Kenny calls Fergie to wish him a Happy St. Patrick’s Day

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Following Manchester United’s exit from the Europa League at the hands of Athletico Bilbao, Liverpool Manager Kenny Dalglish called his old friend Sir Alex Ferguson to wish him a Happy St. Patrick’s Day. By Terry Fahy. FM104’s Strawberry Alarm Clock.


    1. Clyde you moron!! it was Arsene Wenger he allegedly reported NOT Alex Ferguson, GET IT RIGHT, idiot!!

  1. Yesterday, Kenny calls for the FA to deal with Sir Alex for labeling Suarez a diver. Today, he calls Sir Alex and wises him good tidings. What a f**king double-headed snake Kenny Dalglish is. Truly, a low-down scumbag if ever there is one.

    1. @ Clyde – what an utter cretin. badly made a dick of yourself there lad, run along to another club you fickle prick

  2. Clde u are a daft kk refered Fa to wenger’s comment and not fergie. For ur info they are kinsmen feom scotland

  3. Nice to hear two Irish comedians on ur site – im not talking about Clyde!!. ah Clyde I want what you’re smoking this weekend!!

  4. Clyde how stupid can one be with only one head,what a total dick, u defo a MUFC fan, the iQ of a 6month corpse plus the personality of one, lmfao. Darwin awards 2012 Clyde. bet ya mum n dad proud of ya now.

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