Blame Kenny all you want, but please tell me why?

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Col. Jessup said: “I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain myself to a man who rises and sleeps under the blanket of the very freedom that I provide…”. While the context may be different, the character’s shade might be different, I hope this is what Kenny tells the doubters. The twitter brigade that goes crazy after every disappointing game or result. What makes Kenny the King is that he would never say that. Less than 15 months ago we were redefining abjectness. Less than 18 months ago we were dreading the Championship fonts on our replica shirts. Today, we are one trophy up. We are 180 minutes from another. We’ve a much stronger squad than the Koncheskeys and Poulsens. And we’re still moaning. What’s changed? Expectations have changed, or rather, have been restored. And since you and me didn’t play a part in that, credit should go to Kenny for affording you the platform from where you can dream and when they are not entirely fulfilled, you go slagging the one person who let you dream in the first place. Kenny has been a victim of his own reputation and the stature we’ve given him. It’s to Kenny’s credit that we wanted more than we would finally get. Go ahead, blame Kenny for making us dream. But while you’re crying for them not being fulfilled, remember one thing: the dream is not over. It might take a little longer than we would have liked, but realize the dream we will. Actually, we would still be sitting on the same couch or at the same pub. It would be Kenny who would realize them for us. To be a critic is a fan’s right. To be a knee-jerk is his vice. 

No right-minded person will tell you that Kenny has been error-free. Nor would anyone tell you that everything has panned out according to the script. But sometimes LFC does manage to break you heart in different ways. If finishing was a problem earlier, the Suarez, Downing and Seb goals would tell you finishing is anything but a problem right now. We had the most compact defense for most the season and suddenly we leak 3 in 15 minutes? Not a lot of us are qualified to know what really went wrong in the pursuit for the ‘main target’, although the fat lady is yet to sing. Here’s what I make of it and it is not an excuse. I have always thought that a little too much of the team is new. Bellamy, Jose, Downing, Henderson, Suarez, Carroll, Adam are all less than 15 months into the system. Gerrard hasn’t played with most of them for most of the time. Spearing hasn’t played for too long with most. As a team you can adapt a couple of new players into the team at a time but you really can’t expect for everyone to know everyone else’s game when they’ve not played together long enough. One can only hope that one season is long enough for these folks. On that note, we should also be cautious against demanding wholesale changes. May be some members of the squad that we added may not have been up to the quality desired or the quality that we thought they would add. However, some of them are young and will improve. The others, who are more experienced, would also help the young ones blend better and adapt to LFC’s style. For some others, it might be the right time to cut our losses. Nobody gets everything right, and what makes you better is when you learn where you might have erred. 

If anyone from the club tells you that top-4 would not have been the target, you’d most probably be right to assume that he/she is lying. But then that’s the nature of sport. Things go right and wrong. Sometimes they do that in spectacular manner. What is the point of watching sport if you cannot take the negative results and move on to the next game? If everything has to go according to the script, I would suggest movies would make an ideal entertainment choice for you instead of sports. What’s pertinent is that while top-4 would have been the target, of course people who would have set it wouldn’t have thought that failure in that particular goal can be an outcome too. I’m not going to kid myself by terming Carling Cup as a monumental success but it does take the sting out of the last couple of years, doesn’t it? It is a reminder to the fans, the rivals and more importantly, to the players themselves that the club is competitive again. It is a building block. And when it comes to a building, believe you me, every block is important. Carling Cup can be a balm for past heartbreaks, the FA Cup can really shift us into next gear.

Deep down, one still hopes that we win the rest of the games and those above us screw up in a manner that makes us get the coveted Champions League place but pragmatically that might not be possible. We’ve got two important games in the semi-final for the FA Cup and possibly, and hopefully, the final as well. We might also like to beat Chelsea in the league. But apart from the three games, I hope we give some promising youngsters like Shelvey, Sterling, Morgan and Coady a look into the first team. If we are to play Europa next season, having a deeper squad and an inexpensive one would make sense. That is, we should be promoting academy players to Europa. Having won the Carling Cup this year, and may win the FA Cup as well and who knows, we’ll start the next year with a Community Shield, what Kenny would do well is to realize that Europa, FA Cup and League Cup will be side-shows for 2012-13. The only thing that would matter would be to finish in top-4 and without too much of a tussle. Please. 

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  1. I fully support Kenny and reckon this team can be great next season with some minor additions.

