Redmen TV : Norwich v Liverpool: Uncensored Match Build Up

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This Saturday (28/4/12) Kenny Dalglish’s Liverpool side will hoping to bounce back to winning ways away at Norwich City. The Redmen TV bring you all the Match Build Up you’ll need, with Team News, Form Guides, Uncensored Analysis, Best Bets, Past Meetings, A Comedy Sketch from the North East Redmen and YOUR Match Predictions. This week’s Guest is Brian Durand… CONTAINS STRONG LANGUAGE!


  1. Does not really matter what eleven he picks does it ? The mindset is all to cock , same scenario time after time after time , what’s the team talk
    ” right lads fingers crossed ” 8th in the league 37 points behind Man Utd
    Let’s get the season over , and see Kenny do the right thing and step down , always said he puts the club first and always has , so time to face it , 18 months in charge and look we’re we are ? Forget the cups nice tho they are the league is the bench mark ” bread and butter ” as SHANKS used to say , we can’t have this crap again next year and there’s no sign of it changing Kenny actually says the players can’t be faulted , and we will keep doing what were doing , as sad as it is it’s time for Kenny to go .
    There’s even quotes from Kenny saying we must get someone in to replace Comoli . Why ? If city don’t do the biz we will be 2 titles behind
    THEM . Without putting up a fight , shameful really shameful

  2. And one more thing we will start believing or be brain washed into thinking finishing fourth is a big achievement , and it’ll take years to do.NEWCASTLE are fourth now ” the mighty toon ” for gods sake , the arse are third and they have lost ten games . United themselves who are 37 points THIRTYSEVEN points ahead of us have had to drag a 37
    ( that figure again ) year old out of retirement to play for them alongside a 38 year old and Michael Carrick for gods sake . We would not put up with this form any other manager , and we shouldn’t put up with it from Kenny , and I know how much we would all love it for Kenny to lead us back to the top but it’s not gonna happen is it ? Kenny was quoted as saying he is not obsessed with the league , well he should be shouldn’t he ? As should every player should be like we all are , what else really matters ? Five wins at home says it all really

  3. Benitez was regularly finishing 30 points behind chelse or man u yet he was still given six years to build something. For some reason some fans arent as patient with Kenny. Perhaps they are the CL obsessed idiots who started supporting us in 2005?!

    1. I was born in L4 in1954 and have followed Liverpool since I can remember , was at Wembley when Kenny made his debut , when he was ” cooler than the Fonz ” the best player I have ever seen in a red shirt ( until Stevie maybe ? )

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