The Daily LFC: 25th March 2012 – Liverpool F.C. News update

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Bad result yesterday more…

Kenny blames tiredness more…
(I think you are being too nice to the players Kenny) 

According to the Daily Mail Dalglish told Sterling to “Stop Moaning” more…
(Must be true, it is that bastion of truth called The Daily Mail)

The young Reds finished 3rd in the NextGen series more…

While the rest of them lost to WBA more…
(Who played?) 

Adam “Plenty to play for” more…

However he could miss the end of the season more…
(Guess there might not be plenty to play for then :-( )

Fowler would like to play football again more…
(Good luck) 

The Bolton chairman tells Muamba that he will be a Bolton player as long as he like more…
(Nice touch) 

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  1. We have imprecated injuries, bad luck and now fixture congestion. We are seriously out of excuses. We knew the symptoms but did nothing to correct the issues in the January window. We are frankly hovering just around the average team mark! Embarassing!

  2. Will be interested in knowing your opinion Antoine.
    Do you think Kenny should go in the summer?
    I think one more season for him is justified.
    It’s true the results are not speaking for us,, buy the football has generally been good!

      1. I agree!!!
        The only doubt in my mind is that it’s too much of a coincidence that Charlie Adam, Stewart Downing, Luis Suarez and Andy Carroll – Excellent players at their old club, Suddenly are finding it very tough to play football and score goals! I hope it’s a thing of understanding within the team and nothing else!

  3. I fear that Kenny is taking all the problems onto himself just like he did after Hillsborough. There doesnt seem to be any collective responsibility at the club, keen, clarke and comoli are weak men and i have to say gerrard/carra are not taking on the burden. When suarez waved that imaginary yellow card against stoke, gerrard should have told him in no uncertain terms -‘we are Liverpool, we dont do those sort of things’.
    Kenny doesnt have leaders of old like Hansen, whelan or mcmahon, competitors like Aldo or Grobb. Previous management/owners ripped the soul out of the club a long time ago, decades have elapsed.

  4. LFC lost it soul after KK resigned as manager long time ago. The way we were play and big club mentality are gone. That’s why our performance in recent years is so topsy-turvy. GH and RB, bring their own style while managing LFC, that’s why when the managers change, there is no continuity, unlike bootroom boys era. So, I think KK assigned by DC and FSG to restore back the successfull-proven old value. KK role will be similar to Shankly 1st time assigment, so it will be not easy, and perhaps it will take time. I hope our fans patient enough, and not pushing the owner to do what chelsea do to their managers.

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