The Daily LFC: 14th March 2012 – Liverpool F.C. News update

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Great victory yesterday more…
(Stevie G, what a legend)

Kenny is out of words more…
(Nicely done Kenny)

Stevie believes that he can get Carroll and Suarez firing more…
(Yes he can) 

According to some report Fowler claims that Kenny is not the manager for the long term more…
(Are they misquoting God?)

Rafa was interested in Andy Carroll more…
(Wonder what that guy who told me “Rafa should replace Kenny because he bought Carroll” is going to say?)

And we are being linked with Vargas again more…

Yes they are, he does talk about Suarez however more…
(Great video) 

Kenny is upset at Wenger for his comments on Suarez more…
(Piss off Wenger)

The Daily Fail is claiming that Spurs are after Sterling more…
(Piss off Redknapp) 

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  1. Rafa said nothing about Andy CARROLL!,
    We need Jackson and Javi MARTINEZ(s) in please!
    Andy CARROLL should go on loan.
    And K.D should give a chance to the likes of; STERLING,COADY,SUSO,MORGAN,…..

  2. Robbie Fowler is been taken off context, he was defending the King from criticism:

    “In terms of long-term future though, I probably don’t think that is the case. I don’t know what we are looking for in long-term progression. Kenny will tell you himself he is not going to be around forever. But he’s the man that everyone wanted and he’s the man everyone’s got so for the time being we stick with him and see where we go from there.”

    –> Kenny here for at least another season, but “long term” probably means five or 10 years… and that’s been purposefully taken out of context

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