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Food for thought.

The year was 1965, Manchester United won the league, Liverpool finished in 7th place after losing 15 games.

The Kopities did win the FA Cup and the manager was a certain Bill Shankly

Here is the final table from 1965.

Final Table Full Home Away
1 Manchester United 42 26 9 7 89 39 16 4 1 52 13 10 5 6 37 26 2.28 61
2 Leeds United 42 26 9 7 83 52 16 3 2 53 23 10 6 5 30 29 1.60 61
3 Chelsea 42 24 8 10 89 54 15 2 4 48 19 9 6 6 41 35 1.65 56
4 Everton 42 17 15 10 69 60 9 10 2 37 22 8 5 8 32 38 1.15 49
5 Nottingham Forest 42 17 13 12 71 67 10 7 4 45 33 7 6 8 26 34 1.06 47
6 Tottenham Hotspur 42 19 7 16 87 71 18 3 0 65 20 1 4 16 22 51 1.23 45
7 Liverpool 42 17 10 15 67 73 12 5 4 42 33 5 5 11 25 40 0.92 44
8 Sheffield Wednesday 42 16 11 15 57 55 13 5 3 37 15 3 6 12 20 40 1.04 43
9 West Ham United 42 19 4 19 82 71 14 2 5 48 25 5 2 14 34 46 1.16 42
10 Blackburn Rovers 42 16 10 16 83 79 12 2 7 46 33 4 8 9 37 46 1.05 42
11 Stoke City 42 16 10 16 67 66 11 4 6 40 27 5 6 10 27 39 1.01 42
12 Burnley 42 16 10 16 70 70 9 9 3 39 26 7 1 13 31 44 1.00 42
13 Arsenal 42 17 7 18 69 75 11 5 5 42 31 6 2 13 27 44 0.92 41
14 West Bromwich Albion 42 13 13 16 70 65 10 5 6 45 25 3 8 10 25 40 1.08 39
15 Sunderland 42 14 9 19 64 74 12 6 3 45 26 2 3 16 19 48 0.86 37
16 Aston Villa 42 16 5 21 57 82 14 1 6 36 24 2 4 15 21 58 0.69 37
17 Blackpool 42 12 11 19 67 78 9 7 5 41 28 3 4 14 26 50 0.86 35
18 Leicester City 42 11 13 18 69 85 9 6 6 43 36 2 7 12 26 49 0.81 35
19 Sheffield United 42 12 11 19 50 64 7 5 9 30 29 5 6 10 20 35 0.78 35
20 Fulham 42 11 12 19 60 78 10 5 6 44 32 1 7 13 16 46 0.77 34
21 Wolverhampton Wndrs 42 13 4 25 59 89 8 2 11 33 36 5 2 14 26 53 0.66 30
22 Birmingham City 42 8 11 23 64 96 6 8 7 36 40 2 3 16 28 56 0.67 27

Check out the crowd that turned out to cheer this Liverpool team that finished 7th in the league.



Thank God there was no Twitter back in 1965 or Shanks would have been massacred.

Yep Bill Shankly that old fashioned manager.




  1. so what are you saying???? football is a different monster now. so,we win the fa cup? great, but in this day and age, money rules and if you are not among the elite,you are nothing, thats the reality. we will not get back to the top table for a long time, while the club pursue a british recruitment policy. the league is “our bread and butter”, quote/unquote, the great shanks. thanks for the pictures above,lovely memories of a wonderful past….im worried about our future as an ‘also ran’

      1. money does not rule? really, then why is every club desperate to get into the champs lge???? you are deluded if you think it’s just for the prestige of being there and being the best in europe. thats why the format was changed, to make sure the elite clubs got richer, not to make sure they filled their trophy cabinets. you are unbelievably blinkered, ridiculous.

  2. Yes – Shankly that well known ‘moneyball man’ – the idea of everyone playing for everyone else and the attitude that football was a matter of life and death being disappointing because ‘it’s far more important than that’….Liverpool were the last division one ground to agree to advertising hoardings because Shankly didn’t like them….A strange world indeed but more gritty and more real…..Give Kenny a chance people…he’s the one who stands for everything worthwhile in a pretty worthless ‘franchised’ world…(no disrespect to NESV because the world has turned but give KK the chance to make a YNWA

  3. sadly i can see that being better than 2012. just look at all the posts of the modern fan. they want instant success, back in 65 that was acceptable. clubs did not have billionaire owners looking for big returns. managers were not sitting by revolving doors. kk is a god and always will be, but time is not on his side in the modern era….money is god.

