Will Kenny Walk Alone?

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15 months ago, a man nearing 60 with a well paying laid back job, at a place he loves, cut off his vacation cruise to hear your cries by taking on one of the most challenging jobs given the nature of the task at hand. Within 15 months, he has given us a trophy, he has brought us to within 180 minutes of another and he has given us many memorable wins. He helped us when we needed someone to lift the gloom. Today, when everything may not be working well for him, would we turn our backs on him? I will not. In Kenny I Trust.

When Kenny came back on, I was concerned about if the things didn’t work well. I didn’t want his last image at the club to be of a defeated or a failed manager. In fact, his answer to those queries pretty much summed up what Kenny is about. He thought he couldn’t not take the responsibility. Let’s be clear, he hasn’t done it for the money. He has made enough and was still having a decent job to probably take care of his needs and leave a little surplus. He did it because he felt he needed to do it for the club, for the fans, for us.

Very soon there was a swarm of Kenny t-shirts and replica shirts being bought by the fans. He was probably adored more than any other player at one point – Stevie was out injured, Torres had left. Fans would give him the keys to their house but suddenly there’s a lot of ‘blame Kenny’ on forums, social networking sites etc. However, let’s see what a task he had on his hands. He had to rebuild almost the entire team. Reina, Skrtel, Agger, Johnson, Gerrard, Lucas are the only names that come to mind from the previous squad who get an automatic start. And then the bench was shoddy too. He bought his players and some click immediately, some a little while later and some don’t at all. While it is fair to say that some signings haven’t performed as well as they should have, wouldn’t it be a tough ask for more than half the team to come on board and start gelling well specially when they play ‘pass-and-move’ which needs more understanding among players? Anyway, I am not here to justify the results and I personally don’t like where we are in the league right now, nobody should. Let’s say that the past few weeks haven’t gone Kenny’s way. Meaning he isn’t having a great time and my question to the fans is whether we will turn our backs on him when he needs us the most? Would you let him walk alone? I wouldn’t. I’m sure the owners wouldn’t either. I’m confident that the players he command would never. Would you?




  1. The Kenny doubters are mainly impatient children with no grasp of the real world and the clubs financial situation. The poor signings are the work of that useless French clown Comolli and the strange Moneyball scheme the Americans are so keen on. Anyway Rafa Benitez will be back tomorrow. just to please the doubters. LOL

  2. This is the thing, because it’s KD he deserves a chance, that does not wash with me! I know the clubs financial situation we spent 100+ million on pure bollocks. The only signings I’ve been pleased with are Enrique, Bellamy and Coates to a certain extent. The rest have been puke, Suarez was already on his way before Kenny arrived. We sold Meireles arguably our best player last season for `

  3. 14 million, and replaced him with Henderson and Adam for a combined fee of something like 25 million. Both of them haven’t performed, how many assists does Downing have? Downing has always been a decent player but we spent crazy money on someone who’s just average. We just need to look at Newcastle and even Everton who spent a fraction of what we spent and are having better seasons than us! Now Evertons financial situation is really something serious! And don’t get me started on Carroll, We could have got Emile Heskey and he’d be better than that long streak of piss! Sorry my comment was split in two!

  4. I have to agree, you could not have put any better. the kids as you call them.. are just glory hunters.. One cant love our position right now, but calling for Kenny’s head oh so does not help…

  5. People are apt to throw the baby out with the bath water. It’s the same type of knee jerk reaction that Chelsea has adopted to a downturn in form and has had them replace the managers front door with a revolving door. Let them howl. It’s the emptiest vessels that make the most noise

  6. of course kenny is the right man but he has to take his portion of the blame for some players that he has signed that are simply not good enough. adam, henderson, downing were all signed by him, not commoli, kenny is the boss and he ultimately decides who is signed, commoli makes reccomendations, he does not sign players himself. kenny would not take being overruled one bit on signings. but he needs to make the right decisions in terms of signings this summer, and avoid some of the mistakes he made last summer to avoid yet another season without champions league football.

  7. If we lose to Everton and dont win again this season it will still be a success. I have never doubted Kenny and never will. He is a genius and forgotten more about football than most will ever know.
    You would have to be blind stupid or both not to see the improvement throughout the tram despite the results. In Kenny I most definitely trust.

  8. I believe in KD, he is a manager that can turn his players round and bring glory to Anfield!! Patients is Key

  9. Fair play to ya… nice little article… while Kenny isn’t above blame in this, there’s NO way he should be getting the grief he has been. give him time to turn it around.. too many people are being unrealistic in thinking we’re automatic title contenders / champions league worthy… Houllier was given 5 years, Benitez another 5, while progress was made in those regimes, it wasn’t enough to get us over the hump and bring the title to anfield… Now after 15 months, that’s barely 3 transfer windows, people are saying Kenny out… idiots…

  10. Those Supporters that are calling for Kennys head should take a look at themselves first , Rome wasn’t built in a day and if you don’t like it there’s always Chelshit and Citeh . In Kenny I trust .

  11. i know kenny will win the league and it does take time to build a team and some people forget what this man has done for the city and the club the same type ov fools who shouted for wenger to leave arsenal they make me sick now lets beat the blueshi@e and go to wembley in may

  12. He will never walk alone of course! A typically sentimentil and romantic article about KD situation. He is fail to fullfil the target that owner and fans expect, and he will replace with the competitive manager and he still never walk alone if he fired, he still our legend! U need to reflective your mind if you are the owners and all the investment u made is out of target, imagine the 2 players that we bought (carrol and enrique) in the high price and in the end we will stand below the club (newcastle)that we take out those 2 key players. Thats absurd! Stop stenimental act and get realistic!

  13. Loved the article. I have the same sentiments. Fans can be really fickle at times (although there is no doubt liverpool should be higher up the table). In Kenny I Trust. YNWA

  14. God. Enough! One (very lucky) win against Blackburn does nothing but paper over the cracks. An inform Everton will beat us on Saturday and then it’s just one Caring Cup (prize money £100 000) for the season. That’s a great return for the Americans outlay.

    I can only hope that Henry is not as blinkered as you all and does the right thing by letting Dalglish go in the Summer.

  15. thanks so lot antoine for the daily news it’s always a good time for me i was fan since 1976 i hope we’ll be back soon

  16. Can’t forget what he has done for us over the years. No one man is bigger than the club but our history and I believe our future is intwined with the king of the kop. Keep the faith real red fans. Things haven’t been great lately but if you show him and the team your support we will march on (although we still need some QUALITY) signings in the summer to step up to another level. We have GOT to do better next season.

  17. Anyone saying that kenny must go is not a true suppoerter of the club. Kenny is a legend and his character is what LFC is about… He sticks by his team and supports them the best he can. Every decision he makes is in the best interest of the club. Until the latest steak of results he was being hailed as a hero, now some want him gone. No true LFC supporter should be that fickle. Kenny, all true supporters have got your!!! YNWA!!!

  18. While some of KK selection tactics has now worked well and I do hate the position we are right now, there is no point in removing kenny and replace with another manager. This is a knee-jerk reaction.

    I just hope we can beat everton and also win the last 3 match so we can focus on next season. IMHO we should start looking at our young players and how to bring them into first team.

    Guys, removing kenny will not make liverpool a title challenger overnight what we need is to address the issues we have with our new signings and make sure they are fit to wear the shirts

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