I don’t believe that this is LFC’s 3rd kit for next season

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The picture below is making the rounds on the internet with claims that it is LFC’s third kit for next season. I don’t believe it, I think someone is taking the p*ss.


    1. Unfortunately this is set to b 3rd kit there going back to shankly lfc logo with just the liverbird and the flames for 96 are going on the back if the collar it’s since signed for warrior all changed

  1. I hope that someone is taking the piss.
    The badge yes..the purple…why not…. The sleeves …. Oh no no no.

  2. there are a couple of similar pics doing the rounds, both obviously mock ups based on a genuine report. I doubt this is going to be the kit, but wouldn’t be surprised if it is purple with yellow trim and elaborately patterned grey arms, as both mock ups have these aspects in common. Sounds more like a keeper’s jersey tho.

  3. I would not be surprised by any odd kit, considering the shockers that have come in the past, but what makes me question this in particular is the club badge. Why would you change it? It is the main identifier of the club, the brand itself, and on top of that the current badge has a lot of emotional significance.

  4. Warrior sports is all about lacrosse and the lax bro fashion. For those unfamiliar with ‘lax bros,’ this jersey fits the description spot on. Won’t surprise me if this is the real deal.

  5. For a 3rd kit its not that bad, I like the Shankly gates pattern on the sleeves, it would be better with the Hillsborough flame on it some where but other than that not that we’ve had worse! And why is everyone saying that it’s not got our badge on it??? The plain Liverbird was our badge originally. If fact the ‘crest’ has change numerous times through the years from the plain Liverbird to the crest on the TIA tunnel sign to the centenary crest in 92 to the crest we have at the moment. Add the Hillsborough flame and it would do. But saying all that it’s probably a fake…..

  6. Someone is really taking the piss!
    No flames in logo, disgrace!
    Would not be caught dead wearing it!

  7. As Mark says, no Hillsborough flames, so I go with fake. It looks more like the kind of stupid thig the poor goalkeeper ends up wearing.

  8. Who cares, we hardly ever played in our 3rd kit this season, I seem to remember a load of hoooharrrr at the start of the season when the white with blue (turquoise) came out, loads planned to boycott it, but it broke sale records, its might not be every one’s cup of tea, but if the boys feel good in it, and most importantly win in it! Then the kit colour is the least our problem! The team and the home form! Now that’s a problem! Y..N..W..A! Jft96

  9. These mock-ups are nearly always wrong thank god ‘cos that is one foul kit ! Patterns on the arms like a tribal sleeve and purple with it ! Like the return of the liverbird though . I don’t personally like our new club crest , so I’m glad that it looks like we’re going back to the plain liverbird .

  10. For a start, the badge might change, I have heard rumours that LFC has trademarked / copyright the Liverbird symbol…. so thats a possible reason for altering the club crest. Although its not an alteration as mentioned above, this is the club crest from the 60’s / 70’s anyway…. I much prefer it to the badge we have currently. Maybe they could put the Hillsborough Flame elsewhere on the kit on the arm or something?

    I dont see why this couldnt be the 3rd kit, a new kit manufacturer are going to want their own ideas… something different from before… so why not purple? I bet you that it will sell well, as was seen with this years 3rd with Blue on it!

  11. The kit manufacturer cant change the crest on a jersey… I’ve heard our third kit is gonna be green

  12. I dont care If they play in replica scum jerseys, as long as they are able to beat the Lines of West Brom, Swansea and Norwich

  13. That pic is from RAWk and it is horrible!!

    The badge is changing (thank god) it will just be the bird which looks so much better

  14. Will we play for circus premier league next year? We have already some players……

  15. that kit is discusting!…who desighned it? elton john?
    wtf has purple got to do with liverpool? its a blatent fake!
    if its not then its a big waste of money as nobody who is sober and in there right mind would buy it…errrr! seriously the worst kit ive ever seen!

  16. Photoshopped using a design template for Football Manager in-game graphics. 100% fake.

    As for those saying stuff about the crest not having the Hillsborough torches on them, there’s been an increasing amount of merch from the official club shop in recent years that has gone with the plain LFC crest used in this mock-up, so that’s not really an issue.

    I’m with Gareth Jones on this, I’d love to see this simple logo on the kit instead of the current one, especially considering the talk of the home kit going to looking like one of the old 80s styles.

  17. its not the kit, someone posted that on footballlshirtculture.com as a custom designed shirt also its fuckkking uglyyyy

  18. I don’t see why we just don’t go back to basics and have 3 plain kits and the green and red gk kit :)

  19. Design – Maybe
    Colours – No

    Someone might have overheard ‘purple’ getting mentioned but even if it was to be used I doubt it would be that bright, it would be much darker, closer to black.
    Also i’m pretty sure if we were to change back to just the Liverbird as the crest they would still put at least 1 flame next to it.

  20. haha..jumping jesus!..just bloody rename the club Fiorentina and bring Batigol back from retirement. We could do with a new No. 9.

  21. I’m thinking this is more likely something that Reina would wear in goal. We know he’s worn purple in the past. I saw this on Internet last night and that’s the best I could figure. Purple fits our history in no way, as they tried to say our 3rd kits from this year pointed back to our original colours. I could only see Pepe in this. Not our Reds!

  22. And yes @ Fiovn, this looks more to be our 3 kits from Warrior sports. And if you look at this pic on a really good version of it the 3rd kit actually does look dark green, not black. Which I think would be class and green is in our logo colours. And we’ve worn green before. I like all 3 of these. Purple for Reina and bring on an new striker and 2012-2013 season! Let’s not hit the woodwork as much as we should be hitting the back of the net! 32 times is just way too many goals lost this year, hope it was just a bad luck year in that respect! YNWA…

  23. is it not just representative of our wheelie bins?

    for all you annoying out of town supporters, the colour of our bins are purple.

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