    1. rafa-top guy..don’t want him back. kk needs to ditch the lone striker fast. qpr and wigan are at the bottom for a reason, yet we still play one up front!! tactics need changing along with transfer policy,then hopefully we start stamping our authority again.

  4. lets quit living in the past so much.. when things are bad, everyone always wants to look at the past.. bring rafa back! b4 kenny ruins his legendary status

  5. sentimental stories and photos are lovely….this LFC team is the now…we will do well to finish better than our 1965 team did with a 7th place finish at this rate!!!A LFC fan for 40 years,these last 2 seasons have been the worst in my memory….I hope the players are right now genuinely hurting as much as their long suffering supporters the world over…those that are`nt,should go along with those that `are`nt up to it`…and we know who they are!!!Hoping Fenway Sports put `the broom through this team`come this summer,otherwise we will still be chasing the same shadows(and a dozen teams above us in the league),this time next year!!!We need that top 4 spot back asap,otherwise I fear we will just meander along at mid table club status from here on in.

  6. Out: Kuyt, Spearing, Carroll, Carragher, Maxi, Adam, Aurelio.

    I think we need to bring in 4 to 5 international quality players. Its a rebuilding job again. Simples.

  7. I have certainly not been happy with league form this season but we dont want to turn into a Chelsea sacking a manager a year because things did not go to plan in first season. Every manager deserves at least 2 full years. Im hoping by next year Kenny will have learned that its not always best to buy British. It is not coincidence that are only 2 success stories have been non british players

  8. There’s one bitter pill that must be swallowed. LFC is NO LONGER the football powerhouse that it was so many years ago. Forget the past because the future looks more likely to follow the same path as that of Nottingham Forest and Leeds.

  9. Thanks for this. I hate the modern fan and their idiotic rantics of “Kenny out!”. Give the man a chance he will prove you wrong. Better yet go be happy at Chelsea with the revolving door policy. We do have enough fans who BELIEVE in LFC.
    YNWA (unless you turn on our team and manager)

  10. Neil, you talk about us living in the past and then you say “bring Rafa back”?

    If Kenny was to step down (or get sacked) then I’d be happy to get Rafa back. At the moment though Dalglish is the manager and I wouldn’t want to see that change any time soon.

  11. All that sentimental stuff is good and acceptable to a certain degree. However do try and notice the number of home wins recorded in that particular season. And tally that with the number of home wins this season. And then agree with me when I say this winning away games those days were much tougher than they are today. And then tell me really, doesn’t your own comparison show that this is not a very good comparison to make as we obviously haven’t been tactically at our best and that’s what cost us the home matches?

  12. The modern day fans are just full of it, fickle and hypocritical. You could have also shown rafa’s furst season premiership table where he lost 14 prem matches, yes Fourteen including 11 away defeats. Yet he was still given a six year stay and got nowhere near as much stick as kenny.

  13. That was back when they were the equivalent of Fulham and being built up, now they’re being disassembled from a side which were a few points off from the league title 2 years ago to mid-table fodder. Even in his first stint as boss, he inherited the best team in the land.
    Just because you won a trophy playing your strongest team — whilst all the other sides above and around them in the table fielded their fringe and reserve players — doesn’t make you a good manager, should have got rid of Rafa. Kenny is crap, go realise.

  14. yes we are all hurting from our defeats to wigan and qpr. the defeat was stunning.
    however, if it had been Roy in charge it would be a different story. Kenny has changed the club.
    we need to give him time and stop getting so impatient. we should all remember it took fergie a long time to start winning things. i think it was around 5 years… but i could be mistaken.
    we need to be patient.
    the game we lost to Arsenal was unfortunate, because we dominated them, and played them off the park.
    so, Kenny has got the team playing wonderful stuff, the problem is the players on the pitch are not scoring goals, not ruthless in front of goal.
    I for one, dont want to see Liverpool be like chelski and sack managers every week. let’s be patient, it’s a rebuilding at Liverpool, and it will take time, and the best person for the job is Kenny. he’s got the experience, knowledge, and the passion.
    so relax people, dont be so fickle.

  15. Watching us play all season I knew that we would finish 6th to 8th position…
    Now I’m no psychic! But you didn’t need to be once you the signings he made and then there’s the team selections that look like the opposition manager has picked them :/
    Everytime we play better and get a result he changes the team.
    Tactically KK hasnt got a clue and as much as I respect what he has done for our club in the past.. I hate what he is doing!

