The Daily LFC: 11th March 2012 – Liverpool F.C. News update

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Terrible game yesterday more…
(Forget the league let us focus on the FA Cup)

Kenny talks about the game more…

O’Neill claims that they were lucky more…
(We played very poor too) 

Fergie loves Roy more…
(Go on Fergie keep the loving going maybe he will replace you at Man Utd)

The U18s beat Wednesday 3-1 more…

Bellamy talks about his charity in Sierra Leone more…
(Great player and great heart) 

Henderson has no regrets in leaving Sunderland more…
(Good lad)

LFC fans in Singapore walk down the aisle to YNWA  more…

Skrtel fighting for 4th more…
(Keep fighting Martin)

And there are more rumours linking us with Tello more…

And finally here is a great story
(He does look a little like Howard Webb) 

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  1. What another toothless and embarrasing performance! It seemed to me that everyone wanted to remain fresh for tuesday’s derby fixture but if we are at this level without European competition to contend with, then I cannot what we will be like come next season when we will be plodding along in the Europa League.
    I love Kenny to bits and would never ever call for his head, but any other manager would be walking a tightrope right now. We already seem content with the League Cup and we will be more than content if we get the FA Cup.
    We have been generally terrible in the PL this season, not even near anyone’s expectations. The works-in-progress cliche is a load of bull!

  2. What we have to look at is the run-in between now and the season end. Newcastle away is realistically the only game we may struggle in, the rest should be, I say should be, winable games. I still say lets wait to judge our season until the season end. FA Cup and 5th is great progress. 6th and carling cup is. 7th and below is not. YNWA

  3. Lets not forget if we win our game in hand and beat Chelsea we will be 4 points off of them with 8 games left. Not all doom and gloom

  4. We need to look realistically on the remainder of the season. Our quest for a top 4 spot is toast. I can see the teams above us dropping a few games here and there, but it is Liverpool that are too inconsistent at this point. With that, we need to evaluate the 1st team players to see who to cut loose. I suggest a 4/2/3/1 with Pepe-Enrique-Skrtel-Agger-Johnson in back, Henderson-Gerrard holding mid’s, Downing-Saurez-Bellars attacking mid’s, and Carroll up top. Keep a system, swap a few players in and out of the system for the remainder of the season. If Carroll cant do it in the next 10 games with the same players around him, he wont do it next year either. Play Hendo in the middle, he has to be better than Adam. Kuyt can be the first sub off the bench to spell Bellars or Downing. Give Coates more than one game every two months, and keep Kelly in the back 4 rotation.

    Any thoughts? I’m frustrated with much of what I’ve seen this season. Some of the blame on the players, some on Kenny.


  5. Really can’t agree with you comment, Antoine, “forget the league”. I guess where you’re coming from like, but, come on. This is Liverpool football club we’re talking about. We’re better than ‘forgetting the league’.


    1. Ben it doesn’t make a difference much on where we finish now we have already qualified for the Europa unless we can get 5th or better the league games should be an opportunity to maybe give some of the youngsters a shot.

      1. Sad thing is Antoine there doesn’t seem to be enough liverpool “fans” out there to realize that

  6. Everton will then be able to rightly claim that they were the top team on Merseyside in 2011/12. By the way, since when has the Carling Cup been referred to as ‘trophies’?

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