Rise above hate Luis Suarez

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By Nimish Amlathe

Back in January last year,when Fernando Torres left Liverpool so that he can be at the “top” level with a “big club”,it left liverpool fans heartbroken.Kenny’s Red Army needed a new hero.Stepped up Uruguayan sensation Luis Suarez.What an instant impact he had! Scored a goal in front of the kop and won the hearts for Liverpool faithfuls in a jiffy. His movement,trickery and gumption -no wonder Fernando Torres was forgotten.

Apparently what seemed a beautiful story turned into a nightmare for Suarez in no time . Injury problems for Gerrard and poor form of Andy Carroll made Liverpool side so weak that they had to rely on Suarez to produce something magical week in week out. Although Suarez enjoyed a fantastic summer winning the Copa America and Player of the Tournament , he couldn’t carry this form for long . And then Evra happened.

Patrice Evra accused Liverpool’s no 7 of making abusive racial comments. F.A. investigated and eventually Suarez got an 8 match ban. Liverpool’s manager and players supported Suarez by wearing infamous “Luis Suarez Tshirts” . Further adding to Suarez’s woes, Liverpool’s poor form in the league continued. After a frustrating night at the Craven Cottage,Suarez raised his middle finger towards Fulham fans. Result – Another one match ban.

After Ronaldo and Tevez , BPL now welcomed their new “Bad Boy”. Scoring goals became a problem for a guy who used to score goals for fun at Ajax and for Uruguay.He started getting booed in almost every away match . After the lengthy ban, pundits backed Luis to come back stronger than ever. But it wasn’t to be. For the second time,Evra happend. Suarez refused to shake hands with the french international resulting in further damage to his already spoiled reputation.Man Utd won the game and Eva celebrated in front of Luis. He became one for those players people now “love to hate”.

Liverpool FC continued their relentless support for Luis,even if it jeopardized Liverpool’s reputation.Kenny Dalglish took one for the club there.Luis struggled to score goals and apparently seemed frustrated on the pitch all the time. Liverpool won the Carling Cup and Suarez got his first winner’s medal for the club.Uruguayan international has already given some moments which Liverpool fans will cherish for life.

Suarez is dealing with plethora of problems both on and off the pitch.Now what should he do?

Move on and repay Liverpool’s faith by regaining his old form or should he go for the change? New club,new country and new ambitions.

Well to be honest, I don’t know. He needs to earn the respect of Football Fans all over again.Can he do it? We shall see. We all want to see Ajax’s Luis Suarez again because that is what he actually he. Not what he is right now. Its a bad phase.We hope for the best for Luis.

Rise Above Hate Suarez.



  1. I don’t think you have to worry about Suarez. He has the support of his manager and of all Liverpool fans. He is playing great and says he wants to stay at Liverpool.

  2. It is interesting to me that people talk, talk …but really do not report or investigate. After the F.A. report came out, I red the entire thing….it made me sick of my stomach. What a load of crap. I saw the now so infamous Man.Untd – LFC game and I was laughing when the issue between Evra and Suarez came about. First, still there is no evidence supporting Evras claims. It was and it is till this day, Suarez word against Evra. However the FA use Luis as a scapegoat. Why believe Evra and not Suarez? Second, I saw an interview done to “Loco” Abreu, another player on UY National team. In this interview Abreu said that Luis confided to him that, Evra hand was so low close to his body that he thought it was Evra that did not want to shake hands with him…so be it…So not every is like everybody out there says it is. Obviously the club forced Luis to put out an an apology. I think Luis Suarez has been and it is the best hope for LFC…but he has nothing to prove. Because he is an amazing player. I am more worried about LFC midfield and defense … nobody can stop Luis Suarez, NOBODY. Not the FA and their racist paranoia, no Evra with lies and bull…NOBODY> Luis never walks alone…

  3. Now Sir Alex Ferguson who was Scotland’s coach in the 1986 World Cup match between Uruguay and Scotland, a match now infamous for its aftermath more than anything else — after that match Scotland’s FA chief executive, Ernie Walker referred to Uruguay as the “Scum of the Earth” — is backing Evra’s claim as being authentic. Ferguson’s involvement (even if its to defend one of his own players) given his history with Uruguayans is complicated to say the least, Ferguson who threw a pair of football cleats at Diego Forlan in a fit of rage and refused to speak to the BBC for several years can never be confused for the great communicator so his rushing to Evra’s defense smacks more of doing everything in his power to affect Liverpool if anything else.

