In defence of Jay Spearing

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So just because a player has a bad game we should sell him, well according to some “Fans” and expert pundits we should.

Yes Jay didn’t have the best of games against Chelsea in the cup final, however you need to give the lad credit for the other games he has performed exceptionally especially in the Derbies.

Jay is a product of our academy, he is Liverpool through and through. He is the kind of player a club like ours needs if we are ever going to sustain a decent title run.  He doesn’t demand a huge salary and is happy and ready to play when he called upon, he plays for the badge and not for himself. Speo had big shoes to fill and with Lucas Leiva injured for most of the season Jay has been called upon to fill that holding midfield role.

The only way for us to become title contenders is to have some depth while maintaining a lower salary bill. We just can’t afford top class players making huge salaries sitting on the bench. The formula to success has to be to have an exceptional starting eleven and then having players who are hungry to play and not demand a huge salary to fill in.

Spearing fits that mold and while he will not be an automatic starter he will get his decent share of games and he will be happy to play for the club and give 110% for the club he loves.



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      1. a squad player is the one who can compete for places with the 1st team player and can play at a level close enough to the first team player at his absence. Kelly is a perfect eg for a squad player but sadly spearo is not. Him having a lower salary,being passionate or being scouse are no justification for wearing the sacred LFC jersey! He wnt make it to a single team in top half of the table in PL! Forget top 4! We should really cut of the emotional attachement and use logic in team selection and player recruitement,which is currently lacking under KD!

  1. He isn’t good enough. In nearly every game he gives the ball away. An they score from it we need better back up if lucas gets injured again next season. We should loan him out.

    1. @ Lfc4life spearo gives the ball away every game and the opposition score as a result, can you back this up with facts or are you basing this on the final? Typical of the knee jerk crap people can post on line, next time work as hard on your argument as spearing does on the pitch so as not to embarrass yourself with lazy piece of rubbish.

  2. I rarely see him play a good game. He’s not a good passer, loses possession often. Lapses in defense at critical moment like how he lost us the game. Offers little threat in attack. I’m sorry he’s not good enough to wear a Liverpool shirt. He’s a player who shouldn’t play in the finals, any finals. He cant even make it to the first 11 in the top 6 teams. So how can we afford to waste a position to play him in a final. I blame this on dalglish, he puts too much faith on this player…blindly so…

  3. What a load a Bullsh1t he is not premier league player every game I seen him play he has been totally lost. He has no idea when to pass how to defend or strike a ball. he is a headace player (When he plays i get a headace)

  4. Jay spearings not our captain , jay spearing is a red, jay spearings not from Liverpool ,he’s from Birkenhead

  5. This hes Liverpool through and through shit is acceptable when a player is good. When he is not performing he shouldnt be selected. I am sure the academy will produce better players than Spearing. He was culpable for both goals. Wonder if u’d defend the Brazilian Lucas if he’d make those mistakes.

  6. what you can say in jays defense he does not hide, ok he makes the odd mistake but he is there to be seen and get himself involved in the game, henderson who cost millions spends the whole match hiding terrified of tackling or taking on a longer pass or even a forward pass jay is 1 year older than henderson, who is constantly said to be above criticism because of being too young, ok i dont think spearing is nearly good enough for LFC he hasnt got that bit extra, but downing and henderson in particular are way off what liverpool fc require

  7. Since when is Birkenhead not in or part of Liverpool?????!!!! It’s like saying anyone not born within 3 miles of Anfield can’t be a Scouser…Yes he didn’t have a great game – a squad player and a Scouse so lay off him

    1. Firstly it’s a song misery hole. Secondly Birkenhead is not in Liverpool. It’s over the river. Don’t let scousers here you say that. Sort your geography out. Mersyside yes , Liverpool no!!

    1. if you think he is good enough to play for a team like LFC your mad in the head ,he has no football brain at all any fit teenager that plays football would have the same impact as jay, if any and thats a big if club came in for him he should go because no other manager would play him

      1. maybe you are being unnecessarily rude! Disappointment is acceptable but respect is paramount

  8. WHO THE FUCK thinks spearo should leave shouldn’t call yourself a red. SHAME on you. Didn’t Lucas just showed us how wrong we were? OMFG, just because we lost 1 final, courtesy from the blind linesman, you tards start picking on individuals? CAMMON, where have all the true reds been!!!

    1. No! Its only if you think he is good enough you are not a true fan!. Because it is a disgrace to souness MacMahon who if he is a Liverpool player! He is hust not good enough and not a premier League player let alone a Liverpool one, just cause he runs like a headless chicken and puts in a tackle doesn’t make him any good

    2. Comparing him to Lucas is wrong. Lucas was frail, and adapting to a new league and a new position on the field. His problem was that he wa getting to the man and then putting in a poor challenge that gave away a free kick, h was also lacking belief to make confident passes forward.

      Jay Spearing doesn’t lack belief, he’s self assured but he lacks quality. If youre asked to play as a defensive midfielder but failto come even remotely close to taking up the correct positions and making tackles then it doesn’t just mean you’re doing your job poorly, it means you are not doing you’re job at all.