    However, the only annoyance i’ve had this season is the constant formation changes. We win 2 in a row playing a standard 4-4-2 and our best available team on the field. Yet we change to a 3/5 man midfield for no reason and we get beat for it. It confuses the players, resulting in lots of passes but a lot of messy play and poor end product.

    Rory Smith mentioned on twitter Jay Spearing has only won 2 games out of the 11 he’s started, despite excellent performances. The 2 he’s won have been when he’s been trusted enough to play solely alongside Gerrard and we work the traditional formation that the players know and that works.

    Saying that, its not Kennys fault that Charlie Adam consistently underperforms when given the chance in a 3 man midfield.

  2. I despise Liverpool FC with an infinite passion and K. Dalgleish likewise but to criticize this man while his rebuilding is still at slab level is both ludicrous and grossly unfair. Given time, I have no doubt he will create a team capable of winning anything (that Man U has not already won) Now shut up all you negative Liverfool fans and get behind Kenny and the Squad.

    1. You are off your nut mate. No progress to be made by getting shot of a top class player. Maybe we should get rid of SG too yeah?

  3. blame pepe,can’t keep for his life.ive been every match this year,he won’t leave his line im pissed off with him.he is un safe get rid of him please . we won;t win any thing with him you see him last night ‘he did not move hes crap……………………………………….

    1. “We won’t win anything with him…”

      You sir, are exactly the person who needs to read this article. Read it again. Read every word and think about it. You’re knee-jerking. Pepe hasn’t had a great season, I’ll be honest about that but to call him crap, to blame him, to say we’ll never win anything is just laughable.

      Oh, and Carling Cup. Won, with Pepe. Not that it needed to be justified, but yeah.

      1. hey you ,stop dreaming you know pepes crap .how many goals has he let in this year then.and ask yourself hes fab bollocks hes shite and you know he is……. get rid and get rid nowwwwwwwww.

    2. Tom the red, thank god his sleeping is better then your grammar. Pepe has been a fantastic keeper for years, glad you are taking that into and not having knee jerk reactions.

  4. still love kenny but he has to stick with a squad and formation. Downing or Carroll soes weel one game, they’re benched for the next few and have to try to regain form all over again.

  5. Agree agree agree agree…..

    Some genuinely sensible commentary on the situation we find ourselves in.

    1. yes Anfield i live there born and bred, season ticket holder. you talk about Kennys buys being benched, i would berch them, he has wasted more money than any l.f.c manager has ever been given at one time. he has no tactics, every time he makes a sub he looks at steve clarke to give him the nod.he has allowed Camolli to bring in sub standard overpriced no hopers. Pepe has fell to bits over 1 season because the defence is not drilled in how to defend a ste peice, they fall to bits every time a ball is launched in the box.Don’t give me this get behind the team, these pricks are paid a fortune to play so they should put up or ship out. kenny plays Henderson almost every game, Man U Arsenal and Chelsea all looked at him and realised he was shite, what did we do go and pay a fortune for him. Carrol! shite, i know it and you all know it. Downing! shite hides and talks about finding his form, substandard,Adam! shite. You are the same people that slagged off Lucas for 2 years then denied it.The players kenny brought in are not good enough and no he never brought in Suarez that was a done deal before kenny arrived. We need to sort this out before the end of the season or next season will be a write off too. Oh and by the way, beating Cardiff on penalties is not success it was a relief.

    2. I agree with you g spot on mate ! these players who are paid a fortune to run round a perfect lawn quality football pitch for 90 minutes and cant even be arsed to give their all are a disgrace to the memory of true greats
      who have graced the liverbird on their chests and played
      not for a big wage to buy a new car for their wags but because they loved the club and most of them ended up cripples like our fellow scouse fella tommy smith,why not bring in some local youth who have a passion and desire
      to wear the famous shirt? Adam,Carroll and Henderson are crap and play like big girls,i love king kenny but i hate
      bulls….s and kenny is starting to spout crap and to defend these players who are not good enough is not on!
      dont take us loyal fans for mugs kenny admit your mistakes
      get shut of the crap and buy real liverpool players,and if the owners dont trust you with more dough,which i would totally understand,bring in the kids who would show
      a lot more bottle than the prima donna imposters you have playing at the moment,the balls in your court king!

  6. I hate to say it but the comment from the obvious manc scum above “joannasman” (sad that your whole identity is based on your girlfriend)is spot on. Get behind the team haters. Dalglish is a legend. I keep hearing he doesn’t understand the “modern game”. What a load. Dalglish has been around football his whole life. Just because he hasn’t managed a first team in a while doesn’t mean he’s been in a cabin in Scotland eating haggis and tending sheep for the last 10 years.