    The FA should learn the lesson! If foreign players are going to come play in England …they should be briefed and told about the “racial paranoia” … The treatment that Suarez received by the FA was shameful to …say the least. The fact that a human being can not say a word in his own language (a word that means black!) because otherwise he would loose his job is unbelievable !!!! Not to mention that, by the FA report it was Evra who started the confrontation! Did not Evra lied then when he said that Suarez called him the ” N” word ten times? As per the FA report, Evra changed his mind and changed his testimony to “Negro” no??? Why is the media so quite about all this? Everybody is crying out loud that Suarez should apologize to Evra. Where is the cry for Evra to apologize to Suarez? Evra and the FA have stated that Suarez is not a racist but now that Suarez is left out to hang…they are all quite about it. It is an ugly thing to call somebody a “N-er” but it is as ugly what they are doing to Luis Suarez. Fkng shameful.

  4. public service to any and all rising football players from Uruguay (or South America) who dream of playing in the EPL (English Premier League):

    1) Never, ever use the word “Negro”. It is equated with the derogatory N-word used by the English slave traders of the 1800s. The EPL does not care that one of your country’s most revered and respected football heroes is affectionately known as “El Negro Jefe”. In fact, if they had it their way, they would probably charge FIFA with racism for their Classic Players article on the FIFA site. You can expect a suspension of one game per times used in a match, using the Suarez case as a baseline. The Terry case (once resolved) cannot be used as a reference, unless you have also assaulted American tourists at …the airport and cheated with your best friend’s girlfriend.

    2) If someone calls you “Sudaca”, do not frown or fret, instead greet and embrace him like he is a scholar. It should not be taken as an insult, since according to the FA, it does not make reference to ethnic origin but instead is a geographic reference, similar to being called a “Salteño”. If that someone uses the combination of “Sudaca negro”, then he may be accused of being a racist who knows his geography.

    3) While you are never, ever to make reference to another person’s skin colour, you can however make reference to his sister’s genitalia (e.g. “c—– de tu hermana”). If you decide to do so, you do not have to whisper or concern yourself with whether you have been over-heard. It is totally acceptable language, and has been corroborated by linguistic experts hired by the FA.

    4) When your career is on a decline, if that opposing forward is making you run too much and work too hard, you may be able to “slow” him down by accusing him of racial slurs. Do not concern yourself with whether or not there are any real witnesses to the act; it is only important that the cameras catch your moment of “red fury”. And be sure to tell your teammates what it is that you want that player to be accused of saying so that they can provide hearsay testimony to an independent commission that will be set up by the FA. Remember that the court of law rules regarding hearsay do not apply to independent commissions and that the player is guilty (i.e. the burden of proof is on the accused player, not the accuser like it is in a court of law) until proven innocent.

    5) If you are fortunate enough to have a witness in the crowd who in turns complains to the police, the accused player may be made to stand trial in a real court of law with a real judge. Is he should be captain of the England squad, expect the courts to schedule his trial around the EPL schedule and/or other important international tournaments like the World Cup or EuroCup.

    6) If someone accuses you of racism or has subjected you to racial slurs, you are expected to shake his hand prior to the game, unless your team as a whole votes to abstain from the handshake (e.g. Queens Park Rangers) in which case the FA will condone this “unsportsmanlike” behavior. If someone cheats with your girlfriend, you can abstain from shaking his hand without any reproach.

  5. LBCeleste, that is a fantastic bit of stuff, very detailed, very informative and quite funny. I agree with everything you’ve outlined and feel the F.A should look at itself and how it reviews its cases otherwise what chance do foregniers (coming into the Premierleague) have of getting equal regard as English players, especially when they commit the same/similar offences!?
    Perhaps Liverpools defence of Suarez was a bit defensive!! Maybe we should have taken on the F.A and Evra, asked for the excat video evedence of Suarez and his apparent gestures/quotes, then asked for more time to review all proccedings. In doing so J.T would have been shown as a racist who can get away with it and if Suarez were to have had any suspension surely Liverpool could have used the Terry incident as a point of refernce. Why does the English captain get such a prolonged investigation? Is it because the F.A are biased towards home players? And possibly current captians?? If that is the case then the F.A have alot to answer for. I know they have made statements in which they defend their hadling of captain fantastic’s case, claiming their investigation could influnce the polices investagtion, but reallly they should have nipped the Terry situation in the bud as quick as the Suarez one.
    All in all it doesn’t really matter what we think, as we have no real say, but really Something stinks in the F.A and I doubt its going away any time soon.


  6. Luis Suarez does not nor will ever have to prove anything to me. It is obvious who the bad ones in this are. It was plain to see it was Evra who put his hand down and would not shake. Like a child he is had to make it look like it was all Suarez. Then of course there are those people who still harp on the subject. The fans who boo – get a life. There was the ban, his punishment, done and over with. I do not see any reason why Suarez needs to leave. I feel the FA needs a revamp and the press needs to get over it and move on.

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