Two Cups Makes This Season Brilliant

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Many people are slating Liverpool for having a terrible season because of their League position, and maybe they are right for a club of the stature of Liverpool Football Club.

Most football clubs would be overjoyed at winning one trophy and in the final of another competition, but at Liverpool it is still not good enough.

Liverpool’s 8th position in the League is major concern. 37 points behind leaders Manchester United and 16 points behind 4th place Newcastle who is in a Champions League place is a major problem for Liverpool.

Champions League football is where the big money is and football nowadays is all about money. Liverpool need to be in the Champions League or they will fall further behind the likes of Manchester United, Manchester City, Arsenal and Chelsea.

The money Liverpool miss out on is vitally important, but the other thing that is a major concern for the club is the calibre of player they can attract to the club.

All the top players want to play in the Champions League and Liverpool need the best players at Anfield if they are to challenge once again for the title.

Expectations of winning the League were very high at the start of this season, as Kenny Dalglish brought back a feel good factor and belief to the club.

Liverpool’s summer signings also boosted the belief of the supporters at the start of the season, but to be fair it would have been a massive achievement so soon into Kenny’s second spell in charge to challenge for the League.

But the wheels have really come off since the start of the year in the League as Liverpool has only won 3 League matches.

It really is very poor form and understandable why there has been much criticism.

But Liverpool’s League position does not tell the whole truth of how Liverpool has performed this season.

In many of the games this season Liverpool have dominated, but their Achilles heal has been their failure to take their chances.

The fact that they have hit the woodwork on 30 occasions this season hasn’t helped.

Many opposing goalkeepers have produced heroics and man of the match standard performances especially at Anfield this season as Liverpool have been left frustrated on numerous occasions.

The latest episode of frustration was witnessed just last Sunday as West Brom performed daylight robbery at Anfield.

This latest injustice was orchestrated by former manager Roy Hodgson who was impatiently hounded out of Anfield just last January.

Liverpool conjured up 28 attempts at West Brom’s goal and won 15 corners in the match, but like so many times this season they failed to find the visitors’ net.

It just seems to be the same story every other week this season the way games have panned out.

People say you make your own luck in football, but it really has been ridiculous some of the games this season.

But the problem for Liverpool and Dalglish is that football is a results based business and no hard luck story is going to win any prizes.

Thankfully for Liverpool has been the form in the Cup competitions this season. Winning the Carling Cup was a tremendous achievement and gave the club its first piece of silverware in 6 years.

To also get to the FA Cup Final makes it an amazing season considering the troubles in the league.

If Liverpool do win the FA Cup then this has to go down as a brilliant season. With only three competitions entered this season and winning two of them would be remarkable.

The trophy or trophies should appease the American owners for now as their quest to be the best continues.

But next season Liverpool’s focus will be on the League and Dalglish will have to get his team to do much better.

Both Dalglish and the American owners know football is a results business and there are no excuses for failure.


  1. True bt we want champions football after our crazy spending,next season we must challege the top 4,it won’t be easy..the players we signed must prove their worth!any player who got a huge price tag must deliver

  2. ‘Liverool exist for trophies’ – Jonjo Shelvey (on the official website recently). Very true and well said, we all acknowledge the league campaign has been a disaster but great managers salvage pride by winning what is still available, complete contrast to previous managers weve had. Remember whisky breath fergie won the fa cup in 90, cup winners cup in 91 then league cup in 92 eventually winning the title in 93. Winning trophies breeds a winning mentality that can snowball with the right man in charge. Kenny has always tried to win everything thats out there, its in his nature. Remember his first spell was brilliant enough but he also lost the 87 league cup final, the 88 fa cup, 89 title by goal difference, he was always in the hunt for as many trophies as possible. And still is.

  3. What is frustrating for me is not just how people are undermining the fact weve made it to both domestic finals, but that the teams we have beaten on the way hasnt been taken into consideration before criticism. Man Utd, Man City, Chelsea, Everton, Stoke. All teams above us domestically, Stoke being the exception, but a tough nut to crack. All premiership teams. Some seasons teams get to finals and win trophies and play lesser league teams. Our routes to the final shouldnt be overlooked. If we were to win both trophies, the pressure would be off to win trophies next season and focus domestically. At least we have ended our trophy drought unlike other teams. E.g Arsenal. I would rather be 8th and win the carling cup and fa cup than 3rd. Nobody will remember the season you finish 3rd and win NO trophies. FACT. YNWA

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