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Last weekend I thought that this was the lowest we could be and the only way is up. This weekend, I am revising the thought and updating the new ‘lowest’. Unfortunately, I had done that last week too. So every weekend we sink lower and lower, our hearts meet a new way of getting broken. The usual terms like disappointed, frustrated, angry feel slightly insufficient to sound of what we feel right now.

The fact of the matter is that we are closer to relegation tonight that we are to a Champions League place (4th 58, LFC 42, 18th 28). At the start of the season, a Champions League place would have been the target and I’d really like to see someone deny that. On 01.01.12, we were 6th, 2 points Arsenal who were 4th and equal on points but 4 goals behind Chelsea in 5th. In the next 12 games we lost a remarkable 16 points on Arsenal. Being so far away from Champions League, surely the season has to be termed a failure in that respect, although every target should have some buffer for failure and Carling Cup victory plus FA Cup semi (and possibly the cup itself) can be the balm. Sometime back I thought fairly beaten to a Champions League place would be less hurtful than finishing 5th and being tantalizingly close to 4th. However, the commotion that I watch every weekend hoping the Liverpool that turns up would be from before Suarez was banned, is, euphemistically speaking, depressing.

Bad performances divides the Liverpool fan-base into two sections. One who criticize the manager, the other who criticize the critics stating that we need to support the team. I am not someone who slates the manager (slightly subjective though) but as a fan, I think people have the right criticize the team/ performance/ tactics/ selections et. al. just as they are expected to praise the team when it puts in a good shift. Name calling is uncalled for though. Just to clarify, I am a Kenny supporter through and through but I have some little questions that beg to be answered:

1. What is our best formation? I don’t suppose we’ve kept the same formation for two games in a row. That’s probably also apparent in those passes that go to places where a player was expected to be but wasn’t even close. We’ve been seeing a lot of that lately. Some (two) of our better games were when Suarez and Carroll were upfront and Gerrard behind them in what could be called a 4-1-3-2 or 4-3-1-2. Although those games were against a lower league opposition (Brighton) or an under-strength team (Everton) so it does not establish itself as a rule but if that was when we saw Liverpool play their best football why wasn’t it persisted with in at least the game immediately following those two?

2. What’s Stevie’s role? I suppose Stevie played his best when he is entrusted with the role behind the striker. Since Stevie and Suarez are our best players, why don’t we give them roles that bring out the best in them and select the rest of the 8 (apart from GK) around them? Is it that the rest of the squad is inept to fit in vacant roles (like DM, or Downing/Bellamy as RW) and thus our best players are summoned to roles that only bring out half of what they can be.

3. On that note, since most of the players are new, why can’t the new signings play will in two different positions while the Stevie & Suarez are expected to excel wherever they are placed? Jordan Henderson hasn’t been the best on right, so has Downing, Bellamy has struggled on right as well, Adam has struggled at most places. While Stevie is expected to play AM, DM, or slightly wide, Suarez is expected to play CF, CAM, LF and whatever else, why aren’t any of the new ones doing anything of note in any of the unnatural positions?

4. Why did we buy Charlie Adam? I remember a quote from Damien Comolli when Aqua was loaned off that while he is a good player, he isn’t going to get much gametime at Liverpool since ‘he plays in a position for which we have a certain Steven Gerrard’. I can understand that the position being talked about is that of an AM. We also had Joe Cole who does well behind the striker although he wasn’t given many opportunities there. I can also understand that Stevie is aging and for the future we might need someone young like Jordan Henderson. But Charlie Adam is about the same age as Aqua. If Aqua was at £80,000 per week, I don’t suppose Charlie is less than £50,000 and we had to pay another £9 million to get Charlie. Also, I believe Raul Meireles was only asking for a pay revision since he was at an incredibly low wage. Why refuse that? Let’s understand, we sell off (or loan with an option) Aqua, Joe Cole and Meireles to be replaced by Adam and with someone with promise for future because all 3 of them occupy Stevie’s position but then play Adam as AM and Stevie as DM?

5. Why do we have a thin squad? Kenny recently complained that the squad was thin and tired after the loss against Wigan. That said, he has had a number of outgoing players in the past 3 windows. What’s baffling are the loans. Ever since Lucas’ injury, our midfield has looked shaky. While it is a credit to Lucas, it also points out the fact that we do not have enough cover. The squad is trimmed too thin with younger players not ripe enough for first team, fringe players loaned off and first team players injured.

