Liverpool lineup vs Norwich

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Stevie G returns to the starting lineup as the Reds take on Norwich. 

Starting XI :  Reina, Johnson, Carragher, Agger, Enrique, Shelvey, Henderson, Gerrard, Downing, Bellamy, Suarez
Subs :  
Doni, Maxi, Coates, Kuyt, Spearing, Kelly, Skrtel

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  1. No Andy Carroll? Not even on the bench? I like the lineup though, other than Carra for Skrtel.

  2. why carragher.Too many corners and errors with him.He can’t control a ball and instead i would give a chance to coates who is 1000 times better than him.why not kelly on right side and johnson in midfield.take a look at mu ferguson tries other things with his players.for me the two best players are agger/skrtel and second one is lucas.third one suarez.the forth is enrique (5)reina (6)kurt (7)bellamy (8) johnson (9) kelly (10) gerard(11)selvey (12) coates (13)maxi (14) spearing (15)henderson (16) sterling (17) doni (18) suso (19) downing (20) robinson (21)ADAM (22)aquilani(23)coady (24) caroll (25) why not other players starting before him purely he is english.

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