  9. Just because he is cheap.. he is born at merseyside we should play him.. hell i’ll pay may own expenses to play for liverpool…. but that doesn’t mean i can, can i?

  10. Well, you’re entitled to your opinion, Antoine, but I don’t agree with it. Jay is, at best, a squad player. Without Lucas’ injury this season, Jay wouldn’t be anywhere near the starting X1–especially when it comes to big games. I don’t think he’s good enough for LFC. He might make a good addition to another Premiership side, but not one that’s seriously pushing for titles and CL qualification. If he proves me wrong down the line, I’ll hold my hands up and say so, but I doubt that’s going to happen.

    “The formula to success has to be to have an exceptional starting eleven and then having players who are hungry to play and not demand a huge salary to fill in.”

    Right now, LFC don’t have an exceptional starting X1, but even if we did, what we need on the bench is quality (Spurs/Arsenal have managed that with a lower wage bill than ours, I believe), and that it what this current squad lacks. Henderson is young, but lacks self belief, Shelvey is young and confident, but I’m not sure if he has enough real quality to make it. I’m not going to bring Stirling into this debate, because he’s only a raw talent right now.

    If KD remains in post for next season (and even if he doesn’t), what the squad needs is quality and pace in midfield and a decent back-up for Lucas. Passion is all well and good, but without game intelligence, guile and talent, there’s only so far that you can go.

    Unrelated, but a final thought from me is this: if the rumours last summer were true and we could have bought Juan Mata, instead of Stewart Downing, why didn’t we? He’s younger than Downing and streets ahead in-terms of quality. He and Suarez would have been fun to watch this year. Oh, well.

      1. You are right. He is a squad player. Now, someone needs to let KD know that. Why did he start? Even a makeshift midfield would have been better for the final. He should be 3’rd or 4’th choice. Passion alone don’t win games . I got passion. Play football on Sunday but I don’t have the talent. This guy doesn’t have it right now. Big question marks about his physical abilities . Give him another year and see how he progresses. I guess the next manager will decide that.

      2. “Antoine Zammit says:
        May 7, 2012 at 1:34 pm
        Annie, that is exactly what I was saying.

        Jay is a squad player.”

        That’s not quite what you’ve said in your article, Antoine. You state that LFC NEEDS players like Jay to challenge at the top table, and I quote: “He is the kind of player a club like ours needs if we are ever going to sustain a decent title run.”

        This is where I disagree with you completely.

        Yes, Jay has the occasionally good game, but by and large he’s a passenger when we play. His passing is poor, as is his decision making and tackling. He doesn’t even add the odd goal either.

        If LFC are going to rely on players like the Jay Spearing’s of this world, in the hopes of winning silverware, we might as well start embracing a team doomed to mediocrity from here on in.

        I’m not ready to consign LFC to that fate just yet, and I hope you aren’t either. I know we’ll get back to being where we want to be, I just don’t know when.

        Right now all I know is I believe in Liverpool Football Club, and I believe in Andy Carroll. ;-)

  11. The only way for us to become title contenders is to have some depth while maintaining a lower salary bill (Antoine)

    Hahahahahaha looking at the KD worshippers here I ask two questions:
    1. why didn’t YOU people buy the club and hand it over to KD?
    2. why didn’t YOU people give KD £120M to spend on dross?

    football is a business with accounting issues…and Liverpool’s season has been commercially a complete joke. KD is the worst manager in the Premier League. Yes there have been instances when LFC have played the other team off the pitch but that’s all…instances and the KD worshippers see the instances and fail to see that LFC are languishing in mid-table.

    I saw the first-half of the FA Cup and only one question arose in my mind “where is the £120M talent that KD wasted money on?”. After that I got fed up.

      1. No it’s not — he still had £115m to invest and re-invest and he did it poorly…
        If he sold Reina for £6m and bought Roy Carrol for £4m that would be good business in your view??

          1. ok – you have quite clearly missed the point of that. Let me put it another way. Yes, NETT spend was £35m – but that doesn’t change the fact that he had £115m to spend and has done so pretty poorly. In regards to the players bough in I can see Coates, Enrique and Carroll becoming long term fixtures in the LFC team (but whether AC will ever justify £35m is another matter) – but not the others. If we put all the players bought in last summer for sale tomorrow would we make a profit on any or a huge loss on most?

  12. And I’ll just repeat that one more time…for the amount of money he has spent on the club, KD IS THE WORST MANAGER IN THE PREMIER LEAGUE

    1. Exactly! I would rather siggurdson from Swansea or nzonsi from blackburn etc etc if we want is squad players.

      Spearing would not fetch more than 1.5 million from a lower prem/championship squad.

      He doesn’t score goals, set up goals (for us, played a few key passes for goals for man u and Chelsea this season) – why compromise so much?

      If we are missing some midfielders – lets play our £35 m striker and chage the formation!

