Fan runs onto pitch at Norwich and hugs Suarez [video]

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Thanks to @MostarLFC for submitting this video from yesterday’s game showing a fan hugging Luis Suarez after the 3rd goal. The fan was later taken away by the police, no word if he is being charged.


  1. Who is the complete retard spouting the hate????

    sad sorry loser, i wouldnt want to be related to that Norwich moron..

  2. What happened to football? The FA has killed it. I do not subscribe to racism but I think the FA should have handled the Suarez-Evra affair a lot better. They (the FA) are the biggest culprit in inciting raciam in the English game, not eradicating it.

  3. Doni, johnson, skrtel, agger, enrique. lucas, gerrad, aquilani. Adam-johnson, (suarez) gaston ramirez. Jones, coates, henderson, bellamy, shelvy,kelly,luuk de jong. (spearing, rodriguez, downing).

  4. … because, IMHO, the FA would handle it very differently if the alleged racist was English.

  5. Hilarious. The guys a k£&b but the abuse the Norwich fans are giving him are shocking. Can’t believe they are so wound up (apart from the guy filming). I suppose football is a great stress reliever when youve had a bad week!

  6. Where the hell were the stewards? What if he was a rival fan with a knife? Bloody hell, very disturbing stuff, the tennis player Monica Seles was stabbed by a fan several years ago, this could have been serious. Suarez should look out for himself and be more aware, he should have been distancing himself from that fat idiot. I hope the club make a formal complaint about the security.

  7. Think the guy screaming abuse is disgusting he should be found and banned. Pity and parent with a child near him.

  8. This guy did nothing wrong but deserves a ban from Norwich….. What is wrong is the scum Norwich fan calling Luis a racist….


  10. world class throu and throu crazy bad luck and he,s still shone all season i,d rather be called a name than be drop kicked like what cantana did.

  11. best hatrick eva……………………………………………………………………………………………….

  12. lets be having you norwich fans.
    this guy is a hero and was having fun nothing more.
    you all sounded like you wanted him burning at the stake

  13. I love it when idiots froth at the mouth like they are a marker of what should be deemed as acceptable.
    The plonker filming is a bell end.

  14. The guy was a legend, but he should be banned, otherwise people will be jumping onto the pitch all over the place. I recall someone doing it to a Chelsea player last week.

  15. Keep supporting SuperSuarez the hate aint gonna stop, he is the real victim here, i must say he deals with the rival fans abuse very well :)) keep supporting 7 heaven, nevermind so much to look forward to LFC in europe next season.

    & my opinion that fan is a legend altho it was a very stupid thing to do, mr suarez shud never be put in that situation altho luis seems to have that intelligence & no how to deal with things thank god,

    Best hatrick eva love that comment :)).

  16. I think this is a disgrace I’m a Norwich fan and the bloke swearing and making Suarez look the bad on. Was the best hatrick of the season by far well done Suarez it’s just a shame the fat bloke wernt a fit blonde lmao .

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