The Case of Andy Carroll and Jordan Henderson

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By Chandraditya Kusuma

In 5th of May, for the third time in a season, Liverpool FC, the most decorated team in British history will play in Wembley again. We’ve won againts Chelsea and Man City for Carling Final against Cardiff, and we trash Man United and Everton for FA Cup Final against Chelsea. Such a good achievements for an English team, and that’s what Liverpool FC stands for. Despite the achievements in the cups competition, Liverpool has been struggled in the league table. Out of the top four, out of the top six, and embarassingly sat below Everton in the stands. That fact is never ever accepted in Liverpool FC.

The achievements in the league has been an embarassement for the fans and the club. Many fans and outsiders have called many head for this. The manager’s strategy, the lack of luck, the bar, the lack of consistency, and maybe what I’ve heard the most is the unspectacular display of the spectacular-priced new players like Andy Carroll, Stewart Downing and Jordan Henderson. I Agree that the 19 Million and 27 years old Downing should have made and instant impact and has been a quite disapointment, but the 23 years old Carroll and 21 years old Henderson should have not been judged by his performance today.

Are they overpriced? Well, yes, but I think all English young players will be overpriced nowadays. Maybe the policy of having some homegrown players to be registered for the league and European competition that make them cost that much. Not only Liverpool bought these kind of players, but i think Man Utd are also bought two overpriced players in Phil Jones and Ashley Young. Will they ever live up to their price? With 35million tag on his face, maybe Andy Carroll could never live up to it because at this moment maybe only Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo that could, but how much did Madrid spends on Ronaldo? 50 or more I guess. Henderson? With what he can do right now, he’s not gonna be a 16 Million player’s. But did the price only stands for what they can instantly do? I guess not, while Dalglish first came to this side that left by awful managements and owners, he’s target is to build a great Liverpool for the future. So remember, couple of last summer’s transfer was one for the future and forget the price tag cause it was and will never be fair.

Carroll’s game has been better and better in several weeks, he’s back to his best on athleticism and target-man play like the one we saw in Newcastle, times when Andy Carroll’s name has been sung out to the top of the lungs by English football fans as the future of England’s frontline, the next Alan Shearer, or even the best header in the world according to Kevin Keegan. Beside that, the most exciting thing to watch from a Liverpool player is a work ethic. Carroll works in and out for battling the ball for the team, making way for the likes of Suarez and other players to score and score for himself in the last two game with a never say die attitude.

Henderson? He’s not in his best position in the right wing, but I think he puts in a progress in his performance recently, now he can past one or two defenders with his runs. Technically, Jordan has the best passing range for a player in his age, his work ethic is also amazing, what we saw in him in Ewood Park last week was what a Liverpool FC player expected to do. Chasing down opponents, running and moving for spaces, he works tireless, even in an awkward position for him (a right-back). Then there’s another thing that makes me like Jordan Henderson more and more. It’s the fact that he always had an extra training, Dirk Kuyt said so on his Teammates Interview on LFCTV, Kuyt said Jordan was the hardest trainer in the team. Imagine if he keep doing it, what a player he would be.

As a fan, I never argue when Jordan and Andy starts every week, they deserves to get the chance to make himself better and better, experiencing games with the likes of Gerrard and Suarez would make them fit the shape of the team and more importantly grow confidence. Yes, confidence is what it takes to make them a better player. We often see Hendo and Big Andy lacking of confidence in the game, they’re not sure of their own capability, it’s shown on their face and their performance. In the case of Jordan Henderson and Andy Carroll, what they need the most is confidence through playing time and trusts from the team and the fans. They’re arguably the best talent in British football, but it’s only confidence that could take them to be the best player they could be.


  1. Very poor. Both players add no value to our team. We are having a terrible season despite the cup runs. Kenny is not the man to lead us.

  2. Nice article, I just wish that everyone had the same patience with those two as you suggest. Carroll can be something very special if we give him time. As for Henderson dare I say Lucas in the same sentence? Their careers at Liverpool have both started the same (both not warmed to by all fans). As with Lucas I think that Henderson will be a great great player for us in the future. At one point people will be saying how £18 million was a snip for a player of his quality. (Touch wood)

  3. What you said about henderson is absolute rubbish he is useless.more creativity went into this post than he has shown all season if he was not english he wouldn be gettin a sniff in the team get rid of the deadwood.