  13. “and a Scouse so lay off him” the mentality that will keep us back for years to come. He isn’t good enough for the Premier league let alone for us. He’s a mid-level Championship player at best. Just because he is Scouse is not a good enough reason for him to be here. Sentiment has no place in football and he should be shown the door or at very best a 3rd 4th choice backup.
    At least with Carroll and Henderson you can see potential but Spearing, along with Downing and Adam should be nowhere near the first team. Jay is NOT young anymore, he’ll be 24 next season – this is as good as he’ll get – very limited player.
    Put it this way, if he was for sale tomorrow, what sort of clubs would come in for him?

  14. jay is a lovely lad but we should not get too sentimental; he is not good enough and invariably passes sideways, to feet, thereby slowing down the counter attack. Worse than this he is often guilty of ball watching; look back at how many times opposition players just lose him in the final third
    Sorry, we need better quality than this, local or not!
    Nev the Red

  15. I disagree, if you want to be contender next season we obviously we need someone better than Jay, and the last final was truly show how much Jay gave the impact to team.
    To improve and progress comes with price. Smart spending I mean.

  16. He has had about two or three good games all season. He does a whole lot of fcuk all on the pitch. He never picks up intelligent positions, he never gets close enough to put in tackles, his passing is average and he doesn’t contribute anything like near the goals he did at reserve level.

    Jay Spearing is an excellent championship player but someone who has been found wanting in the top division.

    Because he’s local he been given far more leeway since he stepped up, but ultimately like many other local lads before him (welsh etc) it doesn’t buy you a free-squad place at Liverpool football club. If you’re just not good enough you’re just not good enough, and that’s Jay Spearing here.

  17. What a player Lucas Levia is!! The minute he got injured at Chelsea our season was effectively over. Fantastic tackler and starting to show more quality on the ball. Next name on my jersey that’s for sure.

    Jay always gives 100% but he is simply not good enough to get us back into the champions league, now if we want to fight for domestic cups like this year then yeah I’d say he’s good enough. Just not in the finals

  18. Average player on the pitch…. base on all games he played … nothing else !!! feel sorry AZ !! YNWA !!!

  19. “happy to play for the club and give 110% for the club he loves.”
    If this is all you think we need at Liverpool why not just get 11 fans from the Kop every week to play. He’s just no where near the standard required. At the end of the day he has no pace, physical presence, positional awareness, attacking aptitude. Our defence is too exposed when he is the one charged with protecting them. I don’t hold him accountable and he does at least try – but to move forward we need players who try AND have ability.

  20. Its not Jays fault as such but the fact the squad is so weak in depth that we had to play him for several months, with lucas and adam injured we had very few options, the squad needs huge improvements. People keep saying we spent 100m+ but we recouped 50m for torres, 6m for babel and 15m for meireles, those three outgoings alone made us 71m, never mind all the other transfers out which reduced the wage bill. The net spend is no more than 33m according to a report i read last week.

    1. “Just be PATIENT. People were calling for Lucas to be sold, but now he’s essential. Same is happening to Carroll, and soon, Spearo might be one of those players with Hendo and Jonjo.”

      Yes but that was a ridiculous minority who believed the papers who were castigating a player who was Brazil U20 Captain, had already taken his Gremio team to the final of the Copa Libertadores and was the youngest recipient of the Bola de Ouro. At 20 he moved to a new league, a new country AND a new role. Yet myself and many others could always see the talent he had. That’s why I also have faith in Carroll, Henderson and Shelvey (to a point) but Spearing has no redeeming abilities, is 23 and his experience at 23 is nowhere near a 20 year old Lucas. Lucas has been our best players over the last 2-3 years and is only just older than Spearing.
      Take out the scouse element, say if he was from Bulgaria, or Togo – would you still expect the same patience? Those supporting him are probably the same ones who thought Rafa should never have sold Warnock – who isn’t even good enough for Villa!!

  21. Look, Spearing made mistakes for both goals on Saturday, and don’t forget a massive mistake in the game at man u that cost is a goal. He’s not a player for the starting line up, but we’ve few other options at present. Downing, Henderson, Adam all been disappointing this season. Jay is a squad player, nothing more. If kenny had got tactics right to start with on Saturday then spearing wouldn’t have been as exposed

  22. Maybe he shouldn’t be in the finals, maybe he isn’t good enough for the starting eleven, but when Lucas and Adam comes back, Spearo is going to be bunked down to reserve player/squad player.
    He’s young, he won’t be playing like Xavi or Cesc, but for the price he is, and the wages he is, he’s a good player to call upon when we have injuries.

    We can’t afford massive wages when we have players like Cole and Aqua on the payrole, who we have trouble getting rid of. We need to get rid of players we don’t use first, then we can look at the better players for bigger wages.

    If we don’t have the money, we can’t buy the decent players, then we can’t compete for the top 4. We have a good scouting system Rafa left us with, so we are going to have to bring in new young talent, and as they develop, we are going to get better.
    I don’t see us winning the PL in the next 3 seasons, but when the players start getting older and more mature, I see the trophies flooding in.

