It is not the end of the world

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Our league form has been tough and tiresome so far this season, and I can only anticipating a long and drawn out conclusion to what has already been a difficult campaign. The boo’s which rang around Anfield at the final whistle on Saturday highlighted the fans’ growing frustrations, however I certainly won’t be one of many Reds fans already jumping ship.

Our recent defeats to relegation threatened QPR and Wigan have been hard to swallow, obviously, but I’ve chosen to see the positive side to our dwindling form.

When Kenny Dalglish took over the reigns, once again, of this great Club in January 2011, and then signed a permanent deal at the end of last season, he had one objective: to get the side back on its feet. He had to look to the future and do what was best for this Football Club. I have no doubt in my mind that he’s doing exactly that.

Up until a couple of weeks ago, we had something to play for in the league – fourth spot. A few bad results here and there and we’ve since slipped completely out of the running. It was to be expected, Dalglish has a 3-year plan for this Club, it’s not going to happen over the course of 6 months.

So with a Europa League spot already sealed through our Carling Cup success, finishing anywhere between 5th and 17th is virtually the same thing.

Therefore Dalglish, who is always looking towards the future, has opted to implement a youth strategy which was highlighted through his team selection on Saturday. While Jordan Henderson, Sebastian Coates, Martin Kelly and Jon Flanagan (all still under 21) were given prominent roles in the first team, 17-year-old Raheem Sterling became the 3rd youngest Liverpool player of all time when he came off the bench. He was joined by other youth prospects Jonjo Shelvey and Nathan Ecclestone.

To add to this, several reports surrounding the Club claim that fellow 17-year-old striker Adam Morgan and 18-year-old midfielder’s Conor Coady and Suso are set to make their first team debuts in coming league fixtures.

That’s why although the last few games may be tough – we must stick by Kenny Dalglish and his decisions. He’s looking for the next Steven Gerrard, the next Robbie Fowler, the next Jamie Carragher, and he needs our patience to do so.

Kenny Dalglish has, and forever will, have the best intentions of the Liverpool Football Club in his heart. Whatever decisions he makes, we have to trust. We have to throw our support behind him, and behind the youngsters who are likely to come into this side over the next couple of months.

We must never let any of these young kids walk alone.



  1. Nice to see someone with a sense of perspective! Great article. [from someone who witnessed most of lfc’s achievements in the seventies and eighties]

  2. Don’t agree with u!
    Kenny Dalglish is destroying the team#FACT.
    Praying God that he leave,for another job at the club!
    K.D stays=No CL next season!

  3. What nonsense! You base your whole article on the incorrect premise about his objective. At the beginning of this season Dalglish had one objective – finish 4th.
    He has failed miserably and has got to go.

  4. well we were in trouble as soon as we wasted loads of cash on Downing and Carrol.
    but if you look at top 4 club player calibres vs lvp players , we still far behind ,
    how many off players can start in a top 4 team,gerrard and reina ,suarez , 3 out 11

  5. Delusional … we are 3 points worse off than we were this time last season. I wonder were you as quick to defend woy last year??? We are LFC we dont do europa league we should be in the champions league. We should be hammering the qpr and wigans of the pl!!! YNWA! kenny is a lagend but we need a new modern manager!!!

  6. Thanks guys for putting me straight. Being a lifelong red, these last few years have been the toughest I can remember.However, on reflection, we have a fantastic future ahead. Kenny will get it right. 3 years or five years, doesn’t really matter. What we as fans need to remember is that Kenny never ever let us down on or off the pitch and we shouldn’t let him down now by booing the team. WE ARE LIVERPOOL and OUR kids should and never will walk alone.

    1. He did once walk out on us in the middle of the season right?!! And since then we never recovered. So I can never trust what he is doing.

    2. what a pathetic statement. how long have you supported/followed the club?? do you know why he left?? do some research,which is easily found, then hopefully hang your head in shame. you slate the man for doing that when you have no knowledge of any facts or details, pricks like you make me embarrassed. by the way i have been a supporter for 40 years and know my history.

      1. just to show that i’m not a half arsed supporter who just spouts ill informed, un-checked crap,read from newspapers or digested form media pundits who also don’t check their information correctly. i have intently followed lfc home/away/europe and take it seriously over a long period of time. he sounds like the usual ‘bought a shirt,so i know everything’ type.

  7. What rubbish , do you think we’d be in this position with Rafa, I doubt greatly lets stop being populist and call a spade a spade, Kenny has done miserably and will continue protecting his kids, simple truth a bunch of these chaps are lazy fuckers!!

  8. Wherever he will lead us to, I am on his side. We had a six drought years with Rafa and Roy. Why can’t we be patient with the man whom we know that his heart is always for Liverpool FC.

