Comolli is gone, what is next?

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I am sure that you have all heard the news by now that Damien Comolli has parted company with FSG.

Many questions start popping up now.

Will Liverpool replace him as Director of Football?

Do we need a Director of Football?

Has Moneyball failed?

Does Kenny now have 100% control on transfers?

What is the future for Kenny?

One thing is sure it is going to be a very interesting summer.



  1. Glad he’s gone if I’m honest………hoping for sum better transfers now. Rumour has it David Dein is settin to replace him or Ian Ayre. Hoping Kenny will be given more time!

  2. What’s with the Johann Cruff interest rumour? Do we need a director of football? I don’t think so. What we need are a better scouting network

  3. Rumour has it that there is interest in Cruff. Think of Arnsen at Chelsea & other DFs and i see no major contribiution from DFs. With a wise manager & an efficient scouting network, i do not think we need one.

  4. I think Comolli is getting the blame for the poor performances of the big buys. The owners wanted top 4 and were probably assured by the Director of football this would be so. He is the director not Kenny, so he is the one who must take full responsibility. Maybe the owners will change things around.
    This season has been poor despite the cup success and not where we want to be.

  5. Glad he has gone really. Not sure how he got a job at Liverpool with the mess he made at St Etienne before us, and apart from the odd signing, he wasn’t much good at Spurs Either. If he was supposed to help take us to the next level in terms of giving Dalglish reports on players who can help our team and for our future, then I think he needed to go. If we are going to have a Director of Football, then we need a person who doesn’t just look at the players stats etc. We need a REAL expert. In my opinion the perfect replacement is Johan Cruyff. He has just left Ajax after a huge power struggle behind the scenes and surely his expertise would help us. Will he be interested though? that’s really the only question.

  6. I’m aware that our transfers were part of Comolli’s fault. But a bit surprise with his sacking. Kenny’s recent comment saying that the players are his choice, means Comolli was to blame for the player’s valuation. But Comolli didn’t work at full power like he did at Spurs or Arsenal, if he had worked with full authority we’d already have at least 1 player from ligue 1, this shows the owners policy of transfers makes it hard for Comolli.

  7. First off a reaction to andy JC hasnt left Ajax he’s just not in a formal role anymore for the outside world but still pulls all the strings @ Ajax behind the scenes so i doubt he’s a option for the job.

    About Comolli if he’s the one who did the transfers for LFC he should have been fired on the spot after paying that sum for Andy. Andy is def a good player and a big talent who will prove him selves to the club in due time but a player with the exp of Andy and the young age doesn’t deserve that price to be payed ever. It only puts pressure on the lad that will drag him back into his development and will give extreme pressure on a player cause he has to preform instantly or the fans will chew him up.

    I believe a manager can only preform his job 100% if he gets a free hand in the first team and full support of fans, directors, players, etc. If a manager has to debate every move he makes then in my eyes there is no trust in him and he should not have been a pointed.

    For me personally KD has made some odd choices for example by not letting Maxi or Kuyt play more even do they have been ace when they got there chance. But i’m a LFC supporter and i stand behind my team and the manager of it, and if rumors are true and KD wants Maxi and Kuyt to leave in the summer transfer window i’ll be sad to see them leave but will be more eager to see what new developments he has in mind to bring the club to the level not just the fans want but the board of directors demands.

    As fan you can be sure of 1 thing KD his heart lays with LFC and he will do everything in his power to bring the club it’s glory days back, all that we fans and the owners have to do is fully support him and be patient.

  8. Honestly, I don’t know quite who to blame. The players just haven’t lived up to certain expectations, and when some have “fired” then others have slumped. Kenny is a legend, but sometimes his team choices and tactics are a bit, well, subject to interpretation I guess.

    However, I do feel that Comolli, while a smart man, has not really done what a Director of Football is supposed to do. In a business (which is essentially what any football club is) it is the responsibility of those on top to ensure the smooth running of the organisation, and they should be held accountable for when it doesn’t.

    Honestly, Comolli did not bring in players of the required quality for LFC to be realistically challenging for the title. “Buying British” is a silly thing to do when there are so many quality players out there. Why blinker yourself? That is a very risky corporate strategy, with very high risk for low payoff. Especially considering the price.