    In all his interviews he says ‘well we’re in better position now than last year’
    Well we bloody wasn’t born last year Kenny!!!!!!

    Any player coming now to the club would strictly be coming for money, because we have nothing to offer with this manger.

    We need a manager with a proven record, someone who will attract big players regardless of where we are now and above all someone who is recognised and feared by Fergie….

    Rafael Benitez… Simple!

      1. No my friend. I thought the biggest mistake we made was getting rid of Rafa. I thought then that he was the best mngr we had for donkeys years and I still think now that he was the best mngr we had. If I could I’d bring him back 2morrow cos with KD as mngr we will never experience those European nights we did when Rafa was there. NEVER my friend. SO YES I LOVED RAFA THEN I LOVE RAFA NOW. SO IT WOULD B NICE FOR KD HIMSELF TO MAKE WAY FOR THE LEGEND SEÑOR RAFAEL BENITEZ.

  16. Nice post!
    If we can’t learn from the past… Learn from the present! Look at Chelsea… Good team, good players… One season they don’t perform and the manager gets sacked.. Look where it has taken them… On the other hand look at Arsene Wenger and Sir Alex. They have been at the helm and doing well. Roberto Mancini with the millions he has didn’t do well initially. Give Kenny time.
    The most important thing is, that as a club, we have won a trophy an we are still disappointed! THAT Shows Progress!

  17. Agree with Antoine. Fans are so fickle. We are already successful this season via the CC. In Kenny I Trust. At least give him one more season. YNWA!

  18. That is all well and good but the fans were not paying £40+ to watch
    Their side give up a 2-0 lead to a newly promoted side! Or then go and get well beaten by a team struggling to get out of the relegation zone! I love kenny but he has wasted 100 million on oberpriced british flops!!

  19. So u think or u live in hope that same thing will happen again. Stop living in the past mate. Look at the present and the future. The present is shit when u r just three points above Swansea C and the future under KD doesn’t look any brighter than the present. The sooner u and lots of fans stop dreaming and start being realistic the better. We r miles off to the teams at the top and if u think that things will get any better next season than u r very deluded my friend. As long as KD carrys on to buy overrated Brit players we r going nowhere my friend. NOWHERE.

      1. To remember the past something I always do is great. To live in the past it ain’t. Just my opinion anyway. The present tells that points wise we r closer to the teams at the bottom of the league than the ones at the top where we should b. I’d love to b proved wrong and it would b great if we win PL with KD as mngr but next season don’t hope for any better my friend cos it will b the same as this one.

          1. Antonie mate I enjoy reading yor articles. Everyday I’m in yr web. More often than not I agree with what u have to say. But sometimes u write just keep the fans happy and maybe u r afraid to upset people. Our love for our club should b bigger than our love for the mngr. we all love KD. He’s a LEGEND and will ALWAYS b but if our club keeps struggling than I’m not going to b afraid to criticise. For me personally I couldn’t care less if we had a mngr who never played for the club and won us trophys. I mean proper trophys like CHL and at least challenge for EPL. I say bring back RB.

          2. Bekim we need to give Kenny more of a chance we owe it to him for all that he has done for our club, one season is not enough to hang a Liverpool legend out to dry.

          3. We’ll give him time for the good of who. Just cos he’s KD or 4the good of the club. I’m not for him to get the sack at all. What I would like ti c is him to step down himself and move upstairs and still b involved at the club. From the bottom of my heart mate I can’t c things being better ext season especially if he keeps buying overrated Brit players for ridiculous prices. I hope he prooves me wrong and I will comme in here and apologise to everyone. I just can’t c things getting better. That’s the way I feel at the mo.

          4. Other big clubs don’t appoint their legends as mngrs and stick by them no matter what. The only team I can think of at the mo is Barcelona. Do u really think Antonie that if Barcelona did as badly as Liverpool their fans would have been on his side just cos he’s a legend. No mate I think he wouldn’t even last a full season in there.

      2. This year we struggling to even finish 7th. What will u say when the same thing happen again next year.

  20. I think people need a reality check. Like every other Liverpool fan I’m dissappointed with our league position this year. But unlike last year under Hodgson at least Kenny has us, for the most part at least, playing good attacking football. I’ve lost count of the number of times Liverpool players have hit the post this season (but it was somewhere around TWENTY EIGHT the last I heard). In most other seasons a lot of those shots would have gone in and we’d now be in a different position. We have a lot of players in their first full season for the club, making us a team in transition. Our captain has spent a huge part of the season out injured, Suarez spent a quarter of the season out suspended due to the FA witch hunt against him….

