Steve Cohen : Unrepentant and spewing more vile and lies about Hillsborough

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Three years ago we (LFC supporters) were able to get Steve Cohen fired from Fox Soccer and his radio show taken off the air. The Londoner expat is still unrepentant about all the hurtful things he said and is now spewing more vile and lies.

I had a heated exchange with Cohen on Twitter a few days ago in which he was claiming that Liverpool fans ‘murdered’ the 96. He also likes to lump the Hillsborough and Heysel tragedies together with his 135 tweets showing disrespect for all those who died in both of these tragedies. I didn’t want to make a big deal about all this he said because I thought he was now just reduced to just another Twitter troll and didn’t want to give his twitter account @EveNewtonJobs  exposure fearing that other trolls will follow him.

Earlier this week funny-man Alan Davies was very insensitive remark and tried to TELL the Hillsborough families on how they should mourn their loved ones. Cohen jumped on that bandwagon and wrote an article that were foolish enough to publish it. In the article Cohen claims that a more fitting memorial to the 96 would be to play the game on Sunday. Yes this is the same Steve Cohen who had attacked those same family members on his show three years ago. Yes this is the same Steve Cohen who has disrespected the 96 time and time again. Yes this is the same Steve Cohen that thinks that joking and singing about death is funny. Shame on for publishing that disrespectful piece of vile.

More alarming however is that NBC Sports has offered him a job and he (Cohen) claimed on Twitter that he has already started working for them.  A few months ago ESPN was flirting with the idea of hiring Cohen however swift action by us (Liverpool supporters) made ESPN reconsider. This NBC thing has gone below our radar so we need to get the word out and let NBC know what this guy is really made of.

Justice for the 96.


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  1. “Earlier this week funny-man Alan Davies was very insensitive remark and tried to TELL the Hillsborough families on how they should mourn their loved ones”

    – Whatever you think of Davies’ opinion, that was *not* what he said in the slightest. While he didn’t make his point in the most sensible way, he actually queried why one club is allowed to edit their fixture list.

  2. Rather than go after NBC Sports, which is actually under new management after a major purge of all its executives late last year, the most effective way is to go after the sponsors of whatever programme Cohen is on; it worked last year when a coalition of groups got so many sponsors to pull their support of Glenn Beck on Fox News Channel that his contract was terminated entirely, and, though not in the world of broadcasting, there’s currently a successful campaign going on to get sponsors to boycott an anti-gay organisation ALEC. I would humbly suggest using Google to find out which companies are sponsors of NBCs sports coverage and then starting an online petition on a site such as, which has a reach into the US.

  3. Cohen is a total loser. If he is hired by NBC, you can count on me NOT watching their programing, or suporting their advertisers. What a shit head…

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