Comolli Not Good Enough For Liverpool

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Liverpool’s American owners flew into Merseyside this week meaning business. Most people would think that they would just be over to experience the atmosphere of a build up to a Merseyside derby at Wembley in the semi-final of the FA Cup. But these guys are winners, like they have shown in Boston with the Boston Red Sox baseball team, and they are over for a stewards’ enquiry at Anfield regarding the team’s poor League position.

Liverpool have already won the Carling Cup, making it the club’s first trophy in six years, and are also in Saturday’s FA Cup semi-final against Everton. But this is not enough for these success thirsty Americans.

Today’s announcement that Director of Football, Damien Comolli is to leave the club has come as a shock, especially with the timing of the announcement. Comolli is leaving the club by mutual consent, and that he is leaving due to family reasons. But many believe Comolli’s record in the transfer market has resulted in the American’s sacking him.

Comolli joined Liverpool in the 3rd of November 2010 as the Director of Football Strategy after gaining an impressive reputation in the world of football working at AS Monaco, AS Saint-Etienne,Arsenal and Spurs.

Comolli came to Liverpool with the task of overseeing the recruitment of new players to Anfield. Comolli has orchestrated the signings of Luis Suarez and Andy Carroll in last year’s January transfer window, before signing Jordan Henderson, Charlie Adam, Doni, Jose Enrique, Sebastian Coates and Craig Bellamy in the summer of 2011.

The new players that have arrived at Anfield in the last 18 months have had much criticism as most have struggled to fit in to their new environment, but the massive amount of money spent on these players has only intensified the scrutiny on Liverpool’s new signings.

But with Liverpool’s poor League form and the Fenway Sports Group’s demand to be the best, changes had to be made. Damien Comolli is the first victim of the Americans’ ruthless streak. But will he be the last as the owners show that they will make the necessary changes to make Liverpool the best.


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  1. Whoever employed the dickhead should walk too. If he wasn’t good enough for Harry Redknap why would the think he was good enough for us. Directors of football dont work, especially in England. Directors, Manager, coaches and scouts are all that is required Plus of course decent players and not the crap Comolli bought. KK shouldn’t prostitute himself to save Comolli’s reputation.

  2. Dalglish wanted all those players. Comolli made it happen. Your King sized “propaganda condom” to absolve Kenny of ANY responsibility is irresponsible.

    1. Why support kenny is a statement to be a true red? Hahaha.. There is a thin line between a “true” and “blind”. And here we go, commoli is just a scapegoat of kenny’s effect.. He is the man who give and services what managers want and need. The rest of it is managerial flop..if he fired is going to be another fired for the one who responsible in this case.. Com:” u want carrol? But its very expensive..kenny” ken: ” i believe he will make a impact and the price is doesnt matter because i believe.. Buy me him and enrique and downing and adam and hendersoon, i will make british power here! What ever price is buy them, once again because i believe..” com :”and what the boss fired me because your believe kenny..” ken: “but i also believe your transfer policy is best.. Bye2..”

  3. We don’t need director of football , we need players of football. Who is the next?

  4. Got to say that yes, maybe Kenny dictated who he wanted but I’m sure Kenny is not responsible for the price of them and how much they cost. Surely Comolli could have done a better job bargaining and not being held to ransom, wasn’t that his job?

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