  9. kenny time is up. Poor poor tactician we lfc not mediocre but the best but since the start it has not been good. If he is iin charge of another transfer period relegation we will be going too british he should do the honours and quit before his kingship is ruined

  10. Newcastle fans believe Kenny is the worse manager ever and cant think why we employed him – RAFA WILL RETURN AND NEW OWNERS NEED TO START MEAKIING DECISIONS FOR ONCE

  11. to the prick above who said only gerrard suarez and reina would get into the top 4 team squad errrrr no add lucas agger skrtel enrique bellamy and kelly

  12. Rafa lost 14 premiership games in his first campaign yet he was still given six years to manage the club. Some people clearly have an agenda against Kenny. Seems like french, portuguese, italian or spanish managers just get more kudos amongst the troll fans of today.

  13. You fools, this is petty talk, if only you knew what is going on. The club is for sale again. Why do you think there hasn’t be a decision on the stadium yet? Big storm in the horizon.

    1. Ah melwood another in the know, club for sale is it? Are you brokering the deal yourself? Leave the tabloid journalism to the sun.

  14. the basic fact we have to realise is that we should not to potray KK as god and untouchable. Acknowledgin the fact he is a legend the main question which arises is whether he is making the right decisions rather than praising his past endeavours. Now i have 3 issues with KK.
    1. Extremely frivolous defending of players. After losing against Sunderland he said that we were unlucky when we played horrid game having only 1 shot on target. After Wigan game he said that tiredness was the issue,which again i believe is a lame excuse.
    2. Bad transfers: Understanding the fact that we didnt have champions league its known that we cant get players like mata,hazard etc but when we can get talented players like de jong,ola john,hulk etc from lower leagues,why go for average players like downing carroll and spending 20 mn and 35mn resp on them is jus very funny and stupid. We can use the money judiciously to get better european talents rather avg british talent.
    3. Tactics and youth: this 1 of my main problem with KK. What matters in football is only winning. Playin extremely attractive football and losing is pointless. Carroll provides a strong phy presence in the forward line which is very lame since we hav won alota matches. His form was eventually increasis and KK havnt allowd him to keep the continuity. Same goes 4 downing.

  15. we shud give KK a chance to redeem the season bt if we finish lower than 6th then i believe he should resign respectfully!

  16. If Dalglish was losing, but was experimenting with players like Sterling, Coates, Wisdom, Sama, Morgan, Suso or Coady, and playing Carroll, he would have my support. He is failing badly and still clinging on to Charlie Adam, Dirk Kuyt (who, let’s face it, has lost it the last two years), Carragher (who it pains me to say has to start getting fewer and fewer games); only to then say he was “frustrated” by the results.

    If he really has Liverpool’s best interest at heart, it is time to either give the youngsters a run out, or to walk out. I see no other options, and I’m sorry. Kenny is a legend, but Liverpool Football Club is bigger and more important than him.

  17. Now it’s time to prepare the future with sterling coates henderson…. And carra in the staff

  18. I agree with everything you have said apart from 5th-17th being the same thing. I have accepted we wont be in the champions league next season and move any higher in the table for that matter, but we still have to claim 7th at the very least. The irony of finishing on the number of our past hero and present hero shouldn’t be over-looked. I don’t care what anybody says, if we finish one place lower but with more points on the board and win TWO trophies-ITS PROGRESS!!! Delusional world we live in. Roys reign consisted of Poulsen and Konchesky, we now have one for the future in Hendo and the present (all be it under performing) Charlie Adam and the buy of the season in Jose Enrique representing those positions repsectively. PROGRESS. Roy probably was the final nail in Torres anfield coffin aswell, I dont think him leaving was anything related to Kenny or the direction the club may have headed under K.K. Torres had seen enough. We might have had a worldclass goalscorer still in the squad if it werent for Roys reign! All the Woy fans that have jumped out of the woodwork need a long hard look at the BIGGER picture…or go and watch West Brom. YNWA

  19. Interesting article. Defending kenny on past glories and a youth, which was set up by one, rafa Benitez . The simple fact is, with the right manager, top 4 was a certainty this season. Yes, I will say it again, a certainty. Arsenal have the worse team I have ever seen I the top 4. … Chelsea had their player–anti manager agenda . And spurs imploding due to the redknapp saga. This was one golden opportunity.
    The simple truth is, Kenny bought very badly. Adam, downing, Henderson are squad players. Not first team material for LFC. Carrol is a championship player. Off the top of my head that’s 80 million pounds worth of investment. Ask yourselfs, how much would you get if you were to sell these players?
    Give kenny another season? Why? On the promise that youngsters will ride to rescue? Not good enough. Sorry but kenny had his chance and wasted it. A modern manager knows the transfer market inside out. Kenny is not the modern day manager. Never has been.
    “not the end of the world?” agree, it is the beginning of the end.

  20. Modern manager rafa? A guy who finished 5th in his last season playing the most boring negative football in LFC history, he then made a dogs dinner of Inter Milan who had just won the treble and had one of the strongest squads in the world. No thanks mate!!

  21. Name one manager out there that is available that would do a better job than Kenny. I don’t think there is any. I’m personally a fan of Benetiz because he could do a lot with less money. I think we screwed up in not getting Martin O’Neil when he was available. I say stick with King Kenny throughout his contract, unless we are just abysmal next season.

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