The Daily LFC: 23rd March 2012 – Liverpool F.C. News update

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Pepe Reina talks about the suffering children of Niger more…
(And they dared call him a racist)

Robbie Savage believes that Kenny will not win us the title more…
(And I believe that Robbie is a savage) 

Roberto Martinez calls Gerrard “Unique” more…
(Yes he is but talk about your players not ours)

The young Reds will face Marseille in the NextGen 3rd place play off game more…
(Good luck)

Rafa says he is in no hurry to return to coaching more…
(Take your time Rafa) 

Blatter has warned that match-fixing is a ‘scourge’ more…
(Bla bla blatter) 

Real Madrid are building a holiday resort more…
(They are going to generate a lot of money)  

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  1. woah, whats wrong with other managers praising our players?! afterall… IT’S STEVE GERRARD GERRARD!

  2. Robbie Savage is right. I like the guy and what he has done for Liverpool is secure in legend. But LFC is nowhere near looking like a candidate for the EPL. Cold hard evidence of tactical nous is absent, incisiveness in player purchases non-existent, and ability to handle the PR side of the job woeful (his handling of the Saurez mess was embarrassing). The team’s performance is so inconsistent this season to the point of being maddening. It’s all down to him because he trains the players, he selects the team and he organises the tactics. It aint working. After all that money spent, we’re still over-reliant on an ageing Gerrard. Simply aint good enough and if it was any other person than Daglish, he would have been sacked ages ago. John Henry should do us all a favour and apply the same selection policy to the manager’s position as they’ve done for players. Hire AVB!

  3. Aqua is moving to Milan for 6m, this is one of bad business made by the club, if we signed Downing instead of him in the same year we signed him, would have cost us only 12m (the cost Villa signed Downing from relegated Boro), that would have saved us 8m.

    Aqua: 20m-6m = 14m loss
    Downing: 20m-12m = 8m loss

    Total: 22m loss in Aqua-Downing business made by the club.

  4. Scousedude – spot on arguments pal!!!

    Jevon – delusional??? Wtf? You clearly following another LFC in an alternative universe.

  5. Has anyone seen that Raheem sterlings mum wants to move back to London !!! This is scary, he is our best player in the reserves
    By miles. He needs a first team chance!!!!

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