Did Andy’s header cross the line? [video]

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Whatever the take is on this hopefully we will not hear them bitch about the Luis Garcia goal any more.

www.dailygoalz.com – Andy Carroll Canceled Goal by DailyGoalz


  1. when u look at this, have a look at the 1st slo-mo n you’ll see that the goalposts are not vertical…therefore when you compare the ball to the crossbar, it is not all past it, BUT if you compare the ball to the goalline, I think it is over it!
    Do u guys agree?

  2. No it absolutely did not and if anyone says anything to the contrary he must have been smoking a kilo of marijuana!

  3. Why has no one ever put a camera along the line for such occasions? Could it be because when they are wrong they don’t want to answer why? Goal line technology please. This is ridiculous.

  4. On another note it was good to see that down 2-0 our Reds didn’t give up. Like in the days of old I still believed until the bitter end.

  5. the turn away and celebrate worked for Luis Garcia, in this case Andy should have made sure he buried it. Either way we didn’t deserve the win, although we almost deserved some extra time.

  6. The camera needs to be on the line to accurately judge. It is not, therefore its impossible to tell. However, imho it doesnt look like it completely (the whole of the ball, as the rule is written) passes over the line, but it is defintiely very close and appears to be 85% or so over.

    Andy was every part of a 35M striker today. Great to see him so confident and hungry.


  7. Kenny bottled by not introducing Big Andy right from the onset big Andy got us to final and why not start him or betterstill expected him to start 2nd half rather than wait till conceding 2nd goal,dumb decision I soppose

  8. The linesman robbed LPL.
    Just another curse this season.
    The commentators are biased and refused to see the obvious.

  9. We need a lot more luck.
    Also for god sake ship J Henderson out immediately.

  10. too sad, it didn’t cross the line. Carroll celebrated it too soon, he should have tried to strike it in once again just to make sure it get in. The same with Suarez, he closer to the ball than Kuyt, but he was also too soon celebrating it. He and Carrol had time to kick the ball into the net which Kuyt didn’t before Ivanovic could turn back facing the ball, But it was only Kuyt trying to kick the ball in.

    Hope they learnt from this mistake, it’s a cup final, we needed one more goal to come back to the game, struck the ball one more time wouldn’t get you any trouble than prostesting the decision later. It’s a correct decision by the lineman. We deserved extra time though, only if….

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