    Just be PATIENT. People were calling for Lucas to be sold, but now he’s essential. Same is happening to Carroll, and soon, Spearo might be one of those players with Hendo and Jonjo.

  23. Listen my son is a Red through and through….fact is that dont mean he’s good enough to play for LFC. Spearing will be a cracking player for any championship team, but we are trying for fcuking champions league here!! Wake up peeps! YNWA

  24. I am sorry but Where did I say that Jay should start every single game?

    I said Jay is the perfect squad player.

    Tell me where you are going to find a player who is willing to fill that role on a low salary?

  25. “Jay Spearing is not a Premier League player let alone a Liverpool one” not my words exact words of Steve Mcmahon and souness two players who played in the same position and knows a lot more than a random so called “Liverpool fan” and in the same logic we sh
    ould have kept Stephan Darby at least he is really from Liverpool

  26. he reminds me of ex lfc player david thompson he is small tries really hard. quite a likeable character with a bit of terrier in him but ultimately not good enough for lfc. its a shame some of the players with better ability have not got their character. if we are to challenge for the title players with spearings lack of ability need to be shifted out

  27. I did not travel for 5 hours an spend about 200 quid to go and watch a player who consistently gives the ball away when it is a simple pass! Just because he is a scouser does not mean he is good enough to play in a fa cup final

      1. So you think that we should have squad players who arent good enough to play when they are needed?

  28. It’s the management fault for giving such high salaries for loaned players like Joe Cole and Aqua the club is suffering with average “depth”.

  29. Maybe not sell him, but you’re a fool if you think we can win titles or trophies consistently with players like him playing any sort of influential role. Wasteful on the ball, reckless in tackling. He’s Charlie Adam from Liverpool, and that’s not a compliment.

  30. I think that anyone who plays alongside Henderson is bound to play shit!! Look at spearing who was one of our good players before Hendo came. Adams who was the best player as well as the captain of Blackpool. even Gerard has had to work twice as hard just to play good along side Hendo. Kelly who plays behind him is left exposed as Henderson just shadows the opposition and never goes in with a tackle. Spearing and co have to clean up all the dirt that hendo leaves behind. Adams for instance plays well with gerard. Spearing plays well with Gerard. I believe its Henderson who puts pressure on his team mates by pussy footing around like a fairy!

  31. Hi Ant. I don’t think the wage thing is a good argument.
    If you wacth Spearing when he has played with Lucas they have been a fantastic team. There is no way he could cope with the Chelsea midfield on his own as Hendo does/did go missing (exactly right gfrego). Spearo gave his all but he didn’t play well, what more can you say. He is still young and this means he needs time which many of us don’t want to use as an excuse anymore. We do need the loal element in the side but playing value must be the ultimate criteria. Kenny can’t keep sticking his neck out for those he likes (Downing is shit please get rid of him) he must be more ruthless.
    Thank goodness Lucas will be back next season. We can now see he is a players that will get us 10-12 points more next season as he makes those around him play better. I have seen Spearing play much better with Lucas and he is a great player when Lucas has his back. Playing Spearo in the centre of midfield was wrong but we didn’t have much back up. Kenny didn’t fill Lucas’s palce with another player and it has been some time since he was injured and when Charlie Adam went out there was no one. Hendo needs to man-up and play like Spearing with more heart. He looks good but is not doing enough.
    Don’t make Searo a scape goat. We weren’t good enough and it is simple as that, it is not his fault. Kenny needs to rethink his loyalties, ditch Downing, use Hendo on the bench, let the oldies go even though they are good (Maxi, Aurelio, Bellemy) and use the money to bring in someone more consistent. Don’t be afriad to look abroad Kenny.

    1. Rather than just saying support the lad can you add what he adds to the team?
      I’ll repeat my earlier post for you as I don’t want to type it out again but believe it is relevant:

      Yes but that was a ridiculous minority who believed the papers who were castigating a player who was Brazil U20 Captain, had already taken his Gremio team to the final of the Copa Libertadores and was the youngest recipient of the Bola de Ouro. At 20 he moved to a new league, a new country AND a new role. Yet myself and many others could always see the talent he had. That’s why I also have faith in Carroll, Henderson and Shelvey (to a point) but Spearing has no redeeming abilities, is 23 and his experience at 23 is nowhere near a 20 year old Lucas. Lucas has been our best players over the last 2-3 years and is only just older than Spearing.
      Take out the scouse element, say if he was from Bulgaria, or Togo – would you still expect the same patience? Those supporting him are probably the same ones who thought Rafa should never have sold Warnock – who isn’t even good enough for Villa!!

  32. you won’t learn from the Lucas saga and you continue to slate players. Now you miss him yet you calling for his head 2 years ago. if you want already made players, go support chelski and city.

  33. On Friday night Chelsea T V picked him as the obvious weak link and so it proved – be honest – nice lad but Tranmere material at best

  34. Ok we will put players like Jay Spearing into the team, but dont start calling for Kennys head every time we lose. What happens when we get a few more Jay Spearing’s into the team then we go from top ten team to bottom of the table team. We need big players the new owners didnt come in and say lets play local boys because its cheap they like the fans want to win things. We let Fowler and Owen go and they where twice the player Jay is. Im sorry Jay but at the end of the day your a good championship player. We need four big big players just to challenge for a top four place forget the league for a couple of years.

