Why the doubting?

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By Mike O’Brien

With Liverpool coming under increasing pressure with every bad result more and more questions are being raised over Kenny Dalglish. The Scot has many points for both staying and leaving Anfield and kopites are divided in opinion. But are there legitimate reasons for doubting the king?

For starters Dalglish has suffered a lot of bad luck this season, for starters Liverpool have constantly been denied goals by the goal frame all season, not to mention poor performances from players who offered so much promise. The main culprits of this I feel are Luis Suarez and Andy Carroll. In the second half of last season, Suarez was one of Liverpool’s top performers, for example in the 3-1 home victory against United I felt he was the best player on the pitch despite Kuyt getting a hat trick. Carroll on the other hand was a surprising buy; he was the most impressive player in the Premier League with Newcastle but his deadline day move to Anfield was a shock and even more surprising was his £35m price tag. Even worse, since his arrival he hasn’t exactly set the world on fire, in fact he’s only scored 8 goals whilst wearing a red shirt. But no one could have expected both players to have turned out the way they are. Suarez has become the most controversial player in England which would be acceptable if he could find the back of the net more often whereas Carroll has been nothing but a disappointment.

But it hasn’t all been bad luck; Dalglish has also made his fair share of mistakes with the signings he made in the summer. Granted he brought in players the fans were calling for like Charlie Adam who is another signing who failed to impress during his Anfield career, but there are other signings which raised a few eyebrows like the £20m purchase of Jordan Henderson from Sunderland. At the time this transfer made no sense to me let alone the price. Henderson despite being a constant figure in the Black Cats’ starting XI, never really set the world on fire and at the time we had central midfielders (his preferred role) like Steven Gerrard, Lucas, Raul Meireles and the up and coming Jay Spearing. But everyone deserves a chance to change the fans opinions of them and Henderson has had more than enough in my mind, he doesn’t seem like a player who fits in our team, he is continually played on the right wing where he has minimum effect and with a more effective right winger on the bench in Maxi Rodriguez, his inclusion continues to bemuse me.

But of course it’s unfair to pin player’s performances on the manager; after all he’s not the one on the field. I was amongst the first to blame it all on Hodgson when he got it horribly wrong but the difference between him and Dalglish is that during the Hodgson era, it was obvious the players didn’t want to play for him whereas by some of the performances put in by the Liverpool team in the first half of the season it’s obvious that they are more than happy to play under the King.

Queens Park Rangers, Wigan and Bolton are all teams who’ve beaten us since the turn of the year. Liverpool FC should not be losing to teams like Wigan who year after year gain Premier League survival on the final day of the season, and even if we do lose, it shouldn’t be a game we look back on and think, we deserved that. So results have been unbelievable since the turn of the year but I would say the players are more to blame than the manager for that one.

But we shouldn’t overlook all the positive points Kenny has racked up since returning last January. Wins against the likes of Chelsea, City and United gave Liverpool fans hope for the future under Dalglish last season. This season has also given us some memorable days, Premier League double over Everton, victory at the Emirates and of course our first ever visit to the new Wembley, so this season hasn’t been all bad.

But a few dates to think about, 13th May 2006 and 23rd of May 2007. The 13th was the last time Liverpool won a trophy when they defeated West Ham in the FA Cup final on penalties whereas the 23rd was the last time Liverpool reached a cup final when they lost to AC Milan in the Champions League final. 26th February 2012, the day Liverpool lifted the Carling Cup and ended a five and a half year trophy drought.

Kenny bringing home our first trophy in five years is one positive side to his management reign but I think it goes so much deeper than just winning the cup. Pre season, all kopites knew we needed something to be at the end of the 2011/12 season whether that is a trophy or a spot in next seasons Champions League. Unlike Rafa Benitez Kenny listened and prioritised the so called ‘Mickey Mouse’ cup and the fact that he started players like Suarez, Adam and Skrtel for a 2nd round tie at Exeter City clearly shows he intended to bring a cup home for the fans.

But away from the Carling Cup success, the team Kenny built was excelling in one specific area, the defence. The combination of Enrique, Agger, Skrtel and Johnson was the best defence in the Premier League for the first half of the season and was the corner stone of many of Liverpool’s fantastic performances. It was often said of Liverpool that we outplayed every team we played but just couldn’t get the goals and I agree. The current run of form can largely be seen as being due to the injuries suffered by Agger and Johnson and even Martin Kelly who looked to be a great replacement for Johnson. I think that once both Agger and Johnson return; which shouldn’t be too long away Liverpool will have a hope of improving their performances and with it, their results.