  4. This is exactly what i have been thinking for a long time, they were purchases for the future, and recently they are starting to come good. Carroll has got his touch back, bringing down and laying off the ball consistenly on saturday. Henderson although his descion making might not be the best yet, he does have the passes and as mentioned above he was like a man possesed against blackburn. I thought he would give up before the end of that match but he continued to make the tackles and make the runs.

    However i see boo boys are about… The club has been through alot in the last year or so and a season to rebuild was to be expected, Dalglish made that clear when he came in by initially playing youngsters at full back position and then persisting. His purchases clearly portray this also. So the “fans” that want to continue moaning do so, the rebuild is definately not over yet.

  5. much has been said about the transfer fee but nothing has been said about their wages. I’m sure their wages are pretty cheap as compared to players bought by city

  6. Tommy’s last sentence makes no sense. Neither Henderson nor Carroll is Liverpool quality and Lucas had potential even at the start but Henderson has none. We must not forget the fact that Lucas never did the job he was bought to do and that was to score goals. The fans are rarely wrong and the fans predicted Mata to do better than Downing when LFC decided to buy him. But Kenny didn’t listen and now the fans are saying that Kenny should be sacked and I believe that the fans are right again.

  7. The verdict is still out George me on Andy Caroll. He looks like the sort of player in the “Heskey” mould, the kind that needs a fantastic midfield behind him and great partner beside him. He doesn’t look the sort to make something happen out of nothing, but then again, I guess that’s what Suarez is there for.

    As for Henderson, this boy is full of potential, and we cease to remember that he is only but 20 years of age. I remember watching a skills video on LFC TV and when u watch him in each skill-set test, he nails of them effortlessly. He has got the drive and determination to do well. All this boy needs now is the vision. He tends to go quiet in games for long periods at times so it gets really frustating. But I say give him time, and who know, maybe when he does get his vision, he might just be the next midfield general.

    1. OMG you rate henderson because you saw a video of him doin skills on lfc tv,what planet are you on mate,if only that could win you games instead of running around like a headless chicken .there is a load of videos of 12 year old and younger kids doin tricks on youtube,should we go sign them up while were at it,listen to what your saying man,this whole argument that he will come good and he is playing out of position is rubbish,if he cant see the pass now hes never gonna see it,its not something you can teach thats why some players are better than others simple sure hes trying his hardest to do the best for the team but at the end of the day no team in the league is gonna look at our team sheet and say OHH no henderson is starting today and that my friends is a fact

  8. Its pretty obvious why Carroll was bought in for. His experience in the NPower Championship will be very beneficial getting Liverpool competing for the play offs.

    Remember he was bought in for the future, so get behind him!

    1. Ha ha Lucas good one! when do you think we’ll be in those play offs? Greater chance of that happening then you finding a decent sense of humour

  9. I have said for some time that our biggest problem is self confidence, not players. We can’t score penalties, we have the lowest conversion rate of chances created to goals and we hit the post more than any other team.

    Andy Carroll is class and he will become a fantastic forward that defenses won’t be able to handle. He will rip them apart. I said Lucas was class when he first began playing for us and I say the same thing about Andy.

    Jordan needs time, and should be given it. But I don’t know that playing him so much is a good idea. Start him off as a super sub when other players are tired and build his confidence that way.

    As far as King Kenny goes, he knows his football. It’s not like he stepped into a time machine and missed a decade of football. He has a proven track record, he just needs time like anyone to get his self confidence back to what it was. Fans should understand their role is to support, and play a vital part in building the self confidence of their team. You can question all you like at the end of the season. But KK has a two year contract and should be given complete support in the interim.

  10. Jordan Henderson vs Dirk Kuyt = Kuyt (No Brainer)

    Stewart Downing vs Maxi = Maxi (We need goal scorers)

    Carroll – The jury is still out on this one for me but the return on 35Mil is way short of the mark, he needs to up his game….

  11. Rubbish. Badly written, lacking facts to back it up and missing the key points – yes, you buy potential and can’t guarantee success but Carroll just isn’t a Liverpool style of player and needs a team built round him. Kenny tried this in getting Adam and Downing but it hasn’t worked. We’d be much better off having built round Suarez and got quick, creative players like Bellamy (but younger). We could have got Mata, Soldado, Martinez or even (and say it quietly), Jelavic. All would have suited our style and would have bedded in instantly. The only good thing about our buys is the English dimension and FIFAs rules being met but that’s no good if they don’t gel on the pitch. So yes, we won the semi and Carroll scored against the blues and I love him for it and wish him all the best but no, not for me and never will be. YNWA!