6. Who is the striker? Dirk Kuyt is a workhorse, Craig Bellamy is more of a winger, Luis Suarez is more of a creator and Andy Carroll, well let’s just say that he is out of form. Who is our striker? Again, three windows have passed and we’ve not addressed this issue. At the start of the 2010/11 season we did not have Torres and looked a little edge-less upfront. As a measure, we would have wanted to sign Suarez. But then Torres wanted out so we bought Carroll who wasn’t fit at that time. While we needed other strikers, may be even someone like Ryan Babel or David N’gog, Ryan was sold in January and N’gog in summer. A lot of good things were said about Pacheco but he too is away on loan. Effectively since December 2010, good or bad, we sent off 4 strikers and bought 1 half-fit/out-of-form striker (since Suarez was already needed and is no one’s replacement). The lack of ammunition upfront was noticed in the first half of the season but wasn’t addressed in January either.

7. Big one: was Andy Carroll a panic buy? He came to LFC injured so we can’t question him about his contribution last season although the strike against City at home last season was something to behold. However, almost one full season with him fit is about to finish and he has shown nothing to give us any confidence. While he is young, there is a gulf in his game from when he was a year and a half younger to what it is now. If he doesn’t fit how LFC play their football, why was he bought? To partially answer some of the above questions, some of us feel that Downing, Adam and others were bought to provide for Andy. How can the entire line of attack fail so miserably? Was Andy Carroll just bought at that time because his was the only club willing to sell at that time (considering it was Deadline Day and that foreigners might have a problem with work permit etc)?

8. What’s the ‘plan B’? The Kenny Dalglish that we all know conquered Stamford Bridge with his sheer tactical prowess despite being without an out and out striker in February 2011. In 2011-12, teams have come to Liverpool fearing Liverpool and parking the bus. In the process they leave with a point and at times three. While the teams have changed, what hasn’t is the fact that we don’t seem to be having a plan B for those situations. On similar lines is what’s happening these days. We’ve suddenly lost our rhythm and confidence and just can’t seem to get out of the whirlpool. This is when a plan B is needed but where is it when we need it the most?

9. Finally, what happens to those players who haven’t done well? All the new signings would never work. Sometimes more flop than succeed as 2011-12 has witnessed in the case of Liverpool. While we haven’t played players like Maxi and Dirk who did well last season because there had to be room for the new signings, their omission has costed us more than we’ve gained. For players who have come to the club and haven’t done well, are we willing to swallow our pride and sell them? What’s been spent has been spent and can’t be helped but at least it clears positions for new signings and lessens the amortization bills for subsequent years.

As I said I am a huge Kenny fan but I never wanted him to come back to managing the club for I feared that if it didn’t work out, it wouldn’t be the best last image of Kenny in active duty. While our best laid plans are falling, I still don’t think Kenny should go. As a manager, if there is anyone on this planet who can arrest this free fall, it is Kenny. All he has to do now is to shrug off whatever happened (he looks extremely weighed by the recent run), swallow some of his pride (and let some flops go) and do what he does best, take Liverpool to their deserved position. Europa League next season should expose the young guns and a few changes in the first team personnel should help us go back (comfortably please) to top-4 or further.

Here’s looking forward to the next weekend and hoping we turn up in the 2011 avatar.


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  1. Very well said i hope this taken into consideration..mainly kk swallows his pride ,win fa cup..drop the failures and flops…summer sell the flops get into foreign market…get hazard cavani likes for lfc as world class needed not henderson nor carroll..KK can do it we still believe!need agger n lucas johnson back also they are so missed …

  2. Hi there. Interesting article. I am in fact a Sunderland supporter. But, I adored Liverpool as a boy and find their current status untenable. Personally, I am with Jordan Henderson (maybe as you bought him from my team), but mainly as he is being played out of position on the right when we always had him as a central midfielder. I thought Charlie Adam looked better than what he was mainly due to the creativeness of David Vaughan, so I would suggest Adam is a useful squad player at best.

    If I were managing Liverpool I would have given Andrew Carroll more starts than he has had, and tried to play to his strengths rather than expecting him to adapt. He can win the long ball and hold play up until midfielders get in support. I have read a lot of Liverpool pages that suggest you all like Suarez. Boy, I cannot think of a more wasteful player I have seen in the LFC strip. He needs 20 chances to score a goal, gets them, scores 1 and you all think he is a great player. Meanwhile Andy Carroll gets 2 chances, and does not score and everyone hits out at him.

    Liverpool need to wise up, play as a team and tell Suarez he is a play maker not a taker. I saw many times when his greed in front of goal prevented other players in better positions getting the service they need.

    I know if the season had started in January that Liverpool would be in the relegation zone, that is not the place for LFC to be. For me the Premier League would be far better if we had 6 to 8 teams challenging for the title and Champions League places every season, and I would expect Liverpool to always be one of them. I do not like either of the Manchester teams, but I have started liking Arsenal a bit since their wonderful comeback against Spurs. I would just like to see some Veteran Liverpool performances, but I feel K.D. is not the manager to bring the team to that point. He was and always will be (for me) a legend at the Kop, as was Keegan, St – John, Heighway, McManaman.