Despite all the criticism Dalglish has earned over transfers, what about the transactions he made that were a spark of genius? None shows this more than the purchase of left back Jose Enrique. Enrique has been sensational for Liverpool down the Left wing this season and clearly better than the previous attempts at finding the perfect left back having gone through the likes of Andrea Dossena, Fabio Aurelio and Emiliano Insua. Dalglish’s other left sided signing was Stewart Downing. Downing got his fair share of criticism at the start of the season when he showed a hesitance to do the most basic duties of a left winger, but in recent performances he has looked much more promising and I would like to see what he can do in the near future.

Away from his current managerial stint at Liverpool Kenny has one more success that makes him a worthy candidate for his current role. He is a member of a very short list which contains Alex Ferguson, Arsene Wenger, Jose Mourinho, Carlo Ancelotti and the King. This is the list of managers who have ever won the Premier League, you can literally count them on one hand and I would back any of them to do it again providing they have the right squad available to them.

So in my opinion I find it fruitless to sack Dalglish with a month and a half of the season left as the team wont benefit from it and with an FA Cup semi final against the bitter rivals Everton to come and a possible final after that it would do more harm than good. Furthermore I feel that Dalglish can turn Liverpool around and that his first season may have been what some would call a failure but I see it as the beginning of a process that has needed to happen for a long time and that is the embrace of youth.



  1. He’s got to stay. Like the man said himself “success takes time”, we’ve got to give him time and support, but you cannot hide the fact he and Comolli (strangely he hasn’t come under criticism as far as I know) have made some very poor deals. Players like Charlie Adam, Stewart Downing and Andy Carroll are mid-table players and even Jordan Henderson was a massive risk. We need a proper goalscorer because Suarez is clearly a creator of chances. If we got a goalscorer then we would be firing towards the top 4 because we just can’t convert chances. Praying for a winger or 2 and a striker or 2 in the summer because by god do we need them.

    1. Charlie Adam has more assists this season than the heavily praised Gareth Bale. The problem for Charlie is the position he is playing in. For Blackpool he was there Steven Gerrard. Edge of the box player. The opponents box that is-not his own like he is at Liverpool!
      Henderson people should be extremely cautious about criticizing. He is young, and quite simply-look what happened with the last scapegoat Lucas.

    2. no caution needed,adam is a 500k footballer,that rangers offloaded(i have watched scottish footy for many years),he was garbage up in that league. why was he not snapped up by anyone other than blackpool??? after all,what a fantastic left foot!! when kenny went up to collect him,he forgot to remind adam to bloody well bring it with him!!!!!! utter,utter, crap, and embarrassing that he was thought worthy of replacing the likes of alonso. a pub footballer…..my apologies to all pub leaguers everywhere,you are far better.

    3. Sean…….Make your mind up m8, one minute you’re saying that,’he’s got to stay’, next minute you’re saying that he sign crap.

      I agree with your latter comment. He has gone the ‘By British way’ and bought crap, and paying OBCENE money for them. I say that, he should do the honourable thing, and resign, before he gets sacked!.

  2. One name missed out in all this. Comoli.
    Did Kenny have any say in the transactions?
    Does Comoli just go by press reports, because all of the recent buys, apart from enriquez, were highly touted, three as England Internationals.
    The signing had a touch of management think, rather than long standing scouting.
    Kenny needs to copy Shankly and get Rush, Aldridge et al to go check the championship players.

  3. Guys, I absolutely adore Kenny, he was an idol during ‘my’ time and ‘my’ prime. He IS the manager, and good or bad he is ultimately the first man responsible for the positive or negative performances of the team. We ALL had doubts on the players bought, bar Suarez, Enrique and Bellamy (I would add Coates with those), and most of us agree that with the money spent we could have ‘got’ better quality players. What worries me is that we had a ‘scoring’ issue from the word go and NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING was done in January to correct this. For me that is either digging your heels in to prove a point, or else no one was interested to come to Liverpool! The season has not gone according to plan and the ‘works in progress’ cliche is now stale! I will never call for Kenny to be axed, but something’s gotta change, BIGTIME!

