Reds On Borrowed Time

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By Kevin Wu

Liverpool’s latest 1-2 home defeat at relegation battling Wigan rounds up the dreadful league record at Anfield this season. The Reds have now won just 5 of their 15 home league games this season. They have failed to beat the likes of Sunderland, Norwich, Swansea, Blackburn,Stoke and now, Wigan.

Their form away from home hasn’t been that good as well. The truth is they have won only one more game away, 6 of their 15 away league games. They have lost more on the road, losing more than half of their games played away from Anfield.

Considering the hefty amount of money spent rebuilding the squad during off season, honestly, I’m not sure if you will call the season a success. Sure, they won the Carling Cup. But it has always been the least prioritized of the four competitions the Reds have challenged for this season. Besides, they barely won the final against Cardiff, but that’s another story.

Oh yes,they’ve made it to the FA Cup semi finals and a potential mouth watering Merseyside derby clash awaits. It will be interesting to see how the Reds manage that one. Though, I won’t be surprised if they do well. Afterall, it is what’s left off their season. Let’s see, if the Reds do actually lift the FA Cup. Will we call it a successful season then? I suspect not.

After years of rebuilding under various managers and the turning of umpteen corners, the Red’s success will still be judged on how high they finish in the table. They are currently 7th, a MASSIVE 28 points off the top and 15 points off a Champion’s League spot. They are only THREE points ahead of newly promoted Swansea and Norwich, and judging by the free fall (quite possibly attributed to the lack of motivation in the league), it’s anyone’s guess where Liverpool will eventually finish in the table.

If there is no success, well, is there at least progress? I’m not convinced on that as well, at least in the fire power department. The Reds have scored only 36 goals in the league this season. Norwich and Blackburn have scored more goals. Andy Carroll has not settled. Luis Suarez, with all the talent, is still not the primary source of goals for a team. Steven Gerrard has been hampered with injury. The Reds desperately need more striking options.

In terms of squad depth, we are clearly not there. King Kenny has attributed the recent defeats to weariness from progressing too far into the cup competitions. It really means that there is no squad depth.

If this season was a couple of years back, you’ll probably have fans calling for the axe. But because the man at the realm is a certain King Kenny, he comes with extra time. Though, you must be worried for him if he doesn’t turn things around. The coming off season will be a monumental one.

If you look closely, the Reds are quite possibly running on borrowed time.

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  1. Two trophies in a season is a great season despite the league failures. LFC needs to vollect as many trophies as possible, thats what its all about.

  2. Not sure what you mean by borrowed time, really? A few years back we were disappointed to finish 15-20 points behind the titlewinners, nowadays we look to finish 15-20 points off 4th. All we can point to is the cups which mean our status’ been reduced.

    It was shambolic to appoint Kenny beyond last season. Nostalgia and romanticism got in the way of reason much to the damage of this club I’m sad to have to say.

  3. A little more research and less knee jerk is called for. Yes, things aren’t what we would want. But when you speak of a “hefty amount of money” at least use common sense. Only about 40 million quid was spent, when you consider the money which was earned for players going out. You can just count the money for those coming in and forget those who left (whether or not they were seeing playing time or were good enough is not the point).
    Did you think that after the years of negligent ownership known as H&G, civil war, selling off assets to fund debt that one or two transfer windows would make us compete with the top of the table teams like City, Spurs, United, Chelsea, Arsenal?
    I’m not even sure why I bothered reading this, much less responding to it.

  4. kenny has lost the dressing room and you know what that means. Kenny dugg his on grave escpecially with supporters the overrated buys maxi issue Henderson playing on the right, Sterling and suso issue. Poor tactics in substitution and team selection. Recently reported burst up with Craig BellAmy.

    There is nothing bad than losing the dressing room. We stop the down excuses the time its not enough look what newcastle did with our 35million and were they are. Kenny should step down save his respect. Yes he loves the club 110percent but that’s not enough.

  5. It’s time to play the kids a bit more now. Anfield felt lifeless on Saturday . The famous atmosphere seems to be becoming history. I blame the fact that it has become a marketing machine where a lot of die hard fans have now been priced out. The article holds no shocks. There is a lot of unrest and this was always going to be the risk with having a legend take the reins but I do feel we need to remain patient, for a little longer anyway. We’ve had enough negative publicity this season, turning into a circus club like Chelsea will only make it worse. Let’s stick with KD. Its 1 or 2 players that should feel like an endangered species at lfc.

  6. guys calm down.had fergie been axed without six season without trophies,we wud not have been ‘knocked off our fkn perch today.patience guys’

  7. I read some of the people’s responses and laugh. Most act as if FA cup is already won. Relax guy there are likes of Everton/Sunderland, Chelsea, Tottenham/Bolton to be beaten. And trust me neither of those teams are winning anything this season so their players will play with their lives on the line. Something LFC’s players haven’t been able to do for the entire season, be it the league or any of the cups. Yes the players and the manager are on borrowed time now and if things don’t turn around soon many heads will roll. Consider this if the league had started on 1st on January 2012 Liverpool would have been in bottom three. Exactly where Uncle Woy was holding fort during his time here. Progress my a**!

  8. So why did fsg go public with their ‘moneyball’ stats theory? They are obviously signing the players if you read between the lines. When kenny wanted bellamy, henry said on twitter ‘we will not be signing players of a certain age’ but kenny insisted on signing bellamy, rightly so.

  9. You fools, this is petty talk, if only you knew what is going on. The club is for sale again. Why do you think there hasn’t be a decision on the stadium yet? Big storm in the horizon.

  10. We have suffered enough! Now is the time to stick together take our cup success and look optimistically to next year! 12 months from now who knows what will happen. Another manager, another trip into the unknown and if we don’t make CL league another sacking. Is ghat what Liverpool are about now?

  11. It’s not as though we have just turned into a ‘cup’ team – we’ve been that for over 20 years now!!! Yes, I know we won twice in Europe – the CL and the EC – but I still say that every Liverpool fan, deep down, wants to win the Premiership. If we are saying that we can no longer hold our heads up and say we are one of the top half dozen teams in England then so be it – because it looks that way when we are a massive 28 points off top spot and you see how other, ‘lesser’ teams are coping with very little cash to spend. Other clubs’ fans think that. And it certainly looks that way at the moment with little on the horizon to inspire me to think differently, that we can win the PL. Bigger stadium, more cash for players, better signings, they all look further away than ever. I try to be positive (believe it or not!) but it is very difficult. I will stick with the Reds, of course I will because they mean everything, but I feel very sad when I see where we stand today compared to our illustrious past. And before anyone says it – like every supporter of every other club I know is quick to point out – Liverpool fans we live in the past. It’s because that’s all there is. Premier League success is what matters to me and after such a long time without winning the title (whoever would have believed this 20 years ago????) I don’t see us winning it next season or getting anywhere close. Now what’s this about new owners????????????????????? Chins up lads we’ve got a cup to win :-)

  12. bill shankly on the league…”that is our bread and butter,never mind europe,that is good for the club,good for the country,but the league is what we want to win all the time”……….

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