  7. Points
    kenny(with 100million) v Roy v Rafa
    Henderson on the right how many matches?? You even know he is a central player.
    Maxi a fox in the box. How many games did he play and we having a problem of converting.
    Charlie Adam has not been worth to start every game until recent.

    35 mill Carroll? Was not worth it. How long have we been calling for shelvey to start? Sterling and suso?? There i see we agree how long shall we take. I know there is a buy young policy but we have good enough in the academy but he is so hard trying to prove his new players instead of giving them a hard time to fight for there place. But we are left crying for maxi suso shelvey.

    Why change a winning team?

    Kk is a legend but no one is bigger than the club. We fired Roy who had not had 100million and Rafa too. Kk is immune to all that because he rocked the 80s. Comolli is part to blame they should respect fans too we wanted Mata we got ……. Every one wanted a strikers in January what did we get?

    Were better than chelsea and arsenal when season started but were are they and we. Aquiliani and merelies? They should have never left even if they wanted to so did luka modric.

    We love kenny but he is sending Liverpool down close to championship than UEFA. NO MORE BRITISH PLAYERS PLEASE. And i here that if we are likely not to buy next season with the current club we will be mediocre club. I thank him for the cc maybe f.a but we miss Europe nights the current ‘favoured’ players most of them are not for Europe.

    Lets be fare not historical that’s why we need the league

    1. spot on. Excuses, excuses. Watch Chelsea now get back to top 4. Truth is, we have now won 2 out of the last 10 games and any manager should consider his position.
      Give Kenny time? For what? it has been a disaster. He wasted the best opportunity to get back to top 4 in a long time.

      And yes, Rafa was expected to deliver top 4 as a minimum managing a club which was virtually bankrupt and about to be repossessed by RBS. Constantly quizzed by the press who could not wait for an English manager to be appointed.
      The media are a bunch of xenophobes and some of you bought that. Rafa out. Beware what you wish for springs to mind.

    2. Yes we sacked Rafa for one bad season and it worked wonders… Two seasons later and we are still a mess. Do want us to fire Kenny and send us back in turmoil? At least Kenny has a long term plan and it would be most unwise to panic now and f…k everything up by changing personnel and everything.
      I’m not happy about this season but if the team needs one (very very) bad season to come together then so be it. We are not City, Chelsea or other wannabe clubs. We are Liverpool and why we are so special is because we have patience and believe in each other. If next season goes down the same pin as this one then I’m sure FSG are more than capable replacing the current regime in an honest and respectable way.
      We the fans should not be attacking our club from the inside. We have enough enemies outside as it is. Unite behind our team and manager. What else can we do? We won’t gain anything by arguing with each other.

    3. One big flaw in your point erin kenny is scotish (scotland
      which last time i checked is a country so we dont have a english manager,god we got some tools supporting us.

  8. It’s apologists like yourselves that allow mediocrity to be excused. They don’t excuse it at Chelsea and previously 7th place was enough to get Rafa the sack. We hadn’t seen Aquilani at his best (he was brilliant the last few games of that season), we still had Torres etc, and the owners were being edged out. But 7th place was completely unacceptable for a club of Liverpool’s stature. But then again, Rafa was never a legend player for the club, he didn’t make consistently defensive interviews, shouldering the blame himself and so he can be axed for a season of failure.

    1. Rafa was sacked by the yanks and the media. Ask any informed fan what they thought and they would’ve said the season was a one-off after years of under-investment in the squad. Any sane person could see that and would’ve given him more time, with new owners and even a fraction of what Roy and Kenny have had to spend.

      Roy was sacked because the football we played under him was the worst I’ve seen us play, ever. If we won it’d be by a single goal and if we lost then it’d be by 2 or 3.

      We’re not even at the end of the season yet, so don’t start making those comparisons. We’ve already won a cup, we could win another and we could move up the table and we will – if we play as we did against QPR until the end of the season. Something has to go very wrong for us to go any further down the table so it’s not being an apologist, it’s being realistic and looking at the big picture.

      1. No I don’t support Chelsea, the reason being I’ve only supported one club in my life and that’s Liverpool. However I am an avid football fan and so I follow the goings-on of all the top teams in Europe and further afar, so when I compare one top team with another, don’t take offence. Being a Liverpool fan means I support the team when they win and when they lose, I sing YNWA whatever may come. It does not however make me blind nor stupid. If you put a pig in a Liverpool shirt, I will support that pig in every game and defend that pig from rival fans abuse. But if you ask me what it is, I will tell you its a pig.