  4. I agree with a lot of this article. The problem, or problems, as I see it are this;
    1) We don’t have enough ‘winners’ in the team. Players who cannot possibly stomach losing in a Liverpool shirt. Reina, Skrtel, Gerrard, Carragher and Suarez are, but none of the others are. Consequently, when we go behind, the heads drop ie. Wigan, Newcastle and after QPR equalised.
    2) Lucas. I was one of his critics when he first turned up. How did we get the only Brazilian who can’t pass or shoot? But he’s really developed into an essential part of the midfield, which is so obvious now he’s been missing.
    3) Defensive errors. These are compounded by Lucas’ absence. Even Skrtel and Enrique are making mistakes, but opposing sides are getting through where they weren’t pre-Christmas.
    4) No goals. If you add 15-20 goals to our season, we’d be challenging for 3rd or 4th. That’s not just from a striker, the midfield need to do it too.

    The first problem leads to players who aren’t completely confident. Nearly every game we come out of the blocks and really go at teams, but don’t score. At home, this leads to the crowd getting edgy and that translates to the players. Anfield crowds used to be patient.

    We need these ‘new’ players to stop feeling lucky to be given the shirt and start believing they are good enough to earn the right to wear it.

  5. Hi guys, thanks for the replies this is my article and i appreciate the responses. I totally agree with you sean, its an issue I’m touching on in a piece I’m writing now and John you’re right but its difficult to see how big a part Comolli has been playing in the decisions on who we sign.

    Also if anyone wants to they can follow me on twitter @mike_oby_92 or view my blog where all these posts go on http://viewfromthespionkop.blogspot.co.uk/

  6. what i cant get is you over look some of kD mistakes well i will try out a few you dont want to mention and help you look and talk about them next time,
    -letting aquaman go
    -playing Henderson on the right don’t blame Henderson but kenny killing his confidences
    -poor tactical substitutions and timing
    -not buying a prolific strikers in January whilst we knew we need one
    -claiming not to bring anyone in the next transfer season and not giving a fare share to our best players e.g. Maxi BellAmy

    the next one is a serious problem which should be considered

    -keep on playing flops his British buys game in and out

    -not wanting to give younger guys a chance e.g. Shelvey Sterling Suso
    -raul should have not been sold considering he was our best player last season
    -he is too stubborn doesn’t listen

    I don’t think any one would trust KD with any money to buy players he is probably going to sell maxi and bring in another British someone who wont bring competition to his mediocre players which Liverpool don’t require.

    He is a legend but not perfect i believe he should move upstairs look at what newcastle did with 35million + 7mill from enrique.

    Kenny has been out of football for too long. Comoli is not going a good job too long

  7. We are going to be the only team in Premier League history who claim after 38 games, that our league position belies our ability. The only team who claim the frame of the goal is why we are 10th or wherever we eventually end up.
    Kenny plays the victim in nearly every press conference. You know what, it would hearten me a great deal if he simply came out and said the players aren’t doing it, they are playing for their futures, and I apologise for my mistakes because I’ve made many…I’ll try and do better.
    Winning the carling cup because we took it seriously does not a good season make. Winning the FA Cup would paper over some cracks, but it will take some winning still. No-one would say it is likely. we have drawn a team ahead of us in the lge, and the other semi final is being contested by two teams 11 and 16 points ahead of us. We are 4th favourites. We have to be.
    So a nice try at some positivity, but get real. We need a change in the summer, and we WILL get one. Henry’s finger is on the trigger.

  8. Make no mistake, these are Kenny’s signings, Comoli just does the deals. Like you all, I’d like the team to come good but we all know the players signed last summer are not LFC standard and KD can’t make them play. New manager needed first and foremost!

      1. Who? Who?,,,,you’re beginning to sound like an owl!…………so i’ll tell you WHO….RAFA all the way

      2. Rafa didnt want to leave us, his downfall came about because of the previous owners reluctance to back him fully on players, the only player of note being Torres. Alonso played himself into a big money move, as did Mascherano, Keane, im not so sure about, but all managers make mistakes, but on the whole Rafa’s ideology united the squad and fans, and our league format had some teeth(albeit for the lack of funding i mentioned), over his tenure he had alot to spend, but in dribs n drabs. Id like to see him back, he’s younger than Kenny, never took a break from the game, even now he’s studious, keeping a house in Liverpool, and hoping for the job back, id get Rafa, sell carroll, resign Torres to partner Suarez, as was planned, and look to bring Morgan sterling suso cody, into the first team action, I think With henrys backing Rafa would attract top signings in spain, the average ENGLISH mentality we have in our squad is killing us in the league, Kenny will always be a legend, but after the fa cup run he should step down before someone snaps up Rafa, giving rafa enough time to prepare us for next season.