  35. He is not good enough it’s as simple as that” he should have been nowere near the squad after the fulham game ” what was kenny thinking???

  36. Really sorry but as much as i would like to i cant agree i am happy to say i always defended lucas but i cant defend spearing he is a liability sat was not the first time he has been at fault for a goal if you only see him as a cheap option on the bench then we are in big trouble we should have greater expectations than that if our finances dont allow greater expectations then why not use john jo instead or coady and cash in on spearing and use that cash to improve side i really hope i am wrong but think spearing is another guthrie or as somebody else said thompson

  37. I actually beleive that the major focus for FSG is to look at and change our scout/scouting process. It seems to me that nowadays the teams with the best scouts have the advantage. I mean apart from super rich clubs that have owners watching TV and pointing out who they like, everyone else is must keep up by scouting talent early before anyone else and thus avoiding massive fees!

    Look at (i hate to use then as reference) but look at Fegie – this guy has bought in players that most of us had never heard of for relatively CHEAP i.e valencia, Nani, Park and just look at Newcastle, they have exceptional scouts and as a result are now pushing CL without having spent millions.

    I know KK will take responsabilty for all signings but I beleive he needs better scouts presenting him with better options! That said I am over the moon that we now have a link with Uruguay for bringing in and spoting new talents – long may that continue.

    Finally, just wanna say I am happy for English young talent to be brought in, but only if they are proven and good enough.

  38. Jay Spearing is simply not good enough. When I saw his name on the teamsheet, I had very little hope of us winning. How true that turned out to be. I’d rather have Jamie Carragher playing in the holding role. Spearing should be loaned out permanently. He adds NO value to the team. Can’t pass, Can’t shoot, can’t think. Always seems lost.He won’t make the any other premier league team. He should play in the championship or First division. He really lacks quality. No time for sentiment, he should go.

  39. Antoine, I thought Spearing was really poor on Saturday. You could see from when he came off he knew he had a poor game. Big games are for big players and we had a few who went missing on Saturday. What Spearing needs to learn is what is place is. He is not good enough going forward to be an attacking player but he needs to realise that if he is a defensive midfielder, he needs to protect the back four better than he presently does. Lucas reads the game much much better than he does and Spearing has been caught out a few times in other games. The Fulham game showed how poor he is going forwards. I dont think he is a lost cause but he needs to improve and develop far quicker than he is doing.

  40. How many games has Jay played? He is starting his career he will learn from his mistakes like Lucas, do we really expect him to be the finished article after half a season! Spearing just needs to learn to sit like Lucas he his trying to do what Lucas doesn’t and that is push forward which leaves him open to more mistakes.

  41. Antoine I understand where you’re coming from, but couldn’t disagree more. I agree that having one bad game shouldn’t warrant being sold, however Spearing has had far more than one poor performance this season. He was at fault for both goals in the final, giving the ball away which allowed the break which finished in the first goal and then letting Lampard go by him way too easily before finding Drogba for a second. It seems every game he plays he gives the ball away in an unfortunate spot. The Rooney goal in our league game against Manchester United comes to mind. My point is that as important as it is to be loyal to our youth we need quality footballers on the bench. Jay Spearing just isn’t good enough.

  42. Just blame the whole team for the the way they played and not single out just a few players. A few months ago people were saying AC was useless and could be a LFC player but he was the one in the end which was the most dangerous in the final and he changed the whole game completely. Even Stevie G was not playing to his full potential so was Renia and 3/4 of the team. So be reasonable and give the boy a chance. Some of you are speaking as if Lucas was always supported when he first started I clearly remember him being Boo-ed by the fans early in his career but now he is indespensible? It took al ot of guts by Rafa and later by Roy to keep giving him games to make him the player he is.

    So chill and give the lad a chance to prove himself…

  43. Spearing has been in over his head against top 6 teams this season. Dalglish has thrown both Henderson and Spearing in the deep end way more often that their development can take. He will stunt these players development if he continues picking the teams he does.

  44. JS is a totally useless player,he conceded the 2 golas,diving into Lampard so easily,absolute rubbish to expect sumtin from a PL player,goin forward he does nutin for us,can’t even pass the ball… for Hendo……never LFC material,nor is Adam,earnin almost 80k a week for what……absolutely nothin,too much expectation little return,plz sell all 3 of them next season…..we need quality,bring back Aquilani,get a RM,LM,striker,also another playmaker like Elm or Kagawa,only way is to rather spend big wages&get guaranteed goals rather than waste that on rubbish like Adam,our primary focus would be landing a quality striker like Soldado,Llorente,we can’t expect Suarez&Caroll to go thru the whole season,look at Man City they hav 4 strikers……we need a backup plan if its not working out…….or if we do keep da rubbish like Hendo,etc play them in the Europa league qualifiers….have a separate team for the league also bring in likes of Sterling,Suso more into the team…..they offer us a lot more.