    2. i’m solidly behing you jay.i’m asking kenny what happen to our wining team? please let this advice go straight to kennys desk.don’t weast time believing in the players who dosen’t believe in themselfs.pick the wining team.go to academy and pick serious players probably goal getter.and please don’t send us to relegation. you’ll Never walk alone.

  9. Spot on.

    To a large part, it’s the fickle youth of today, and I say that as a 27 year old. Yes, league form has been a bit disappointing and there’s no way we should’ve conceded 3 goals in the last 15 minutes…but it’s not like we’re constantly doing that is it? If it was happening week-in week-out, then yes, there’s a problem but playing excellently for 75/80 minutes and controlling the game to the point of being 2-0 up will result in a win 99 times out of 100. Last night was that 1 time and managers don’t get sacked for that – Liverpool managers at least.

  10. blah blah blah, was at the game last night was the same old it’s been all season smash them at the start for 20 minutes(don’t score). they have their little bit till half time. Come out second half smash them over the place again. Then some dodgy defending from set pieces costs us. Season is over for the league lets see about f.a cup, If we win that anyone who says thats a bad season doesnt know fu ck all about football and is a massive bell end.

      1. Raul wanted to move mate,the italian was homesick and last but not least Shelvey is just not good enough ok?

        1. shelvey is better than slow elephants Adam and Carroll. I also rate him high than hendo cause he is not afraid to get into the box.

          Please you happy with being mediocre team no excuses. Kenny is likely to ship out maxi kuyt maybe shely so his cows have competitions

  11. I had high hopes for Kenny, but this has been a terrible season even if we win the fa cup.He sold our PFA player of the year last year Raul,loaned out Aquillani again after he had a great pre season both players are much better than Adam,Hendo.
    Why is Shelvey not playing when he is a far superior player than those two.
    Why is Maxi not playing when he has done so much when given a chance.
    After all the money we spent look where we are, how much did Newcastle or Swansea spend and look where they are.
    What is it going to take for you guys to see how bad we are doing.
    If Rafa was given that budget to buy players we would be putting in a title fight never mind a top 4 finish.
    Kenny is and always will be a legend but come on can we really trust Kenny with more funds.

    1. Clearly you attribute too much importance to Kenny in the transfer policy. Comolli shares as much or if not more of the responsibility.

      Aquilani will always be a crock that can’t manage a full Prem season. Meireles obviously wanted to pair up with Villas Boas. Poulsen and Konchesky have also gone by the way – I take it you think that was a good decision? So, looking at it, if you hasn’t noticed, the 28-32 year old players were replaced with 20-25 year olds. That’s thinking longer than one season.

      If we were playing shite and loosing I’d be worried (as I was under Roy) but come on, we’re not playing shit are we. We’re playing some great football and I’ll give Kenny at least another season, probably two, to sort out the mistakes.

      “terrible season even if we win the fa cup”?
      You’ve got to be kidding me…
      Two trophies and not only are you ‘not happy’ but it’s a ‘terrible season’. Come the fuck on.

      1. how old is downing? Yea younger players we wanted mata?????? Damn young expensive british cows

      2. Meireles had a clause in contract that said it was to be renegotiated at the end of the season and he would be put on much higher wages…one would think he earned it? What makes you think he wanted to link up with AVB? Because he’s portguese? That sort of logic is what keeps The Sun selling papers. Aquilani will always be a crock, he’s about to activate the clause in his loan deal that he’s played enough games for Milan to leave us for Scudettos and Champions League football. But then again we sold him because Gerrard has always and will always manage full Premier League seasons for us right?

  12. i reserve the right to oponion i love liverpool the same way you do but its wrong when we critise kk but not to say anything bad towards i truly respect kk for his love of liverpool is unquestionable. I just want to face reality which to me looks bad maybe i am wrong or you are let time tell.

  13. I am not going crazy after 1 result, although this was a crazy result. The problem is, we have had lots of crazy results lately and the blame lies squarely on Kenny’s shoulders. We have now won 2 out of the last 10 games and that is rubbish. Sorry, you can dress it any which way you want but it is a total failure. Any other club would have considered the managers position. Not our King though. He has plenty of ex players who still play golf with him and wont criticise the great man. Shouldnt Liverpool expect more?

    As for the Carling Cup….is a mikey mouse competition treated with contempt by most teams in the top 4.

    You say, ”top 4 was never realistic.” Oh yes it was. Chelsea have had the worse season post Roman. Arsenal has been simply rubbish. Top 4 was a definite this season.