  9. Why the doubting?

    Perhaps because after a massive spend we have a worse team that at the end of last season. We lie behind Everton in the table and have relegation form. We are actually closer points wise to the relegation zone than the champions league positions.

    The carling cup in the modern era is a mickey mouse cup, I am happy we won it as it does mean UEFA cup next season. But lets not start jerking off after beating a championship side on penalties.

    I will look at the positives IF we win the FA cup, if we don’t win that the season has been a disaster.

  10. Finally a sensible article on LFC. I am so tired of seeing how the ‘great’ Liverpool fans turned on Kenny. What happened to patience in football? Why have we turned into Chelsea supporters expecting to win the league as soon as we get in new owners?? It will take years. Our squad was a mess having been left to fester for years. Our youth policy was barely existent although Rafa had done his eat to improve it.
    In Kenny’s first full season in charge he has won a trophy, got us into a second semi final and finally sorted out our left back issue that has been unresolved for years! But no…. We expect him to sort everything out in the 1st year. Kenny has a 3 year contract, he deserves the full 3 years for what he has done for us. If we do worse next season than we have this season then maybe we can look for a new manager but there really is no one else inwould rather see at the helm!

    1. Totally agree!!!, any knobhead can ring Talksport from Manchester and slag off Kenny as a ‘Liverpool fan’, KK know’s the score!!!!……………..The players need a real roasting but KK protects them too much!!!

      1. He protects them, cause he Fg bought that cr*p, and keeps hoping that they’ll come good, which they never will, no matter how hard they’ll try!, cause like everyone, with a little bit of football knowledge can see that, CHAD are nowhere near LFC quality.

  11. If we had another good striker we would be in the top four now all this hitting the wood work then the injury,s at the back left us were we are i think we are a few players of competing at the top

  12. In my view the weakness is in midfield. Lucas is a big loss, and Gerrard’s hat trick game shows what we are usually missing this year. Meireles should have been kept. We need a young attacking midfielder of the highest quality to fill Gerrard’s shoes.

  13. This is the funniest I have read for many a week!….quote, ” for starters Liverpool have constantly been denied goals by the goal frame all season,”….unquote. So that nasty goal woodwork has been dodging around the area like a free spirit and blocking shots on goal? What drivel then comes after!

  14. Seems like a sensible article for a change. The finger should be pointed at senior players such as Reina, Carra and Gerrard. They are the ones who havent delivered. I am growing tired of the same people getting stick when others are going un-noticed. When was the last time Reina had a world class game? When was the last time Carra gave a man of the match performance? Hat-trick vs Everton aside, when has Stevie G played well? The fact remains Kenny has been ridiculously loyal to “HIS” players, i.e Adam, Hendo, Downing, Enrique etc when really perhaps Kuyt/Maxi for example should have played more often. We have chopped and changed the XI far, far too much. We should have had a set midfield and attack at the very least. I cant name our first choice XI. But hey, I am not the manager. Finally, we have such a nice run of fixtures to end the campaign, we can still end up with a greater points total than last season with 2 trophies-SUCCESS. YNWA turn it around Kenny.

  15. I think that the teams
    lack of stamina is showing …..get Sammy Lee back to whip them into shape.

  16. if anyone watched sunday supplement last week it was mentioned that connoli was in america recently and got grilled by FSG over the lower performing signings. this says to me he had a pretty large part in if not signing them at least putting them forward to be signed.

    regardless of that does lfc want to become yet another team that changes its managers like its undies and suffers the long term damage for it? we had problems pre-kenny, these will take time, patience and somebody with real heart and passion for the club to sort out. that somebody is kenny imo.

    1. Comolli was in America last week to announce the US tour in the summer……………..don’t listen to the tosser press who hate all things Liverpool…………FFS!!!!

  17. @James

    You use a common argument that people who want Kenny out have no patience. No one expected to win the league this season, I honestly thought that top 4 might be a bit too ambitious. After the cash outlay then you expect an improvement on last season, but in fact we have gone backwards.

    Kenny bought the players he wanted and got rid of better players in the process. No one denies most of the buys have been hugely disappointing. If we want to talk about tactics, there is a constant swapping and changing. Players do well one game and get dropped for the next. I feel sorry for some of the new buys, particularly Henderson who has never had a chance in his natural central position. When Suarez was banned I would of expected Carroll to play every game, but no!

