Redmen TV : Newcastle 2-0 Liverpool: Reina Headbutt Sees Reds End With 10

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Liverpool fell to a Cisse brace at the Sports Direct Arena (St.James’s Park) in a game that also saw Pepe Reina sent off for a supposed headbutt on Newcastle United’s James Perch. Following another poor result, The Redmen TV bring you match analysis and the uncensored comments of LFC fans from around the world…


  1. Reina has been terrible for 12 months now, let Doni take his chance. It might be a blessing in disguise!!!!

  2. We are mentally gone, there MUST be something behind the scenes to affect team moral, either that or we have just signed the wrong players. Are English players soft?, I dont think so, goals breed confidence so there lies our entire season, fucked without goals, god that hurts to say that,ynwa.

  3. HAHAHA please TG, don’t make me laugh…i’m from italy and i know well Doni, sometimes he’s capable of good things but often he’s capableof terrible things, you’ll see…Reina is now one of the 3 top goalkeepers in europe with Casillas, Scezny and maybe Neuer, we’re lucky to STILL have him here, yesterday the referee was ridiculous, Pepe doesn’t even touch Perch who started the things and Atkinson send him off (in fact without be certain of that and that a shame.) balancing that with a yellow card to Perch…worst of referees in europe are those of the Premier League i think. That said, it’s clear that Kenny doesn’t have the situation under control anymore and he’ll do the right thing to make a step aside and resign, onestly the situation is the same that i saw with Woy (yes, we’ve win a trophy but onestly we’ve done it with luck vs a championship team after some lucky games like with man city), Rafa is a great MODERN manager and he knows well the situation here, bring him back now until he’s free

  4. When you walk through a storm hold your head up high……
    If we win the FA cup this season we would have won more trophies in one season than Newcastle have in 40 years!
    Come on you Reds!

    1. Fair play general zod! Bang on the money give me 2 trophies any day! More then we have won in a season for a long time!

  5. Well said General Zod…..timely reminder for all of us.
    Look at Arsenal midway thru the season they were calling for Wenger’s head now look where they are at in the League….Give the man a chance….YNWA

  6. Too many instant gratification people flipping out how many clubs go without trophies for decades? Come on kenny fa cup please!

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