    For crying out loud, buying our Young and developing midfield star and then blaming HIM when the team is tits up is just not on. Send Jordan Henderson back for £3,000,000 if you are unsatisfied. But, do not complain if in 2 years Man Utd have him and he is outstanding.

    A poor performance against Newcastle today. The Penalty Handball with Simpson was a hard call for the ref, even on replays I cannot tell if it is arm or shoulder. And Reina should know far better than to stick his head at Perch’s nose, even though Perch certainly made the most of what was a tickle at best.

    I expect Liverpool to play like we did against Man City, win or lose !!!

  3. That was an amazing read!
    I love Kenny aswell, but he doesn’t bring the best out of this team!
    He’s certainly not a man of great tacitics.
    I agree, we should sell ALL the signings, except for Suarez of course AND Henderson.
    Yes Henderson has been worse than Adam but he is young and has been forced to play on the wing, and not in the middle.

  4. Hi, there, this is a lovely article, asking a lot of questions that i ask myself especially about the loaning out of players. I also hate all this Kenny bashing, I mean I get disappointed and upset, but calling for kenny to go is not the answer. He does ( or Mr Commoli) need to answer questions and think more carefully about any new signing this window. Personally I would like to know what they are doing with jack robinson and co…I think they would be a better bet.

  5. Great article, thanks for taking the time to articulate what many of us think.

    I think we are going to see changes in the summer. The owners will not continue tolerating this level of performance.

    If I could have one question answered honestly I would love to know what really went on over Aqua – it defies logic, we NEED players like that now.

  6. Great article. To go off of what the last commenter said, Suarez has to take a lot of chances because Carroll doesn’t put himself in position to benefit from what Suarez does with the ball. Suarez will move past 3 defenders and then have nobody in the box to give the ball to so he has to take a shot. Look at what happened in the last Everton game: Suarez did his thing and got around the defense and Gerrard was waiting for the ball in the box and scored three goals. He would have made a great partnership with Torres as that was why he was brought in. If Luis had another player who played like him then he would produce more and we would score more goals.

    What we have is a team that is confused about which style of play to go with. Kenny calls our system pass and move he brings in Carroll who can neither pass nor move. Then bring in Adam and Downing to play to Carroll’s strengths, but also have Gerrard, Kuyt, and Bellamy out there who are more suited to Suarez’s strengths. Andy Carroll may very well become a great player one day, but simply put he is not the RIGHT player for the club. A team isn’t successful with the best players, it is successful with the right players. City are the perfect example of this. They have 13 or 14 great players on their team but they crashed and burned out of both European tournaments, both domestic cups, and are slowly losing out on the league title. All star teams like City fail because they rely solely on individual talent. What LFC need to do is get some new blood in the squad and use that talent in a system designed for the betterment of the team. They don’t need to go out and spend £100m in the summer to do that. Look at what Newcastle has done…

    The transfer policy needs to change. I don’t know how many people in England are familiar with the Moneyball concept the owners seem to be going with but Moneyball was put into place by the Oakland Athletics in the late 90s/early 2000s. They were good but ultimately didn’t win anything, and now they are one of the worst teams in Major League Baseball. I don’t think Comolli has done a good job finding players to help the squad, especially when he keeps saying the squad doesn’t need anyone. I think a good middle ground between the fire Kenny camp and the keep Kenny camp would be to dump Comolli and hire Rafa as director of football and let him go out and find players. Then if things don’t go well with Kenny next season Rafa is right there to take over if the club and Kenny need to part ways. Then again my opinion could change if we lose to Everton and finish 14th in the league but that hopefully won’t happen.

    Keep the faith.

  7. I don’t really understand Comolli’s role at LFC. Does he just drop players off at K.Kenny’s doorstep, or are tactics discussed?
    I’d rather Rafa were in charge at this point. His last season was his only bad season, and I don’t think it was all his fault. Carroll is a waste, and doesn’t fit with the team. Suarez would be much better with a real strike partner (which we could have bought with that 50 mil we got for Torres). I agree that Henderson should be playing in the middle. It seems we bought him because of a certain skill set then abandoned that. Personally I feel that LFC fans over rate Spearing b/c he comes from the academy. I hope we can do better than him next year.