    Whilst the style of play has changed and is more exciting, we cant score. Goals win games.
    Which brings me to our transfer policy and Carrol. We all stayed silent when liverpool switched to the British beef transfer policy. Hands up who thought Carrol was worth 35 million? Hands up who though Downing was the 20 million pounds player?

    The simple truth is Kenny was out of the football world for a long time and out of touch with the transfer market.
    We have now wasted a golden opportunity to get back to the top 4 and above. There are those who think we will get it right in the summer. Guess what? No more 100 million plus to spend on players. It was wasted last time around.

    This season has been an absolute disaster, Kenny has to move upstairs and save his dignity.

    1. “Rubbish”, “total failure”, “considered the manager’s position”…

      You didn’t read the article did you. Read it. YOU are exactly the type of person it’s intended for.

      If you don’t chance you mind, kindly go support Chelsea. They’re happy to “consider the manager’s position” half way through the season like you want.

      1. The article also says, ”lower expectations.” Since when did we become Everton? Expectations have always been high at this club.
        I am not impatient, but with players Kenny brought in, we are further behind the top 4 and only a few points ahead of Swansea. Last time i checked, Liverpool is a global club. That map changes fast, If we keep making excuses for failure and rewarding it we will end up badly.

        That is my fear. I have a different opinion to yours but that does not make me a Chelsea fan.

        1. Who said anything about Everton? You can’t just draw a comparison like that without any link?

          I’m not looking at the league table on one day in the year and saying “look, we’re 2 points ahead of so-and-so so the manager should be considering his position”. That might be how Chelsea work, but not us, and it’s not how football should work either.

          I respect that we can disagree, but I feel that you’re severely blinkered in your view of the current state of the club. We’ve just won a cup, we might win another, we’ve recently changed a large number of players, backroom staff and ownership. That’s not to say we ignore league form, but we can add a degree of realism to the situation and not talk about sacking Kenny after a couple of unlucky defeats or bad performances.

          1. Well said that Richard. In today’s PL world with City, Spurs and Newscastle having improved the way they have, you don’t go from 7th to 4th or 2nd in the blink on an eye. Most of us did hope that it would happen but shouldn’t be utterly heartbroken if we don’t. Second to seventh might take a season or half a season but it’s difficult to ride up.

  14. May be you’re a bit wrong with your nostalgia.Kenny is a good man manager but not a modern day tactician. He made many mistakes to make me feel that
    1- He’s a British biased
    2- He never reacts before the 70th min
    3- He tends to sacrifice points for the sake of his ego under the pretense of rebuilding a team.My point is the elders(Maxi/Bellers,KUYT and former Meireles etc)are way better than their counterparts the “CHAD” players.The latter should come off the bench only and and never be regular starters when the elders who are proven internationals by the way are available

    As for the attractiveness of the club,let me remind you that LLorente’s price tag was and is is less than Carroll’s!?

    Actually the whole Bilbao team that thrashed Manure twice was assembled with less £18.5 m i.e. less than one Downing’s fee half a carroll’s and slightly more than a Hendo’s. Something is wrong here. I’d swap easily the CHAD players for the likes of Iker Muniain,Javi Martinez and Fernando Llorente.

    Moreover,on a delirious note, if it were up to me I’d buy the whole Bilbao team including their manager,then I’ll mix it with some players of ours (Stevie, Suarez, Agger, Skrtel Reina etc.)and of course the first passing by random walker near Anfield bar the CHAD players and I’m sure I’ll end up with an “English Barca” we all crave and very well tailored for the EPL.

    However,on a serious note I think KD can stay for the rebuilding process but only if we bring in a strong willed deputy manager from the continent,someone who knows more about the modern day Football.That’s the only remedy we can all agree with. A departing KD will cause a mess,staying still like we are at the very moment is unwise.

    So let’s cut the losses, sell some players that are clearly not up to the task and go get some continental players with more creativity and flair …ah and with less discipline please.

    1. please for the sake of bringing back the glory of this great club,no more british players.go to spain and others and look for quality players.moreover.pepe reina should go.carrah should resign and join coaching crew.then we rebuild from there.

  15. “Keen and clarke are 2nd tier level coaches, until this changes we will not progress. We dont even have a man on each post when defending corners or free kicks. Unbelievable, it’s like we’re playing under no instruction whatsoever other than just enjoy or do your best.”

  16. Ha ha, rafa fans make me laugh, the truth is he was sh**-scared of ferguson and mourinho wasnt. Simple, accept it and move on.

