The Daily EOTK : 6th May 2012 – Liverpool F.C. and football news updates

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Unfortunately our comeback was too late yesterday and we ended up losing 2-1 in the FA Cup final more…
(Roll on next season)

Kenny “We will grow from this” more…
(Yes we will)

Stevie “We will bounce back” more…

Reina blames Chelsea for Torres’ form more…
(Their fans don’t have the same passion)

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  1. Andy was great but alone. 1hour very poor many players and kenny shown their limits

  2. A lot of dead woods in a team will always blame lines man for carrols goal when they should be working as a real man, reina….henderson….enrique….and johnson are all dead wood, reina hardly make saves these days, imagine if it was reina at the goal post against fullham, it would have been 5_0 I would like to see doni next season and this bunch of dead wood out, kuyt has served with all his life and deserves a respectful departure, maxi…joe coal…aqualani …and aurelio also should go…..andy carrol has proven me wrong in the second quaters of the season and can’t believe dalgish left him on bench

  3. We should cash in on Reina when the season is over can still get good money for him and use Doni. Maybe in the summer get Robinson, Hoilett and Dann from blackburn with the money made from Reina. Bring back Joe Cole and Pacheco. Sell Spearing, Maxi, Kuyt, Aurelio and Wilson. Sign Toulalan, Navas and De Jong…………

  4. Reina caused us the first goal although Jay gave away possession at a stage that the ball could still be redeemed either Enrique deals with it or fouls Chelsea player but he didn’t and Reina had the chance to save Chelsea’s first effort on target and he guessed wrong infact Reina dived even before the ball was shot.its a disgrace and let down to a keeper of his stature maybe we should cash in on him and make Doni first choice..Reina is growing too complacent and he hardly saves balls these days he did look shaky in the early stages yesterday..Kuyt had served well but there isn’t any life in him anymore he’s reached his peak with us.Caroll needs better services from our wide men I missed Lucas I can’t wait to see him back next season.Next Season should be the final straw for Kenny if he doesn’t get it right he’s not fit and proper to continue then I despise our league position and I hated the fact we underperformed as a whole in first half of yesterday I didn’t understand Kenny’s old tactics.I remembered when we played Chelsea in carling cup at stamford bride Andy Caroll became a constant menance and tormentor but Kenny acted dumb by not playing him yesterday I think Kenny is yet to figure out how to utilise Andy Caroll’s strength

  5. Yeah, Carrol should have started instead of Spearing. Spearing isn’t ready for a big game against a big team like yesterday. I want to see another DM next season, who can breaking the play and hold the midfield, to cover Lucas or playing 2 DMs when we need it.

    Agree that, Dirk Kuyt has reached his peak. He and Bellamy, we can only keep one of them and not both.

    ST: Suarez, Carrol, Bellamy, (new striker)
    CM/AM: Stevie G, Henderson, Selvey (or play Selvey as 2nd DM)
    CM/Dm: Lucas, (new DM)
    LW/LM: Downing, (new LM – Juan Vargas?)
    RW/RM: (new RW), (new RM – or play Johnson as RM)
    LB: Enrique, Jack Robinson
    RB: Johnson, Kelly, Flanagan.
    CB: Agger, Skrtel, Coates, Carra
    GK: Reina, Doni.

    Out: Adam, Kuyt, Maxi, Aurelio, Spearing (or loan out him).

    Our squad is too thin and lack quality. Gerrard cannot play every game anymore, need someone in his calibre.

    Cannot believe we changed
    Xabi, Marsherano = Adam, Spearing
    No doubt, our league table says it all.

    We need more quality players, 5 or 6.

  6. So Reina has one poor season and people want to ship him out for the player who was brought in purely as cover? If he had a solid defence/team in front of him and was playing poorly, then I might agree. The fact is that many of his mistakes seem to be born out of hesitation because he can’t trust his defenders.

    First goal in the FA Cup was certainly a mistake (the third made by a LFC player in the lead up but we’ll just pin it entirely on the GK). The second sees him looking to defend his near post, the most likely spot for Drogba to strike but Skrtel stupidly opens his stance and offers the far post.

    By the time Reina can see the strike, it’s too late. Worth noting that Spearing failed to shut down Lampard in the lead up which would make it two simple errors in the lead up before Reina has a chance at a save.

    Reina is well worth keeping but maybe a spot on the bench will help to refocus. There are plenty of better candidates for being rid of.

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