    Kenny managed to break up Miereles, Maxi, Kuyt and Suarez who had managed to play brilliant last season, even without Gerrard!

    1. Swapping and changing exactly. I am behind Kenny all the way but this to me is a big catalyst in our downfall. I can count numerous occasions this season when Bellamy, Maxi, Carroll and Kuyt have all scored and not started the next game. Even Downing more recently! I could even throw Coates into the mix, perhaps after scoring against QPR (despite the defeat) he should have been kept in, his confidence must have been sky high.

    2. Same negative comments from you on Liverpool kop site, maybe if you managed your expectations better and stopped playing championship manager you’d realise how hard it is to build a challenging side. Instead of spo

  18. Get off kennys back .the players r not producing.now all they have left is the facup .and those chosen for pl games won’t be busting a gut .scared they might get a knock or at worse there hair ruffled. Have faith

    1. If the players aren’t performing then whose fault is it? The Liverpool way is if someone doesn’t perform then a player waiting in the wings is given a chance. If they perform they keep their place. But Kenny has his favourites and that is why the team moral is not good.

      All they have left is the FA cup? This is the problem someone needs to kick their backsides and tell em the league is everything to LFC. If they can’t play well in more than one competition they don’t belong at LFC.

      No more excuses!

  19. What Liverpool lack is a killer instinct that’s all, KK is going to be fine. Liverpool are debt-free, Commercially better than ever, have a great academy and could win a cup double. How many clubs can say that??

    Football is about up’s and down’s and you get on with it, Liverpool are well placed to do very well over the next 10 years and FSG know it. 70,000 on the season ticket waiting list and a full house every game, does any of this sound like a club in crisis????

    1. Just a thought preseason we had in the Liverpool squad Raul miereles and Alberto aquilani. Aquilani was by far are best preseason player, but we will end up losing him for peanuts.

      Both left Liverpool and have ended up in the champions league quarter finals. Miereles scored the winning goal tonight and will be playing Barcelona in the semi final. Dalglish did not care for either player as they were not British

      What does this say to current Liverpool players, stay at the club and be praised for winning the carling cup or leave and play in Europe. Keeping Kenny will trigger a player exodus because these guys have short careers and don’t view everything Dalglish does through rose tinted specs.

      Maxi will leave next, who knows even Suarez.

  20. To all those here in support of KD.

    Throw your sentimentality out the window, and support who you are suppose to be supporting…..LIVERPOOL FC….not a bunch of manegerial loosers.

  21. To be honest if you think the players bought are any good,apart from Enrique,then you are looking at different players than i am because Jorden Henderson is NOT a Liverpool player,to be honest could you see Chelsea ,united arsenal buying him?no you cant,so why did we?Andy carrol,same again,Downing Adam,not LIVERPOOL PLAYERS,so while you all say they are o.k.think!!who,s team would they get in the prem?Wolves maybe!!!!!

  22. Everyone who defends Kenny is ridiculous because he’s doing pretty much the same season that Woy did, and don’t tell me it’s all about unluck because i think that our carling cup road is been very lucky, the two games with man city and penalties with a championship team, if you’re happy with a lucky carling cup, i’m not, i prefer to play in champions league and see great players come here over win a carling cup and see OUR great players leave every year. That said NO ONE is more important than the club so Kenny should go because the transfers and the results are onestly sad, too many big errors, wrong over paid players (ridiculously over paid), players put in the pitch in wrong positions (Gerrard, Henderson) and a very poor game plan with no ideas with continues changes in the starting eleven, i like Kenny as person but as manager he’s to old school, the Premier League is changed too much in those past 15 years with european managers and players, Kenny is not enough for this job today, Benitez is.

  23. I also read a lot of errors in the main article…sorry Guest but the luck factor is nothing in 30 games, if you’re a mid ranking team there’s something else that has nothing to do with unluck, because again, we won the carling with luck in a couple of games but if you suck in 30 games there’s much more. I already said that almost every player we bought last summer has been over paid (and that’s a Kenny responsibility) but if Henderson plays in wrong position (like Gerrard) it’s also a Kenny’s error, if we bought Carroll without surround him with skilled and fast players it’s a Kenny’s error, if the starting line up continues to change is a Kenny’s error. You say that we can’t blame Kenny for the poor performances of those players because they’re on the pitch and noy Kenny…WHAT!!?? he bought mediocre players paying them like top players and also he puts them in wrong positions on the pitch and you say we should blame the players!? NO WAY, if the players are mediocre the responsibility is of who bought them.