  17. It will take hell of the player to improve this team he said. No summer signings he said. He is deluded just like lots of you mate. If u think that this team will b any good next season than u can keep dreaming mate. Just why do u think that anybody who criticises him for getting things wrong is WRONG. just cos he’s a legend we can’t criticise him or what. Just how many big teams have appointed their legends as manager and stick by them when the team is doing badly in the league. And While lots of u r into this”we have to stick by him cos he’s a legend” thing the team we all hate might win their 20title this season. With Caroll,Adam,Spearing,Downing,Hendreson in the team expect the same next year as well. Or we might win the CC again so league don’t matter cos For every team in the country their aim is to win CC at the beginning of the season.

  18. Kenny’s not fit to hold the position.

    1)He’s consistently played below par player at the expense of better and more experienced players throughout the season. In short, he doesn’t know his best team and it has cost us dearly.

    2)His constant tinkering with formation is costing us dearly. I totally lost respect for the man after the Bolton away defeat where he forced the team to play an unprecedented 3-2-3-2 formation but instead of taking responsibility for the failed experiment he slayed the players publicly.

    3) He never have a plan B, nor does he have the ability to read the game and change it from the bench. A player, often Henderson and Downing, can be totally non-existant for 75 minutes before he chose to take off Kuijt or Maxi (not that the latter gets too many games).

    4) He’s a total disaster in the transfer market. You lot say Henderson is for the future. NEWSFUCKINGFLASH!!!! WE NEED CL FOOTY NOW OR WE’LL CEMENT OUR STATUS AS A MID-TABLE CLUB.

    You can berate me or any other fan that’s critical of Kenny but the fact of the matter is you’re just nostalgical and romantic. He did wonders for this club some 25 years ago but given another season he’ll permanent us as a club finishing 8-10. The new Spurs or Villa if you like.

    I’ve supported this club for over 30 years and I know he won’t get us any closer next season. He’s a great man, just not a great manager. Mind the difference please.

    1. Anyone who’s so closed-minded and clearly convinced of their own ability and opinion and labels all others in the same vein isn’t someone who’s going to be open to debate…but here goes…

      I don’t think he should be sacked, and it’s not for any degree of nostalgia – I wasn’t around to see Kenny play or manage us. What I can see is a team has undergone a great deal of change and that is inconsistent – we’re playing some fantastic football, mixed with some poor stuff. I’m willing to see which way that goes and if it takes another season then so be it.

      Disclaimer: If we continue to fall down the table (i.e finish lower than 7th) between now and the end of the season and don’t win the FA then that would make me consider Kenny’s position but only at the end of the year.

    2. “You can berate me or any other fan that’s critical of Kenny”

      And therein lies the difference between “fans” and “supporters”. Fans are fickle. Supporters support their side through thick and thin.

      1. Really….Im Sure you supported Hodgson through thick and thin..
        Look, We have a right to be frustrated, Daglish, for all his past glory, doesn’t seem to be able to the what needs to be done. He is trying to cement players in the team that just do not fit. Carroll, Adam Hendo and Downing, 100m and i can honestly say that we are not a better team than we were last year. If Hodgson had of made these acquisitions, he would have been taken in to the street and publicly hanged.
        I’ll give Kenny another year, but if see 1 more mediocre British shite on his transfer agenda, then all hope will be lost and i will do everything in my power to get rid.. Sick to death of watching this glorious club go further and further into the wasteland. And, unfortunately, Kenny seems to be hindering our progress, not helping. If he gets over his Buy British BS, then he has my support 110%. Till then, i have a right to remain sceptical.

  19. This is Deluded. Kenny made us dream?? What you seem to forget is that we are liverpool, we dont dream about winning, WE WIN! We have the poorest squad in ive seen in my time watching football. Yes kenny is a legend and has done alot for the club over the years but his management skills are stuck between his 80s days and tying to be tactical modern day manager. Fact is it doesnt work. 2 wins in 10 games doesnt cut it! Not for utd, not for city, not for wolves and not for liverpool. There are only 2 teams in the lge that have drawn more games then us, villa and wigan! Look how we’ve gone downhill since christmas, we needed a striker and right winger but we didnt do anything about this in jan. Roy got sacked for having no money to improve the squad, yet we spend 100 mil and go backwards. Rafa left/got the sack because he sounded out players to buy but couldnt (silva, dani alves, mata to name a few). Kennys policy of british and commoli’s policy of buying loads of midfielders (as the same as spurs). A 5 man midfield againt a team in the bottom 3? Your havin a laugh. 5 defenders on at home to stoke? Come on folks we deserve far more then this. Yes i love kenny as much as the next and i know he loves the club, but his love for the club is ultumately bringing us down. Points dont lie

