How did Phil Thompson react to last night’s defeat? [video]

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If you were gutted about last night’s defeat well you are not alone, together with the millions of you Liverpool legend Phil Thompson’s reaction says it all, YNWA.


  1. I feel the same. I’ve never seen a Liverpool team drop 3 goals that quickly to any team much less one as shite as QPR.

  2. Shameful. Unacceptable. Whats most disturbing is that performances like that have become the norm. 2 cups doesn’t make up for how dreadfully poor we have been in the league – although i wouldn’t put too much hope in us winning the FA Cup on this form.

    Since beginning of the year:

    6 losses (QPR, Sunderland, Bolton, Scum, City and Arsenal),
    2 wins (Wolves and Everton)
    2 draws (Spurs & Stoke)

    In 30 years i can’t remember a run that bad – we’ve lost to the best and the worst.

    Simply awful.

  3. you can slag us off all you like you lot probs wernt even at the game yet you can keep running your mouth if we are so shite what must your team be to even concede to us

    1. Tom got stood up by pepe and has been very angry since. Pepe was supposed to meet tom and sign his jersey. Unfortunately for tom this was only in his very small mind and not in the real world. Tom is also angry at action man and buzz lightyear for not coming to his birthday.

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