  45. As much as I’m prepared to back each one of our players, the patience starts to wear thin when it becomes clear that the player in question has shown little in the way of improvement. Spearing is a tenacious bulldog like defensive midfielder but that is as far as he talent goes. He may have a decent engine to run and chase down over 90mins but his positioning is poor, his distribution is poor and he doesn’t score to compensate either. Furthermore, I sincerely doubt LFC had would have stuck by Jay had he not been a local lad and part of a successful youth team. It pains me to say, but the lad is only keeping a position in the squad for the mere fact that the squad at this time is no more than average. LFC needs an overhaul in several departments and I can’t see how Jay Spearing is going to remain a part of that. Mind you, LFC has made some glaring errors in judgement of late. so I suppose nothing will be that surprising!

  46. Rubbish post. Spearing is a weak link in the LFC chain and should be sold or loaned out.

  47. sounds like your argument is that he’s a great player to have as long as we never play him

  48. If anyone really wants Spearing moved on on the basis of one bad performance, then that is nonsensical. If this is how society worked, then no-one would be in a job for very long.

    The truth of the matter is that, life at LFC ‘appears’ to be an uphill struggle for the little lad, short in stature, not enough pace, only a modicum of talent, not quite compensated for by his heart and drive. He plays because, despite people laughing at us for acquiring so many midfielders, injuries have left us short in that department, particularly the defensive midfield role. If LFC are going to be able to compete next term, I’m afraid that players like Spearing will have to be dropped down the pecking order, which means that LFC need to spend.

    1. “If anyone really wants Spearing moved on on the basis of one bad performance, then that is nonsensical. If this is how society worked, then no-one would be in a job for very long”

      I think they want him moved because he’s not very good and adds nothing to the team… 1 bad performance? guessing you haven’t seen him play much this year

  49. I’m not going to fault Spearing for having a bad game. He has had the opportunity this season to prove his worth. The facts are the midfield is competitive and he hasn’t shown himself to be a must keep asset. At this point he is taking space that an academy prospect should be using next season for their development. I can see Spearing being loaned and Shelvey being sold.

  50. spearing,henderson,downing and shelvey are not good enough fror Liverpool. as for Newcastle scouts all the players brought in are full internationals and could be seen on ESPN.Papiss Demba Cisse could be seen regularly on our TV screens scoring regularly for Freiburg.
    our problem is midfield and we need to get some goals from there or another dreadful league campaign will follow

  51. Im not going to disparage Spearing on one bad game, but he has had many opportunities the past two seasons to prove himself. The midfield is highly competitive and I’m not sure he has earned the squad role for next season that could be easily filled by another academy prospect who needs playing time, observation and development. I think that Spearing goes out on loan next season and I think Shelvey (in a similar boat as Spearing) gets sold.

  52. Spearing has had it tough this season. We lost Lucas and he was thrown into action. He has been one of our consistent players. Defending, breaking up play and giving the ball to a creative player. He had a stinker but at least it’s not every game like some………..

  53. I agree with your post Antoine. Having said that, I fear for Jay. Not just based on FA Cup final performance. That would be harsh. He has performed well for the most part this season. What people easily forget with Jay is that he is only relatively new to the premier league. What he needed this season was support from the players around him. I hear no criticism regarding Stevie Gerrard, why? His season has been massively disapointing. He is the influential figure we needed to help the others along this season, but people need to realise he isn’t superman and he won’t go on forever. For me, I can count on 1 hand how many decent performance we’ve got from our skipper this season. Back to Jay spearing, I fear for him because if Kenny doesn’t stay on as manager Jay will be one of the first out of the door in the summer if we bring in a foreign coach. He is an old fashioned player and will only fit a British coaches philosophy. With the injury to Lucas, I guess we all realise now just how pivotol he was to our system. Charlie Adam had a decent enough season before his injury. Jordan Henderson is this seasons Lucas. People will regret the negativity towards our midfielders. Specifically Jordan who at CM, looks accomplished.YNWA

  54. The first thing Liverpool need to do is turn anfield back into a place where teams fear to come
    We the FANS need to get up for every game
    Not just united and everton
    EVERY game .Play our part

    Every fan who goes the game &
    Internet LFC forum should Promote
    Making a noise : in the days of the Internet
    It’s easy to do this !

    Where’s our famous anfield atomosphere gone ?

    1. I agree there, Under rafa the fans had chants for the best players, ok we have one for Stevie and maxi and Luis, but all we seem to be doing these days is a feeble fields of anfield road every 5 mins to try and give the players a lift.
      That song is special and for special occasions, using it every 5 mins is making a mockery of it, and its like the fans have lost their invention to come up with new chants, Ive noticed this at a few grounds too that fans just copy other chants and insert other players names.
      Its about time we started making some noise wheres the chant for carroll, we had one for crouchie.
      And its about time the kop started to voice their approval or disproval of players.
      If we want kenny to bring on sterling we need to start chanting his name during the match.
      If kenny says the fans are the important pert of the club, he’ll listen.
      we dont want henderson or spearing, we want maxi sterling and morgan for the swansea match, when we play chelsea, anyone whos planning on going, start a chant for sterling and morgan. keep it going for as long as possible, hopefully we’ll finally see morgan on the last day of the season.