  20. cant believe it support a man winning 2 games in ten matches. Reply below with a rebuilt excuse my education you dont rebuilt by destroying. Look at arsenal were they started. You kk faithfull make me sick kk if he wins evry league match left i am no longer conviced those assitant coaches what are they paid for????? Crazy kk supporters

    1. An I bet if you supported arsenal you would have got rid of wenger a month ago, look at arsenal now. Get real

    2. Supporters supporting the club and the manager make you sick? Clearly we’re the crazy ones…

      Only won 2 games in ten matches. Yup, not great but how about looking before that and seeing that we only lost ONE game in the FOURTEEN games before that including matches with Chelsea, Man U and Man City.

      Btw, if we went on a 9-game winning run between now and the end of the season I guarantee that you would be alone in calling for Kenny’s head. I can only believe a wum or a scum would be so dismissive.

  21. Great article. I just don’t understand some of the comments that you ‘liverpool fans’ have said. Look and listen to the player that we worship. Suarez could possibly get into any team in Europe, but no, he can see it like the minority (unfortunately) of us can. Liverpool are on the rise. Last night was a poor result but a good performance, and havnt we said that before. Something just hasn’t clicked yet, but i think it will. Kenny has formed the base of his team, a couple of flair/creative players bought in summer to come into the squad will be that extra spark that we need. Stay positive, believe in Kenny, believe in the squad and back Liverpool all the way, we’re in it together.

  22. The league and the champions league are what liverpool should be aiming to win or at least challenge in.
    The Carling cup and Fa cup should be used to give our up and coming players a chance.
    The money spent should have guaranteed 4th end of.
    Why spend 2o mill on Hendo when we have a far better player in jonjo who will probably end up leaving because Kenny is blind.
    Carroll was a joke of a signing city bought Aguero for around the same price we signed Torres for around 20 mill.
    We have some great youth players thanks to Rafa we needed players who could come in and do a job straight away not down the road.
    Can any of you loyal Kenny fans honestly tell me if it wasn’t Kenny that you would still have there back.
    It will be a disaster if Kenny and Comoli get another transfer kitty.

  23. I agree that it’s better under Kenny than it was under Hodgson but it’s still not good enough is it? Kenny is one of my favourite people of all time but I have to be honest, he’s paid very high prices for some really poor players and isn’t tactically astute. He was the only man for the job and he’s picked us up off the floor, no doubt about it. He should move aside now though and consider it a job well done. Get Rafa back now, just three years ago we were running all over Real Madrid…….Rafa will get us back there

  24. Although it is not easy to play the same formation most of the time, I am convined it is extremely important to stick to a winning team and a winning formation. Arsenal have improved because they have been playing a consistent 11 most of the time…I believe 4 4 2 is the best formation for Liverpool and the one that brought good results this season. It is also worth mentioning that Reina is not at his best and maybe it is worth giving him a rest for a couple of games.

  25. sorry but i do blame kenny. who else is there to blame…
    we needed some quick results. this could be our 3rd year without european football. future idea is great but a quick result for fans would’ve been nice or in fact a better one. he can still buy future prospects while buying players that we need right now i believe…or its just me

  26. love rafa and the king but both as stubborn as each other. rafa tried to get gareth barry to replace xabi alonso. his substitutions were always too late in the game and if he had played crouch earlier, we would now have 6 european cups. king kenny also makes poor substitutions,timing wise. he also uses this awful lone striker tactic. he must revise his transfer policy. toon fans are giving me constant grief at the moment, saying how kenny ruined a talented side there, although he has improved our mentality somewhat,i can see a slight mirror image to what he did there. dirk should be playing more, instead he is being cast aside. rafa and king kenny will always be iconic legends, but perfect they are not.

  27. i know that kenny is a king but we should get one thing that also ” maradona still the king of argentina and what he did in the last world cup ” to be a king is something as a player & to be prove that you really deserve to keep this title ” king ” as a manager is different i respect him so much but in almost 18 month… its gr8 effort that we had the carling but we had it so hard ???? so now we lost the champion leagu… and we have poor games what shall we wait ????

    1. Tom the red. Is that your solution to everything? Get rid of pepe, you short sighted twat one player will fix everything will it? Plastic twat

  28. pepe is great. true, he in my opinion, has been partially to blame for a few goals this season, however, he is a brilliant keeper. i would rather him than de gea or any other prem competition.

