Another mockup of all three LFC shirts for the 2012/13 season

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Thanks to @wideawakewesley for sending me the images below of what is rumoured to be our three kits for next season. First and foremost I don’t see the Hillsborough flames on the badge. This is not the first mock up we have seen without the flames. This disturbs me, I heard talk that they were going to be on the back so I guess if this is true we have to wait and see. As regards to the designs below (if they are true) I really like the look of the home and away but that 3rd kit is ugly, it looks like a kid’s pyjama.


  1. I think the home and away are great (assuming the flames are somewhere in the final.) the third is going to be an unfortunate side effect or our new maker warrior sports.

  2. The 3rd strip looks like cricket teams jersey, not assed if they decide to do it as we hardly play in our 3rd kit anyway, the only thing it will affect is the sales as the 1st and 2nd Kit will get sold in the Masses.

  3. Love the old style badge – we don’t need flames on the badge to remember the 96 – they won’t be forgotten either way.

  4. The Hillsborough flames should not be on the shirts,the memorial at the ground is the correct place for them to be!They should’n’t be on the clubs emblem! The emlem has become superflous – there is too much on it.It should be returned to its orginal status.

  5. Not convinced this is legit at all. Disregarding the colours, the cut and design of the shirts differs considerably between 1 and 2/3 (first almost appears to be a polo shirt). I can’t recall the actual shirt designs being different previously (collar/no collar), only the colours. Who knows…

  6. Get rid of the collars from the first kit , second kit’s nice , third kit – well if this is our third kit then I hope we never have to wear it !

  7. wow the 3rd is crazy dont even look like a footy t shirt but some one will like it why not try all white

  8. Love all three of the uniforms the only club I can think that wears purple is fioritina. I think the flame should be on the colors but otherwise if these are the three then im more than happy to buy all 3 :)

  9. the true liverpool crest missing in all three and will prefer if they had them instead. Awful choice of colour for 3rd kit. Just hope it is otherwise.

  10. I like the slim fit cut, but I don’t like any of the colors.
    The red color in the first kit is not the red we used to have in previous kits.
    for the away kit I hope that I hope they replace the red color with something like cyan or a lighter color.
    and in regards to the third kit it’s absolutely a joke.

  11. the first one is not red enough !!! since we are related to as Roma…i think they just wanna save the colour production too!!

  12. All good! Does any1 know if we can wear r new kit at wembley or will we have ro wear adidas? I would rather the 3 rd kit be Green or Yellow! Don’t know where purple came from, probally warrior looked to see what colour wouldn’t clash with any other kit! Got that right lol Y..N..W..A jft96

  13. Like the home and away kits. The 3rd kit I do like, even though it could be mistaken for a bodyboarder’s rash vest. I think the purple is different and exciting and would look good on our boys. We just need a paradigm shift from the usual boring colours. Look how quickly everyone adapted to this season’s white with blue trim 3rd kit.

  14. i agree with davewest totally, the crest is the way it should be, that is the proper LIVERPOOL FC badge the gates and flames and the green swirls are not LFC the flames could be on the socks and all club paperwork but i think there will be uproar if they dont put the flames on the badge

  15. These are all fakes.
    1. No full badge including ever present Hillsborough flames.
    2. The wordings don’t follow the wave on the shirts
    3. The red is more Red Devil than our crimson red

  16. Bollox the Hillsboro flame is as important as the bird. If you don’t know that shut up. The third kit looks like The Minnesota Vikings

  17. You’ll Never Walk Alone..sung at every home match and the motto of Liverpool FC should be on the logo. It means a great deal to the millions of international supporters to see that motto on the official shirts. It’s accepted by those of us who can be at the match each week but would be a loss to the many who can’t be there and who watch every match on TV and wear their official shirt. Think of the boosted sales and prestige with NYWA as part of the logo.

  18. Im not impressed. We traded in a worldwide sportswear brand in Adidas for this? Maybe Im biased, but this just dont make the cut… And I dont even wanna comment on the would be 3rd kit… Ridiculous!

  19. Got to say i like them all the third kit is a big change but its not that bad. Love the home kit will be buying that one for sure. Anyway dont care how they look just want to see top players wearing them.

  20. first kit looks like a cheap polo shirt,third one looks like it belongs in the lower leagues which on current form is where we’re heading .

  21. Loving the more prominent Liverbird. Forget the 3rd one, give em to everton, they can sew their own badge on!

  22. What the f…..why is anyone commenting on this obviously made up rubbish to get people to pass comments. Damn it I have been sucked in…..Personally I think the home kit should always be all red, the away kit white wiv black shorts and the third kit all yellow….manufacturers who think people buy the kit cause it looks nice are a little deluded….people buy the kit because they are proud to wear it….this is where tradition would out think and out sell any fancy design. C.O.Y.M.R

  23. Who but simple-minded people care what the new kit looks like? i remember those garish kits from the early 1990,s
    home and away were horid! i am more concerned about us buying players who will be of a high enough level of quality to wear the shirts that are chosen.

  24. nice change of colour for the 1/2 jerseys. but the third is a joke i guess? Something very important is missing tough where is our slogan[Y.N.W.A

  25. Ive seen these 3 designs before, i doubt the 3rd kit is going to be like this above looks horrible.

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