Redmen TV : Liverpool 1-2 Wigan: Sterling Debuts But Reds Lose Again… Uncensored Fan Reactions

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A shambolic Liverpool performance saw the Reds lose 2-1 to Wigan at Anfield in the Saturday 3pm kickoff. Despite Suarez cancelling out a first half Moloney pen, a lacklustre Liverpool were made to pay when Caldwell slotted home through Reina’s legs from six yards. With youngster Raheem Sterling’s debut one of the rare high points, The Redmen TV bring you match analysis and the Uncensored Reactions of Liverpool fans from around the world…


  1. carroll is a lump, got to go…a lot of the games where we lost points i think has a lot to do with trying to accomodate him, he shows no real spirit and has the first touch of a donkey with parkinsons disease. adam in the same class. id like to see kenny given another year, but not let at the war chest again. we need two defenders for when aggers out as carra cant cut it at full back anymore. suarez up front with a midfielder directly behind him would be better than him and the donkey. maybe jonjo. not joe cole anyway! downing is improving, spearing is stepping up, henderson deserves another year to knut up. enrique is one of the only good buys even if he does slip up on the defensive side a bit, carroll and adam GOOD BYES…raheem looked impressive, he should get a start or two befroe the season ends – WE HAVENT GOT THAT MUCH TO LOOSE!!!!

    1. Well said !!!…………..I agree with 90% of that, maybe give them all one more season and integrate some of the top youngsters too, glass half full for me!!!!

  2. Adam, Lucas, Kelly, Johnson, Agger, Bellamy and Aurelio have been injured, we had to blood some of the kids and they did well. I hope we play more of them in the remaining League games, they played better than some senior players!!!

    We need to rest some players for the FA Cup as injuries are mounting-up, It will benefit the club longterm to get the kids in now ready for next season!!!

    1. The above knee-jerk reaction makes me sick. Rafa lost 14 premiership games in his first season and went on to manage the club for 6 years. Yet some trolls want Kenny out after 14 months. Rafa inherited a top 4 side from houllier, Kenny inherited a bottom 5 team from hodgson. Give Kenny time, scrap the director of football role, get in coaches of Ayesteran or promote the spanish coaches running the youth team, scrap the ‘moneyball’ stats theory.

  3. mmmmmmm, could write a lot on the subject but won’t. Suffice to say I am sick of being reminded: ‘Oh you’re in Europe this season then – playing Swansea in Wales!’ That hurts. That is what sums it up for me, a lifetime supporter back to the early 60s. Once again this season we have high hopes but are not good enough to string results together, we are not consistent enough to challenge in the premiership while other clubs around us ARE improving. Quoting injuries is not a good enough excuse for me I’m afraid. We are far from the side that finished runners-up to Mancs in the same season that we beat them twice, have got rid of three world class players in the period since then and not replaced them with the world class players we need to challenge for the title – yes the title, not a cup, not fourth spot to qualify, Liverpool fans want to win the title! Want to say so much more…………

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