  29. ON THE OTHER HAND, we all have to remember that Liverpool were starting to go down under benitez and we were rock bottom with hodgson just last year, surely we weren’t going to win the title! Times like these in recovering were inevitable; we were doomed to have results like these. Sure, I am hugely frustrated on our last few results and I do get annoyed at Dalgish’s decisions immensely but what is criticise him going to do? In times like these negativity is the LAST thing you want and we must be the fans we are meant to be, passionate, dedicated, respectful and most importantly patient; towards our players, managers, and club. Personally I think Liverpool is going to be in mid table for 3-4 seasons until we slowly build up to 4th spot and eventually aim for the title in?!!?…10 years maybe. I know its a long procces, but patience is key. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and so wasn’t the current Barcelona team. BTW can any body even think that Juventus; currently only 4 points off top spot in Serie A were in Serie B 5 years ago…YNWA

  30. I think you have to look at the bigger picture,yes pepe
    has made mistakes and yes he does seem to let goals in through his legs,and yes is a bit of a fairy coming for crosses,he is human and like us all we too make mistakes,
    would i swap him for another keeper no way!pepe will save
    us more games over a season,i think the defence needs to be adressed poor at challenging for crosses and set pieces
    not taking responsibility in marking,and tackling forwards
    running towards goal is pretty weak to say the least,i dont think we have replaced big sami and carra is almost finished and is way too slow these days but i wont start
    giving him loads as he as sweated loads and put his body on the line for many a blue moon,the king really needs to start bringing the young ones through now and with a good
    goal scorer we will start getting results,come on you mighty reds!

  31. How could a team called LIVERPOOL be anchored
    7th in the League table. Never in the last 50 years ! Chi Bai lu.

  32. Kenny should wake up. Why play with a clogged midfield against a team that is not attacking you at all? Why continue with a back four when you have pinned your opponents in their own half for 70 mins of the game and fail to score. QPR only got 15 mins and scored 3. Problem is we are playing too slow and we are not attacking our opponents enough. We do not scare anybody when we are attacking and the opponents always have enough time to re-organise becaude we are slow.

  33. Liverpool will not finish 7th, we will be higher!!!, stop the flapping as we could win 2 trophies this season. Next season will see the best of our players, but we have 9 games to play still, 27pts, things can turn with 2 wins on the spin???.

    Kenny is doing a decent job and he will hope for a better mental attitude from the lads. Our defence has been good but REINA is having a second bad season. He gets away with murder when he should be under pressure, the football is very good but we know we need a finisher!!!

  34. what plan does kenny have which has failed to yield fruit let alone show signs of fruit bearing? we say were are building, building what, when the materials we have in form of youngsters like Coady, Coates, and Sterling are being ignored? I wont be surprised if we draw at wigan loose against swansea and nowrwich. I believe in liverpool but have no faith in dalglish’s managerial abilities.

  35. Good article. The only ones slating Kenny are 15 and 16 year olds from in front of computer screens in indonesia and malaysia. Kenny is the man is restore the clubs dignity and principles. The progress made this year is exactly that, progress. It’s concrete progress and there for all to see. It’s almost embarrassing to have to listen to the cries of Kenny Out from so-called Liverpool fans. The board didn’t appoint Kenny, the supporters did. He is the fans choice and he is for a reason and that is that he is undeniably the man to take the club forward. I hope every single ‘fan’ who takes the time out of their day to castigate Kenny after every poor result remembers to take the time to come back when we’re winning to apologise and tell the world how little they know about the sport of football and assure us all that they will be keeping their destructive opinions to themselves in future.

    1. Kaushal, another spot-on article. Get behind the team and manager, at the very least till the end of the season. Fair enough, all of us had higher expectations but there is no need for hostilities towards KK. What are the chances that a new manager can lead us to a 9-game winning run?
      Kevin, there’s no need to take a swipe at Indonesian and Malaysian fans. Liverpool is a global club. Last summer when the team was meeting fans in a mall in Malaysia, fans were chanting ‘Raul must stay’-

  36. you wanna no why ? ok il tell u look at the money he has wasted…. tell me truthfully do u really think the players he signed will ever make there money back ? apart from enrique.

  37. look i dont mean to sound like a winge … kenny has done so much for us and will always be the king of LFC but we should of gone forward gettin kenny was good to make us stable again but now we need someone to take us forward coz this england team hes tryin to build just wont work.

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