Happy Birthday Kenny

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Dear Kenny:

I am sure this is not the way you wanted to wake up on your birthday morning. Following the defeat at the hands of Arsenal our Champions League qualifying hopes have taken a very serious dent. Football can be a cruel sport, in a game that we dominated, missed a penalty and hitting the post twice we ended up losing it in the dying seconds.

One week ago we were all celebrating the Carling Cup Victory and I am trying to comprehend why fellow Reds claim that a 4th place finish is better than another trophy in our cabinet. I travelled over 10,000 miles in less than 4 days to see Steven Gerrard lift that Mickey Mouse Cup and spent lots of my hard earned money. If I wanted Mickey Mouse I could have driven 120 miles up to Orlando, so why did I do it?

I did it because I craved a trophy, it had been six years since we last won some silverware and winning silverware is what it is all about. I did it also because I had never been to Wembley (New or Old) and my dad had told me the stories of 1965 and 1966 when as a young doctor he worked just a couple of blocks away from the stadium. Liverpool were playing at Wembley for the first time since 1996 (the year that my father passed away).  So was my trip worth it? HELL YES!

So the excuse by the haters is “We barely beat Cardiff”, well “We barely beat West Ham in 2006” and “We barely beat AC Milan in 2005” and “We barely beat Roma in 1984”. A victory is a victory, a trophy is a trophy and that I will cherish, thank you very much for bringing what is important. And of course these haters and moronic knee jerking idiots don’t know Liverpool F.C., we never do it easy. Our anthem sure fits it when we sing “At the end of the storm there is a golden sky”.

We even have a chance to lift the FA Cup this season and we really need to focus on that now, if we can clinch that than this will make the season a glorious one and can easily be compared with those of 2000-2001 and 2004-2005 in the books.  Not too shabby for a season of rebuilding and not too bad for a season that saw almost half of our first team changed.  Yes we have some great individual players and it will take some time until they start playing as one cohesive unit. It will happen but on the road there we will suffer some setbacks and we need to be patient and learn from the mistakes. If we wanted a new manager every season or we wanted Prima Donna players with fancy surnames than we could have chosen to support Real Madrid or Chelsea.

Champions League qualifying only lasts for one season while a trophy stays in our history books forever.

Happy Birthday Kenny, thanks for bringing the happy days back.




  1. Look who we beat to win the trophy, like Kenny said, the squad won the cup not just 11 players. Good job Kenny, Peter Robinson and John Smith used to say that Liverpool Football Club as an entity was made for winning trophies and this season we did that. In your first full season as well and this guarantees us european football next year ……with 11 games to go !!!! Once again well done.

  2. Great stuff,the 1 who wrote this is a genius,if dis can be published it wil be great for dat always call king’s head wen we lose,we need to join hands 2geda,and have an immune supporting spirit,we are liverpoolfan,we need to support wit faith,hope and spirit,and sing ynwa in every corner.HAPPY BIRTHDAY KING KENNETH MATHIESON DALGLISH!

  3. We don’t need a new manager every season but we urgently need a Rafa-alike tactician as our director of football.

    We need good finisher very badly and more depth & improvement in our squad should we really want to fight for a better position in the next season & the future ahead.

  4. Happy Birthday dear King, thanks for everything especially the new cup to make it 8 in the cabinet.. What I would like to see is Rafa working with Kenny, now that is a new bootroom. Pls. bring Rafa to work with our beloved King…….

  5. Excellent, positive and realistic article, Antoine. I wish more Lfc fans would think along the same lines and realise that we are team that is still in progress. We all want success for our team but for it to all happen immediately is sometimes a bit too much to ask for. In the fickle world of the media and business of sport our faith may be questioned and influenced. However the main thing is as long as we are supporters and our loyalties remain true, that at the end of the storm there is a golden sky and we will never walk alone.

  6. Happy Birthday King Kenny…..

    We just time to gel a team…it took the shitheads 10years before the started on their winning streak…
    Only have to say that yesterday’s game we played well but without any luck to finish off the game. Hope it changes soon.


  7. “Champions League qualifying only lasts for one season while a trophy stays in our history books forever.”

    EXCELLENT point. Well written article, Antoine. Glad to hear you finally made it to Wembley, keep up the good work.

  8. I appreciate what you have written about but let’s no shy away from the truth and the truth must be told.We have invested heavily in the squad and everyone from the start of the season was buzzing about our prospects of making a top four finish in lieu of champions league qualification but unfortunately our champions league hope suffered a severe setback yesterday though it is still achievable but very slim.We need to look at ourselves and see how we can better what we have,Jamie Carragher has been a tremendous servant for the past 15yrs but he was a shadow of himself yesterday sitting too deep giving Van Persie too much room and space.Carragher was culpable for the first goal maybe the 2nd as our backline was too deep and static I really missed Daniel Agger yesterday maybe its high time KK threw Coates on.I was impressed with Henderson yesterday as he was athletic and forward thinking he hardly gave a ball away only if he would keep that on consistent basis it would do him good.Suarez needs to start scoring football isn’t just about running far easily to the ground and looking up to Refrees for favours he needs to start scoring and fast he has had too many tame shots on targets albeit hitting woodworks and making opposition Keepers look at their best rather he should be at his best.KK needs to drill our players on how to take penalties we can’t afford missing far too many penalties albeit hitting the woodwork

  9. Well said Brai. Taking penalties is part and parcel of the game. It appears at LFC, this has been relegated to be an exercise on the matchday and as a result we have not scored over six(6) penalty attempts. This is a shame.
    Downing should learn to steady his nerves when taking a shot at goal. Each time he attempts first-time shots he always fluffs them.

    Why is it that when Carroll was playing awefully, he was played almost every game BUT now that he has tremendously improved his game, Kenny puts him on the bench? This boggles my mind, deep.

    I think if Kenny wants to play Jammie, he should play him as a defensive midfielder in front of the back-four in place of Jay Spearo and allow Seb Coates to partner Skrtel whilst Danny Agger is recuperating. This will also allow Seb to get the much-needed run-in which he so lacks since he came to LFC. I am sure this is why it has also cost him his national duty call-up (first-team place) even though he had excelled at the last Copa America tourney.

    Lastly, where are the young up-and coming LFC players? The likes of Raheem, Suso and Morgan. I think it’s high time they are introduced probably as subs in the remaining 11 or so games to the end of the season so that they seamlessly fuse with the rest of the guys, come next season.

    YNWA, definitely.

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