  8. Well done…Good article. I have yet to see todays game, but from what i can tell, todays game is like last weeks, like last months etc, etc…Good call on point 1- what is our formation? We never seem to play the same formation for more than 2 games in a row! Regarding Andy Carrol, he should have started every game that Saurez was out. It never made any sense to me that he didnt. Regarding Henderson, yes he should be able to excell at more than one midfield position, but give the kid a break. Let him have a run of games in the middle to build some confidence, and see what he can do. He’s not a winger. Regarding the complaint of a “thin” squad, I dont buy that. I think poor rotation is more a problem. We should have played some of the younger kids against the lower table teams to give the starters a rest. Instead we waited until they were exposed, or injured, then we brought on Maxi or Kuyt or Shelvey. Same on the back line. Why didnt we give Coates a game in 2011? Why didnt Skrtel, Agger(b4 injury) or Enrique sit out a game to get a rest? I can go on…

    Kenny is legend for sure, but he needs help. His tactics, ever changing formations, questionable late subs, have cost us points. There is no way FSG will sack him, but he needs to look at where the team is at and evaluate his contributions pro and con. The great man that he is, I’m sure he has.

    We are due for a little bit of luck. We need to finish above Everton, and close the gap to Newcastle. At this point, I’d be happy to finish on a positive, in 7th, and single digits behind 6th. Not my idea of success, but I still beleive…YNWA…

  9. 1) Charlie Adam has more assists than Gareth Bale this morning and is clearly playing 2nd fiddle to Stevie G as the creative midfielder.
    2) That said, Stevie’s passing has been POOR, but he escapes under the radar because he is Stevie. A worrying trait we tend to have if he becomes manager one day like Kenny. Legend status on the line.
    3)Our formation hasn’t been concrete simply because Lucas is out. He is the rock and half of our fans have given him a hard time for so long maybe now next season he will be truely appreciated.
    4) Move past the Aquillani phase PLEASE. His wages were ridiculous and we arent in Europe. NO BRAINER.
    5) Andy Carroll will clearly be sold in the summer. He is not Kenny’s player. He never was. He was simply something that had to happen because of Nandos departure.
    6) Strongly believe our younger players have shown capabilities this season that again will go un-noticed because of team performance. Jonjo Shelvey has what it takes to be in the first XI every week. Arsenal did it with Wilshire. We should bite the bullet. Flanagan has been our best player in the games he has played in.
    7) Kuyt, Maxi, Aurelio, Carroll will all be sold in the summer. It is clear as day. They aren’t Kenny’s players and he isn’t going to use them every week.
    8) Senior players eg Reina, Carra and Gerrard MUST take the blame. Why do Hendo, Downing and Adam get blamed for yesterday when Hendo and Downing played 10 mins and Adam is injured.
    Final point: I am truely behind Kenny and I hate the stick the club is getting from the fans. You do have to wonder if the temptation is there for FSG to look at Villas Boas when he was there first target last summer. Hope Kenny turns it around. YNWA

    1. I TOTALLY AGREE WITH EVERYTHING YOU SAID CURTIS! I hope Andy Carroll leaves this summer, he may have certain attributes, but they are not useful to us! Maxi, kuyt aurelio too… Hendo will be class… I am sure of it!
      As for Kenny, my only problem with him is that he did not integrate the new with the old at the beginning of the season! He through all the new players all at once and did not integrate them slowly easing them into LFC and its pressure… that is my only blame to him and since then, players have been criticized and it has clearly affected them!

    You said my words and you’re 100% right.

    ->A thin squad is the major blow which’s costing us pts.
    ->Swallow the pride and sell some floops.

    We need another summer crear-out and summer spending spree.

    “At the end of the storm,there is a golden sky”

  11. Yes after the letting out my frustration of yesterday and calming down a little, when i take stock of the whole season, I asked myself a question if there was any improvement in the team since last season? Well if we look at games since january, I don’t we did anything great with the exception of the League Cup.

    I think we are just not consistent like we are in our Cup runs.

    But didn’t the shitheads start like that when fegie shit joined them?

    Some of us have started calling for Comolli and KD to leave….sigh.

    Even Shanks took time to build up a team capable to go on a winning streak like we did.

    Let’s give KD and Comolli a chance to turn things around.
    Rome wasn’t built in a day…and we don’t want to be like the Chelsea.

    I know Kenny was hurting inside just as bad as or even worse than us. He could have walked away end of last season and still be a loved by us but chose the more difficult path to bring glory back to us.

    In Kenny I Will Trust.

    Looking at the shit heads, they will probably start the drop once Alex shithead retires….that’s why they still holding on to him.

    Stay true and Strong YNWA

  12. Our problem was and is in front of goal.
    1. our counter attack lacks pace
    2. We don’t have enough personals inside the box when we attack.
    It is a tactical issue.

  13. You only publish views of those that you agree with? What’s point of having a fanzine website then?

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