Kenny, Comolli and the future.

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Whilst the departure of Damien Comolli came as a shock, it was inevitable that there was going to be a reaction to our poor league form this season. Reports that the owners had flown in early ahead of the semi-final against Everton should have given us a hint that something was about to happen. They took the decision that he wasn’t the right man for the job and it’s hard to argue. Whether you think the likes of Carroll, Downing, Henderson and Adam will come good or not, it’s fair to say none of those players have consistently played at a level required at a club like Liverpool. Even the form of Enrique and Suarez could be called into question. This may sound harsh but if we have ambitions of getting back into the top four and challenging for trophies that’s the pressure that the players have to cope with. Unfortunately too many of the players I’ve mentioned have struggled with this pressure and haven’t stepped up to the plate since leaving so called smaller clubs.

I know Kenny took responsibility for bringing in the players, but this is just a sign of the man and his loyalty to those around him. He wasn’t even hired when Suarez and Carroll were bought There’s no way the owners would have entrusted £57m to a temporary manager.

For the owners, getting rid of Kenny is an impossible task. Although some supporters have questioned his position, many still remember all he has done for the club in the past and have faith that he is the right man to lead us to more glory in the future. John W Henry and Tom Werner are no fools. They know if they were to get rid of Kenny and appoint someone else only for it to not work out they would alienate the fans. Furthermore, they have rejuvenated a massive club in America and understand the importance of stability. Replacing a manager every twelve months doesn’t lead to success.

That said, the sacking of Comolli demonstrates the owners are prepared to make big decisions if they feel it’s the right time. The pressure is now on Kenny. What I like about Werner’s interview is that he was very emphatic when he said we will be better next season and we can compete with other clubs for the top players. Another season of underachievement in the league won’t be tolerated. We can expect a busy summer in the transfer window where first and foremost we will undoubtedly look to add a quality goal scorer. Despite our poor results in the league, we have played some great football this season and if we had someone like a young Robbie Fowler who gets in the right positions and puts the ball in the net we would surely be looking forward to playing in the Champions League next year.

For us, this season is now all about adding the FA Cup to the Carling Cup. Two trophies and European football would be an impressive start to Kenny’s second coming. First we have to overcome an in-form Everton. I think we will and I’m heading to Wembley with confidence.

Come on Red Men!

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  1. Agree with you on most points, although I do believe KD has to carry a fair share of the blame. His legendary status is undeniable. He is my favourite player of all time, but I have not been impressed with him since he came back. What he did do extremely well, was galvanise the team and reinject the passion that was missing. But, without anything tangible to backm it up, that feel-good factor can only last so long.

    I love that FSG is proving to be decisive in their handling of the club. The professionalism they bring to the club is a breath of fresh air.

    Agree, the pressure is now on KD to deliver. I sincerely hope he does. With all my heart.

    But, if he doesn’t, Liverpool fans need to be big enough to admit that he might not be the man for the job. And there is no shame in this; he will always be our legend, our hero regardless.

  2. Was it a shock? I’d say not. Many reds have whispered that commolli may be surplus to requirements and this surely has to be the best decision out of several to choose from. KD needs more time and hopefully we can improve our abismal league form next season.
    2 cups would be great but it’s the league that matters. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.
    Sensible spending in the summer and tweaking around with tactics will certainly help.
    KD is no fool and if he didn’t feel that he could improve lfc then I think he would step down.
    Let’s be patient. Bug, big summer ahead.
    Good luck, reds. Let’s get to the final!

  3. Bring the Guinean international Ibrahima Traore to Anfield,he has got overwhelming skill,pace and a well taught left foot,he is currently playing for VfB Stuttgart,and if you wanna see more of him check out the videos of AFCON2012.He is really a good winger and the one i think we currently need and can fit well in any team.Please LFC technicals look out for this kid and he is still 20years old and can be an investment to the team we support.THANK YOU AND I HOPE TO HEAR RUMORS ABOUT HIM COMING TO LFC SOON

  4. Wise and Mentally article… This is a true reds analysis..! Cant disagree with this point of view.YNWA

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