    I agree with Andy above. I think that Cruyff WOULD be a good replacement. Not only for his youth experience but he has a very keen eye for talent and perhaps he can bring new, fresh faces and the quality that LFC deserves.

  9. One clear thing:

    For all he’s done in the past, for the way he on and the pitch made the club, for his last return to the club and the immediat impact he made, for all the deep love he got to the club, King Kenny is unsackable, but movable or promotable to a new role close… a new coach

    Any true lfc fan can ask kk to be sack

  10. Announcing this 2 days before a semi final makes no sense. I’m tipping that he knew he was on the way out (possibly due to the exorbitant fees paid in the summer) but actually had family reasons that accelerated the inevitable.
    Actually think that in the long run we will see that Coates will be a gun, Suarez is a champion, we won’t make losses on Henderson, Enrique and Adam and the only 2 we take hits on will be Carroll (who we’ll end up making 20m on after we loan him out and he finds some form) and Downing who at 28 is past his prime sell on date (may get 9m for him) YNWA

  11. Will be a very interesting summer now that Comoli is gone. If we go and buy the same type of players then we all know it wasn’t Damien’s fault.

    1) Kenny took the blame for the signings – will he be sacked in the summer? we are in the FA cup, so FSG will take that in mind.
    2) Maybe it was his report if he handed it in that made him leave? FSG maybe didn’t trust him
    3) What is Steve Clarke’s and Kevin Keen’s future, as well as some of the players, and Kenny.

    I think if Kenny should be sacked, FSG will sack him. We aren’t going to get top 4 but we are on course for FA cup, which I don’t think we’ll win, but we already won the Carling Cup, but due to the performance afterwards, I think that maybe that won’t be enough to keep kenny.

    I think FSG will have to have a busy Summer ahead of them. Will Kenny improve the team now Damien is out? Should Kenny be sacked despite winning the Carling Cup and being in the Semis/final/winning the FA cup but are in Mid-table and behind Everton? will they change their transfer policy? These questions need to be discussed and answered if we are going to move forwards. Its obvious that our transfer policy hasn’t worked.

    I think Kenny should take some of the blame too. Always rotated players, like when Suarez was banned, Carroll took his place and all of a sudden he was a better player. Now he isn’t – because Kenny doesn’t play him as much. Maxi scored 2 goals on Tuesday, but Kenny didn’t play him as much. Kuyt scored the winner vs Man Utd in FA cup and helped us in CC – but Kenny doesn’t play him much. Kenny also uses his subs late on sometimes, like in the last 5 minutes. So I think FSG would need to take that in mind. Just because Kenny is a club legend doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be sacked imo. If another manager would have been sacked in this position, then I cannot see why Kenny shouldn’t.

  12. A head to roll and it Comolli was the most convenient solution. I do NOT think the frenchman just went and bought players….without the Manager’s consent! Anyway, Liverpool did not have a Director of Football before. Liverpool should appoint Kenny as Director of Football and appoint an up to date manager that can make the difference. There will be some good ones around and available this summer……!

  13. Very interesting day. In normal scenarios, any clubs hierarchy announcing a “vote of confidence” would be a bad sign, but i genuinally believe the owners have Kenny’s back and literally hold Commolli responsible for “transfer failures”. Peter Brukner’s sacking could simply be related to the amount of injuries our squad seemed to have accumulated (which ultimately have affected our season). Johnson, Kelly, Lucas, Gerrard, Agger, Adam and Carroll at first thought. Perhaps Brukner has been held responsible for the time period it has taken the clubs record signing Andy Carroll to get fit. Who knows, one thing is for sure, Tom Werner seems an extremely sensible figure and I am liking his approach. Listen to his words reds fans and lets get behind the team. Starting against the Toffees.
    I have to say as well peeps, those that feel Maxi and Kuyt should play every game are wrong. Maxi DOES NOT have the legs to play 30-40 games a season. Kenny has managed him magnificently and his record of 12 goals in 12 games speaks volumes. YNWA

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