Ryan Babel blames Comolli for his Liverpool exit

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Former Liverpool striker/winger Ryan Babel today blamed Comolli for his exit from LFC.

The former Red first Tweeted “So Comoli got fired at LFC” which was followed by “Good for L.F.C.” and when he was asked the question “Was he instrumental in the decision of you leaving the club?” Ryan replied “Yes HE was”.

Ryan of course doesn’t mention the fact that he had three managers to impress and didn’t impress a single one of them and that he hasn’t sparked a lot of fireworks in Hoffenheim either.

The tweets are below, interesting insight of what happens behind close doors.

So Comoli got fired at LFC ?

Good for LFC.. !

RT @Mikuss@RyanBabel Was he instrumental in the decision of you leaving the club? <– Yes HE was

For him it was just business..




  1. Unfortunately Ryan, whilst I wish you every success wherever you play, I think this was one of the few decisions that Mr Comolli actually got correct!

  2. Have to disagree with you there, Lar Larkins..

    Babel was young and petulent, but he had so much skill and will one day be a top top player, if he can find a manager to put an arm round him and give him the confidemce he obviously lacks. Re-sign him!!

  3. Downing is easily a better footballer than Babel‏. Downing still needs to improve a lot though. Babel‏ is always looking for someone to blame, a few weeks a go it was Benitez fault, now Comolli, next it will probably be the grounds·man.

  4. Hahaha!
    This guy is hilarious! He is a major flop wherever he goes.. He should switch and make rapping his carrier.. He anyways only knows how to throw insults around..

  5. I had a lot of hope for Ryan Babel and was more excited about his signing than Torres at the time, but he has since shown a lack of maturity and a willingness to do what it takes to get to the top. He had plenty of opportunities at Liverpool and showed his talent on very rare occasions, he has since moved to the Bundesliga where again he is in and out of the team showing no sign of consitancy. !!! Huge talent, no desire. !!!

  6. Ps He also blamed Rafa for his exit and many more. Everyone but himself….!!! That’s where the real blame lies. !!!

  7. Babel was never played more than 2 games in a row by Rafa, a staggering statistic, he was also mainly shoved on the left of midfield as a right-footer! His talent was clearly wasted by a poor manager. Imagine if he had joined Arsenal originally as Wenger wanted him, he would have been top class. He had the lot, pace, power, ability, just badly horribly managed. Such a pity.

  8. Babel made 146 appearances but a staggering 60 were as a sub! Says it all. He never had a chance, even uncle Roy played him left midfield.

  9. I think Babel should blame himself and not Comolli. Comolli got the fall for a failed transfer market but I am SURE he was not the only one to blame.

  10. He wasn’t given a chance during matches because he didn’t prove himself during training. So what if he wasn’t used up front where he preferred? He should’ve played harder for and made a case to play up front. If he went to Arsenal, he’d have been behind Van Persie, Walcott, Rosicky, Arshavin etc and would have still moaned about it.

    He’s old news. Forget about this waster and focus on our current players

  11. For those of you saying he is right-footed and playing on the left just look at our current team. Bellamy is right-footed playing on the left and Downing is left-footed playing on the right (lately, anyways). That shouldn’t be a big deal to modern players. Just pointing it out that that shouldn’t matter much.

  12. So when Gerrard threw his toys out of the pram about playing in his preferred position it was ok with some? Anyway i’m not saying Babel was a world beater but he clearly didnt get a fair crack, as a youngster he was a much sought after player in the game but Rafa wasted his talent. Imagine if hed played under wenger, jose or whisky breath? He would have easily done better.

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