  24. If we can’t win with mediocre teams like QPR, Wigan ecc…it’s because we’re not able to apply enough pressure with our offensive plays and that’s pretty obvious since we play without skilled players, no dribbles, no speed, no technic, Suarez and Gerrard (in front of defence…LOL) are not enough, versus better teams we have more chances for the opposite, big teams plays more offensively so we have always more chances to punish them. But again, it’s totally useless to beat few top teams when you can’t win a single game with the other 15 teams. Sorry than, but Kenny have built nothing, cause our defence is the same of the last 3/4 years (Jose’ is the weakest part of our defence) and that’s the Rafa’s defence. You say “Downing in recent performances has looked much more promising…”, we see two different players, i see Ashley Young (few millions) and than i see Downing (20!!! millions).

    1. Rory ashley young did not want to join liverpool, its no good saying we could have got this player for much less then the player we got if player a does not want to join. Next you’ll blame kenny for not signing messi and missing out the next ronaldo. Can you keep your wishlists to the real world twat.

      1. Yeah, i know about A.Young but it’s an example, Liverpool must be in a run with great players, if there’s no chance in that moment (as last summer probably) why do you must buy a flop like Downing? keep the cash and use it in the future and give that space to Pacheco and Sterling, that said, it’s obvious why A.Young have choose ManU, and that’s because they’re constantly at the top in Premier and they always play in Champions League, if we can’t do that we’ll always see players snub us even for other teams. However sorry for the grammar but i’m from Italy and i’m writing with ps3 pad so, my english plus pad = s**t xD

  25. Anyway thanks for the article it would be nice to see a follow up. Maybe counter points to some the ideas myself and others have put forward.

    Or perhaps think about it from the owners perspective would you trust Kenny with another 100+ million in transfers for next season?

  26. if utd werent patient with fergie where would they be? 1st season 11th 2nd season 2nd but then 11th again next season. lots of calls for him to go then. kenny has done so much for us and then we give him a hard time cos he hasnt won the league in his first full season( how dare he ) just a cup maybe two, ‘ the cheek of him ‘. john aldridge said he was embarrassed to be a liverpool fan right now cos of the way we’re performing, well when i read some of the crap on these sites (not the article which i totally agree with) im ashamed to call myself a red. kenny deserves our patience,respect and total loyalty.he’s our leader, you’ll never walk alone means something to some of us,pity more dont agree.

  27. Good article and good points. I don’t want to sound like an old nag but…the writing in this article is atrocious. You are a good writer and I suggest you take some grammar classes. I’m being serious here mate, I can’t stand reading poor grammar (can’t believe I’m saying this, guess I’m getting old). Anyway-keep up the good work but try to fine tune the art of writing and you can go a long way!

  28. Kenny has just been complacent I wonder what he teaches his players during training sessions..Kenny doesn’t seem to have a consistent first 11 he keeps rotating players coupled wiv old tactics.We don’t have a proven goalscorer in our team..There is pressure on Kenny to win the F.A Cup if he doesn’t everyone will demand his head especially if we loose to our bitter rivals…Kenny’s signings has been poor and appaling the reason why he signed henderson I don’t know especially when all fans was expecting to see a right winger he went for a midfielder at times these managers act dumb and he shouldn’t have let Raul Miereles go very daft decision there isn’t it??..As much as I see Rafa interested I don’t wish to see him because he’s another dumb manager who’s selfish interest always come first before the team..I can only urge FSG to search deep a proven manager in Europe that can take us to the next level I doubt Kenny is up for European challenge

    1. “because he’s (Rafa) another dumb manager who’s selfish interest always come first before the team”…

      It’s not the first time that i read this thing and it’s really one of the most no sense things ever, what does this mean? come on, just talk about real things plz, EVERY PERSON could make errors or be to much confident about himself, but, “manager who’s selfish interest always come first before the team” it’s just ridiculous. Who do you want in charge? Klopp, Klinsmann like Hicks and Gillette or Allardyce? Come on man…

  29. kk should be blame for liverpool woeful performance,godsake why should he believe so much on english players?he sold raul mereiles to chelsea and so other good players and purchase average players look at what he has cause to himself although its not to late he can still sell them and get so good quality players outside england we need black players in liverpool.

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