Luis Suarez dedicates goal and victory to Muamba

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I want to dedicate to Muamba the goal and the FA Cup semifinals qualification. Keep fighting buddy, don’t give up! You will make it!!


Luis Suarez has dedicated his goal and Liverpool’s victory to Fabrice Muamba who is still critical in Intensive Care.

The Liverpool striker also tweeted “Keep fighting buddy, don’t give up! You will make it!!”

Suarez scored the opening goal in Liverpool’s victory against Stoke this afternoon to qualify for the FA Cup Semi Final.




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    1. so wheres the evidence that hes a racist you prick…show me..what no proof…yeh buddy…you apologise for being such a prat

  1. So he can dedicate his goal to Muamba, apologize for his mis-spelling of Sunderland and still not apologize to Evra after he is found guilty? really deluded LFC fans!

    1. You twat! Pretty vile comment bringing up something that has nothing to do with muamba fighting for his life. Do your trolling somewhere else!

    2. To Owgnwogn!

      He wasn’t wrong, he didn’t apologise!
      Tell me, are you going to apologise on this forum if it is proven that you are an IDIOT? Not by evidence, but just by the word of the moderators?

    3. Look whos the deluded when the rest of the english football clubs has wishes Muamba well with simple card showing the care and concern when the Manure’s fan just care about if they can win their game and top the table.

      That show how disgusting you are as a fan and football club.

    4. Hey clown why don’t Evra apologise to him first seeing how he started it , Suarez was punished for his actions what about that prick.

    5. Why would you be so disrespectful to talk about what happened with Evra on an article wishing Fabrice well?

    6. Is it just me, but why is Man U in entirety(fans, players, staff and management)are such divas? Look at me, look at me!!!!! Call Reality and let my write you divas a check, this article has NOTHING to do with you, your team and or your childish captain and everything about Muamba. this is prime example of what comes from Man United, good job, scum of the year? Life is the most important thing. tyke!

  2. Luiz Suarez is not a racist n never be, n if dat is de case we(liverpoolfc) fans luvs him a man united fans can go to hell.Liverpoolfc n suarez 4life.

  3. Brilliant Gesture. We are all praying for Fabrice. LFC and the fans are all behind Fabrice, his family and Bolton FC at this difficult and sad time. YNWA

  4. Why are the manc scum bringing this back up? You are and always will be a disgrace. Show some respect if you know what it means (being a manc fan i doubt it.) Hoping and praying for Muamba. You can fight this, all the best mate.

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