Redmen TV : Liverpool vs Arsenal uncensored fan reaction

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MATCH REACTION: Robin Van Persie’s injury time wonder strike was enough to see off a dominant Liverpool side at Anfield in the Saturday lunchtime kickoff. After the game, The Redmen TV bring you the uncensored reactions and analysis of Liverpool fans from around the world… CONTAINS STRONG LANGUAGE!


  1. Well let’s look at the evidence:
    1. Kenny Dalglish spent a king’s ransom on the side
    2. Kenny Dalglish bought premier league players who didn’t have to worry about taking time to be conditioned to the premier league (unlike foreign players)
    3. Kenny Dalglish didn’t have the headache of european football to worry about

    so basically this is the very best his team are capable of. If he did worry about european football as well, I would argue there would have been a reduction in quality of upto 50%, because of recovery time due to playing in midweek.

    So is this a disaster? I was personally gobsmacked when Kenny was offered a two year contract in the first place, but all you believers out there still think he can walk on water.

  2. Support our King? Come on Antoine – you have to admit that the team’s performance compared to the significant sums spent, has been woeful. Liverpool doesn’t even figure in conversations anymore about teams likely to make top 4. If it wasn’t for his reputation, Kenny Daglish would have been sacked ages ago. The verdict is unanimous that he has wasted the best part of £100 million. All of his buys apart from Enrique have been painfully average. Stress on the word painful. If all that money hadn’t been spent and we were 7th, then there wouldn’t be a case for complaints. Kenny’s purchases have been a failure to date and his in-match tactics have been highly questionable at times. And why isn’t he playing more of the youngsters?

    I’m all up for supporting the King, but it’s high time we start seeing some good performances otherwise the King (who is human like everyone else) should be given his P45 pronto.

    1. Scousedude, ehhhh! we won a trophy last week and are in the quarter finals of the FA cup F*CK 4th Place, we are Liverpool F.C. we are here to win trophies.

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