    Yet despite all this we’ve dominated other teams, including the top ones, in most of our games this season, and only an inability to score goals has let us down. If we’d had a player like a fit Torres in our squad this season we’d be challenging up near the top of the league because a lot of those shots that have hit the post would have gone in, along with a much better percentage of all our other shots against all the other teams.

    A little bit of luck can make all the difference at the top level in any sport, and we haven’t had a single piece of luck this season. But some people think it’s all Kenny’s fault and bitch about his spending record (which when you consider the money he’s made from selling players he’s actually spent a lot less money in total that Chelsea paid for Torres, and look how well that’s worked out for them so far)!

    A bit of patience and a proven goalscorer in the summer will hopefully see a huge improvement next year, And pesonally I’d trust Kenny to get it right if he’s given a chance, as one thing that we can be certain about with him is that he cares just as passionately about the club as all of us supporters doing, and unlike just about every other manager he isn’t in it for the money or as a stepping stone to another job.


  21. lte us not forget that either side of this 7th palce were to championships. yes, we won the title in 64 and 66, so the taste for victory has been satisfied. that was a championship worthy team and everyone fought for the team and the name Liverpool Football Club. same cant be said for this crop of players and could you see them going on to win the trophy next season without major changes. we cannot compare 1965 and 2012. both great managers, but one in his prime having a hiccup, the other having been out of top flight managing for a number of years, making bizarre decisions and blaming every manner of events/reasons except for his decisions and the abominations that are pulling on the jersey week in, week out.

    the 1965 team was one to be proud of, who were proven winners. this one, not so much

    and @myleftball, you sir, are an imbecile. you cant just say idiotic stuff like that. validate and say something constuctive, whilst being realistic. to say get rid of maxi, kuyt or spearing (as a backup) proves how vapid you are

  22. AZ – No no please don’t confuse me with those who are still allowed to post on Liverpool-Kop!

    I always supported Rafa and believed in his genius :)

      1. Yh I know a few of those too…
        But most of them i know have put their hands up and admitted they did want him out and would eat there own foot to have him back lol

        Look I’d love Kenny to succeed or anyone else in the position..
        But I see so many flaws since watching us pre-season.
        For example what was wrong with the team that finished the season?
        The last 10 games we played great football and finished the season strong. I for one thought next season we will crush all comers.

        I want that back! But unfortunately that Kenny is dead and there’s no sign of him coming back :(

        Hence the Need for someone who knows the club, 80% of the players and above all how to compete as a top 4 side.

  23. Nobody is happy with the situation at present. The new signings have been incredibly disappointing. The performances were excellent early in the season but we failed to score. The New Year has seen things go on a downward spiral. Kenny’s team is failing miserably just at the minute but he deserves another season before we write him off.

  24. Great post Antoine. I heard Liverpool’s current scenario described perfectly at the weekend: Nobody wants to be saying in twenty years “I was there when we finished fourth”. They will however want to say “I was there when we won the cup”.

  25. Cheers for this post mate. That’s us all over. Living in the bloody past whilst others surpass us in every way.

  26. City have wasted near 100 mil. a season in 4 seasons to get kicked out of the CL, and only get second in the PL.
    So much about money makes instant success.

    So modern fans, please go support them.

  27. Fair play Antoine still fighting the good fight against people ( I refuse to call people with no patience or vision fans ) I am a pool fan for over 20 years and have seen performances that would have some of these instant success fans call for an end to football. Things improved over time and the club won trophies in Europe and at home. Progress takes time thats why its progress, unless by some fluke its instant but if you look chelsea with mourinho, arsenal with wenger, the foundations for success were already there.
    Give KK a chance hes starting again and players that were ok are now improving. To anyone who doubts the manager and the clubs ability to become a force again thats your opinion but dont bother coming on here and pretending you were behind them 100 % like you did rafa in his last season!
    Love life love Liverpool Fc! YNWA
    Thanks Antoine for a great site and keeping the faith!

  28. Antoinne. This was three years after Liverpool had been promoted from the second division. They were far from the powerhouse they were in the 70’s, finishing 7th was seen as decent result back then and this was their first ever FA CUP. THen it was prestigious, now not so much.

    It’s worth just £1.8 million in prize money. Each place in the league is worth £0.8 million while Champions League qualification is estimated to be worth about £40 million. Mid table is not good enough for a Liverpool side, we could go even worse than this believe it or not. Dalglish needs to be held accountable.

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