howard Webb/Man U penalty situation is a disgrace

  14. yea, and the FA should investigate why its not ok to discriminate on the grounds of race but it is insignificant to discrimiate on the grounds of sex.

    A newcastle player (Ranger got a couple of grand fine for putting it in writing) Suarez got a massive fine and ban.

    oh wait, it was the FA who made the decision. Get fergie, giggs, rooney, ferdinand and cantona onto it asap. i can see a lynching coming on.

  15. hahaha! reading the comments, u guys r really funny! but it’s sad that now everything involving LFC r being targeted…. SAF really hv very powerful friends! damn!


  16. Maybe Henderson should have tried to grab the guys hand in a display of shocked outrage – the way Evra did with Suarez – in an attempt to blow the handshake snub out of all proportion.

    1. Yeah, and said, “I must shake your hand sir, I don’t want to be called “disgrace” and banned for 8 matches, you know Ferguson might be watching”

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