  55. I think Kevin Nolan could do a job for Liverpool ? Strong,good awareness of situations,supports the attack,and scores goals ??? Thoughts ??? Got to be better than spearing & Henderson FACT

  56. Kevin Nolan is by far a better player than spearing or Henderson ??? Scores,tackles,good awareness of open play ? Next manager go get him ? FOOLGLISH isn’t a manager,he’s a relic stuck in the eighties FACT…

    1. Deano why hasnt a big club moved for nolan before and I mean a chelsea or an arsenal? Using fact like you do is annoying. Fact!

  57. The problem isnt Spearing.
    Although I dont think he’s good enough to be a 1st 11 player.
    The problem is Dalglish and his team selections in certain games, AND how he approaches them.
    Spearing IF kept, should be a sub in the 2nd half to give Kuyt or maxi a breather.
    We are Liverpool, we dont adapt our play to suit other teams, that puts us on the defensive from the whistle, and allows Chelsea to exert their style on us.
    We only got into the game in the 2nd hald when ramirez got leggy and we put on Carroll and Kuyt.
    Fact is, Spearings poor touch allowed Chelsea,via Ramirez, to score.
    Should have been 1-1 then extra time where we would have worn them down.
    I can think of Sunderland qpr bolton Newcastle and the fulham match where his selection was dubious.
    Maxi 2nd half of last season was our most prolific player, dalglish buys henderson and adams and Maxi cant get a game, and even then he scores when brought on.
    And still Kenny picks a negative passing henderson, and spearing who’s too lightweight to comand the midfield.
    Suarez was isolated all first half because he didnt have carroll to hold the ball up, Kuyt and maxi should have been on with gerrard and bellamy, we should have subbed kuyt for sterling in the 2nd half.
    Kennys becoming lost with his own squad signings, like Hodgson became with poulson meireles etc etc.
    We need 4 world class players 1 being a top class striker, maybe Villa to give the team more dynamic.
    None of this looking for young englans talent nonsense, we have sterling cody and morgan and suso to play, we wont buy any better at the same age for anything less than 18 mill each.
    Better to chuck some money on some proven top players before we slide down so far we’re challenging teams like west brom and fulham for mid table mediocrity.
    Spearing should be playing for someone like sunderland or Fulham.

  58. reina was more at fault than spearing for that goal, why do our senior experienced players escape stick from “fans”!

    1. Reina at fault? He is the last line of defense, he didn’t give the ball away, he didn’t allow opportunity for a shot to be taken.. Those were the faults of Spearing and Enrique.

      1. Fantastic example of total utter delusion. Pepe Reina is human like the rest of the squad and is liable for as much blame as Spearing or Enrique. Yes he wasn’t responsible for the chance coming about but he still has a duty to defend the goal. Another example which has escaped the eyes of many recently is Odemwinge scoring when West Brom played us at Anfield. Do yourself a favour and watch back over the goal. Reina’s positioning and anticipation for where the ball was going was non existent. It was the same on Saterday. Lets just stick Spearo in goal eh and leave him liable for more stick. Ridiculous. YNWA

  59. Fed up of reading all the rubbish people talking..
    Let me put things in perspective,we used to have a midfield of Alonso, Gerrard and Mascherano – players who could walk into any side in the world.. Mascherano is at Barca and Alonso at Real Madrid, and what do we have now? Jay Spearing, Charle Adam, Stewart Downing and Jordan Henderson – the first 3 of those will never come close to being world class in their most wildest of dreams, none will ever be good enough to play for Barca,Real,Bayern, Juveilan etc..downing and Adam had already reached the pinnacle of their careers at Villa and Blackpool respectively, never in million years were they good enough for LFC!
    I read all this rubbish about Downing doing well at Villa, course he did-there were no expectations attached to him, opposing teams had their hands full dealing with Ashley Young, James Milner, John Carew,Agnonlahor, Petrov etc. Adam had 1 lucky season with Blackpool where are they now?
    As for Spearing, his age shouldn’t be an excuse! How come youngsters like Iker Muniain, Eden Hazard, Kevin Strootman, Younes Belhanda, Josip Ilicic and many more can do a hell of a job for their respective teams, even in the Premiership Kyle Walker, Danny Rose, Phil Jones, Jack Wilshere, Daniel Sturridge, CHRIS Smalling, Gareth Bale etc etc have all produced great performances irrespective of their ages!
    How old was Michael Owen or Robbie Fowler in their debut seasons? SO STOP MAKING EXCUSES, quite simply Kenny has wasted our money and bought absolute shite..teams like Swansea, Norwich and QPR must laugh when they see Charlie Adam as the lynchpin of LFC’s midfield, they must think hell he used to play championship football week in, week out and even then he used to be crap! Anfield has lost its fear factor because of the useless players we have bought.

