The Daily EOTK : 8th April 2012 – Liverpool F.C. and football news updates

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Happy Easter

We ended up 1-1 against Villa yesterday more…
(Not stellar but hopefully we will build on this)

Kenny was frustrated at the referee more…
(All these referees went to the school of Webb)

The Hillsborough to Anfield run is this week, please donate for this excellent cause more…
(As little as 96p, DO IT. no matter where you live you can donate via PayPal)

Kuyt’s agent says that Dirk is happy at Anfield more…

Lucas claims that we have a lot of talent more…

Tommy Smith talks about Liverpool’s season more…
(Can’t agree more with him) 

Wembley pubs to split up fans more…
(Now that is nice splitting up families. Also why do they claim that for the first time ever they will ban drinking in the street? They imposed that ban before the Carling Cup Final)

And the Mirror is linking Carroll with a move away more…
(Don’t buy it) 

No matter how bad things have been remember that they could have been worse more…
(Roy’s best season is surviving relegation now about that for an over achiever)

Ian Holloway ranks Moyes higher than Mourinho more…
(I will have whatever he is drinking) 

And finally congrats to Celtic who have won the SPL title more…

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  1. Hey Antoine. L-Ghid It-Tajjeb habib!
    Now to some of your comments on latest news:
    I do hope we realise that there are 4 teams that can overtake us or be level with us if we…lose the next game!
    Kenny has every right to be frustrated at the referee, as much as we have a right to be frustrated at the dismal way we have been playing for the past 4/5 weeks (League Cup Final included).
    If Ian Holloway says that Moyes better than Mourinho he has a point. He even has a right to say that. Why? Because Ian Holloway is by far a better reader of the game than Kenny, and because Jose Mourinho has won everything managing three teams were spending was NEVER an issue. I’d love to see Mourinho managing Blackpool….but then you never know.

  2. carroll can go to wherever he like,he’s a calamity to lfc.good and better players sometimes suffer injuries but bad players never suffer any injury,these callibre of players is where carroll belongs.the 35 million is already sunked

  3. Carroll can go, we dont need him.
    waste of money, waste of space in the team, a complete flop.
    A striker who cant break into a team struggling for goals.

  4. I don’t think Carroll is a waste. Have a look at Newcastle, Their last 3 strikers have caused havoc in the premier league, whether it was Carroll, Ba or more recently Cisse. On the other hand playing for Liverpool, Suarez and Carroll both have lost their goal scoring ability. The player with the most assists last season for Aston villa has failed to provide any this season. I am no footballing genius, however, pleasure is a thought – What If we had a genuine right winger in the team? A person who would give genuine width to Liverpool, will give downing that bit of extra space, will pull the midfielders and defenders of the opposite team towards the right which will give our midfielders more time and space on the ball and also give the service to strikers. One missing link to solve all problems. Yesterday, as soon as Gerrard had started playing on the right.. The dynamics if the game had completely changed. In my opinion, we just need one genuine right winger to set things right. Your opinion?

  5. What about youngsters? Where is coates? Where is sterling? Shelvey and flanagan are third or fourth choice… Carroll let me laugh there a good striker in france called giroud for 12m comolli you’ll never sleep alone

  6. I’m happy to hear that word from in the team is that we have some quality talent. I really think the players we have are a good base for a team. However, I think we do need to buy some top talent again this summer and not get rid of anyone (maybe Carroll…haha!) I was reading the other day that back in the day even Ian Rush was getting frustrated because he was on the bench for a long time until he developed as a player a bit better.

    …however if hard decisions need to be made I hope Kenny has the wisdom to make them. God bless him! Best ever at LFC!

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