  12. Absolutely rubbish!!!
    Backing A.C for scoring 2 goals in more than 180 mins?
    LFC need a 25 league goals per season striker to replace him,and my very choice w’d be SOLDADO.
    Andy Carroll has the poorest ball control i ever seen.
    I wish we should sell him this summer.
    Our main problem is finishing not delivering.
    Jordan and Stewart should stay.
    -1 more striker.[Soldado].
    -1 winger.[Munian].
    -1 holding midfielder.[Ever Banega].
    -1 attacking midfielder/playmaker.[G.Ramirez].
    -1 central defender.[A.Dominguez].
    Let’s sell A.Carroll then the job w’d be done!!!

  13. Wow, seems to me that a lot of people out there are missing the glaringly obvious which is Liverpool’s poor & inconsistent form this season, or maybe not (The league table does not lie)! And before any one else pipes up about us being a cup side I would point out that we have not played very well in a number of these cups games, the cracks have been there for all to see for some time now. All it has served to do is prolong the agony. I have only ever supported LFC and for the most part it has been good, I am not about to abandon ship but watching our team play these days is agony; Daglish will be a lot older before his time if we carry on like this and will most likely be next for the operating table if his nerves aren’t shot already. Point makes prizes which equate to goals, at present we are in short supply of goal scores on the pitch, hence my earlier statement about Kuyt and Maxi (guys who can grab us a goal or two). They two may not be the best players in the squad but between them they have sure come up with some vital goals this season. Whilst I do not court the potential that is Henderson &\or Downing, for me the later two would start first and foremost and once they run out of puff (As they surely will, prob due to age 7\or lack of games) Henderson & Downing would represent viable alternatives from the bench.

    Over 100 Mil spent and a very poor return, but we shall keep the faith, for now, because something tells me John W Henry will not for too much longer. The proof will be in the results and Liverpool’s season now hinges on the the FA cup final where a Chelsea side, who we have faired pretty well against over the last few years, await us. My main concern is that after 33 games The King still does not know his best starting 11…

    For me Maxi and Kuyt start… i’m sure many of you will disagree..

  14. all you fans do is talk talk talk and matter how good or bad a player is footballing skills is something you can improve on.composure is something you can improve on.technique is something you can improve on.anything a person does or learns to do can be improved on.Why do you bother looking at the price tag of the players? when its not the money that does the talking but the training and opportunities.i really think its been a frustrating season fro the everyone affiliated with the club.It really was difficult to see this season go by with the luck we had.and when i come online a day after the game, whether it was a win or lose, the liverpool fans of today are unappreciative of goes to show why our club is at this stage.Its the fans spoiling it with their knee jerk responses to every match.Its their arrogant thoughts that think they are more knowledgeable on and off the pitch compared to those that are actually doing the job.Would you want a 60 mil kaka to be in the team then instead of carrol, henderson, downing, adam? wehere would we be if kaka had the same form he has had with madrid? would we be any better?

    It seems today all that matters with liverpool is the internal and external drama you get with the fans and media.the fans believe so much in what reporters have to say bout our club and players.blindly following facts that are not justifiable.Kenny is trying to bring back a team that wants to play football, not act on the pitch.

    Get this fucking straight liverpudlians, scousers, reds, etc. we are building a team.the last i checked it takes time to build.You cant just say Be an voila! we have a great team!!! And with 1 trophy in the cabinet, another one available for a match, and europa next season, i dont see why we must be so pessimistic.Its this pessimism that destroys our club from the inside out.Its this pessimism that changes to-be-great players to screwed up useless ones. you forget you have a direct effect on the club scousers?

    Try then, to affect it positively.Have younot realized kenny took your comments seriously in the last three PL games? blooding shelvey etc?? did you not realize that there was failure in winning even with the formations the fans chose that kenny took consideration for?

    Its time to Open you eyes REDS!!!! realize that you have an effect on the club and stop whining. and realize that you dont know much in the first place if your not even on the bench warming the seats.

    Your opinions are useless if it is all negative,and personally i cant wait for what this TEAM is capable of when they really build their chemistry. I couldnt care less for individuals worth millions but show no team work.. i wonder why they call it a team eyy??

  15. “If you can’t support us when we lose or draw , don’t support us when we win” – Bill Shankly.

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