    1. Jays age isn’t an excuse, the quality of players around him need to be Stronger. You talk of players in the French league which is a totally different concept to the premier league. The likes of Bale, Jones, Smalling, Wilshere etc all have better players around them! They all play for teams higher domestically than us. People are expecting Jay to flourish in a team that is nowhere near as established as others. A reality check is badly needed.

      1. So you expect the other 10 players to babysit him? He adds nothing. Needs to be be sold – but who would have him?

  60. Anyway what did Spearing do to earn place in FA cup final? Kuyt always played in our important games, having ayed in a world cup final and champions league final u would have thought he had the experience for an FA cup final and not Spearing who had a ‘mare in his last outing against Fulham.. AND WHY OH WHY play Downing – a man with no goals and no assists?

    1. I disagree with zero creativity.
      We’ve hit the bar over 30 times, and we’ve created 10X as many chances that havent led to direct shots.
      Its not so much the scoring, its the weak midfield, that allows players to run at them and cross in balls our defence dont deal with.
      Suarez and carroll should be the end product to the midfields passing, but they have to drop deeper to win the ball, with Lucas playing it allowed the midfield to play further up the pitch making it harder for the attacking strikers to run at us.
      We need 2-3 top Midfielders who can pass the ball like Alonso and run at players like Robben.
      We have Sterling who plays like Robben, only runs forward!.
      Mid season we need to bring in Morgan and suso with cody give them some game time in friendly matches with the top players like Luis and gerrard, ready for the start of next season, and go out and buy lavezzi luke de jong edison cavani.

      Enrique skrtel agger johnson/coates.
      suarez maxi lucas/gerrard sterling.
      Cavani/Carroll – lavezzi/de jong.
      We have the money to make it happen.
      Adams henderson spearing downing shelvy have no future at our club.
      We’re Liverpool ffs, not west ham.

  61. I agree with respects !!! But FOOLGLISH is and always will be LFC loss link,with his constant tinkering and playing players out of position ??? Surely he must GO NOW !!! We have gone from Alonso & Macherano too spearing & Henderson in three years ??? Zero midfield,Zero Creativity,Zero GOALS !!!

  62. Please stop defending Spearing! He is probably a good lad but DI you think he would even get I the Norwich or Stork team? No! Come on guys I idolise KD but picking Spearing in any match let alone to mark Frank lampard going the other way from Gerard was a massive tactical error. Something has for to change not necessarily the manager but his complete defence of under performing players at least. Spearing out please!

  63. Jay gives his all when he puts on the red shirt no doubt. But so does dirk and he is at least proven at premiership level and played n scored in the big games. Yet kenny prefers to play jay and leave dirk on the bench. End of the day the lads 23 now and should be peaking. He’s not young anymore. Our centre mid is awful. Lucas and gerrard should start in centre midfield next season with Adam and Henderson for back up but we still need more quality in the middle of the park than players like jay.

    1. I love Stevie G as much as hte lext Liverpool fan, but if he is to play in the midfield proper, then we are wasting his best talents. We go the best out of Stevie when we played Mascherano and Alonso behind him, and freed him to find spaces further up the field. Putting him in a two man midfield means sacrificing his bets qualities. We can’t expect him to do the attacking and the defending.

      I agree Spearing must go. I would much rather we had a quality attacking midfielder who is asked to do a job if our first choice holding/defensive midfielders are not available than to load up on defensive midfielders. Look at Man United. Fletcher is their defensive midfielder (ok and Anderson) but they have been able to cope without him or Anderson fine, with Carrick doing the job. If the club has to make a choice, I would much rather lose Spearing and Shelvey, and let Suso in to the first team.

      We need to create space in the team for younger quality players who are likely to be cheaper in the short term salary wise, and rely on experienced players to be able to adapt as the situation demands. Look at Giggs at Man U. Once he lost his speed, he stopped playing on the wings. He can still play there if it’s ever necessary, but he now plays where ever the situation demands.

  64. For all of spearo’s hard work and super effort. (can’t deny that the lad puts in) he is just not up to the level required to play for the Liverpool first team. He has been given plenty of chances and it’s time for him to be loaned out to see if can lift to the next level with sustained minutes or he needs to be moved on. Yes he’s a local lad but I prefer to give the minutes afforded to him to the younger and more promising Connor Coady.

  65. Wow Antoine, you really opened the flood gates with this article….

    As for Spearing, I’m in the camp that says he is not starting 11 material, but can be of value to the club for a late situational sub when holding a lead. Dont use him when the team is down a goal, as that exposes the worst part of his game, possession and passing. I’d give him one more season at best, then sell him if he doesnt up his game…YNWA

  66. Jay spearing should be the first sold…….

    I have noticed in every game he has played, he was well out of his depth,you can never ever rely on him as a talent player,playmaker or even a lynchpin or even a sopper in midfield.

    He has no i mean no consistency at al!!!!!

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