The Daily EOTK : 7th May 2012 – Liverpool F.C. and football news updates

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Purslow reveals that Liverpool were 1 day away from administration more…
(We knew this)

Agger “Poor start to blame for deafeat” more…
(Can’t agree more)

Carroll “We were unlucky” more…

Henderson “We’re all disappointed” more…
(Roll on next season)

The FoxSoccer documentary will have subtitles more…
(I figured they would) 

Well gang this will be the last issue of the Daily.
Over the last 3 years I have been updating this column daily with the latest Liverpool FC news however the world has changed a lot since I started this. Twitter is now ever more popular so by the time the Daily comes out the stories are already old, have been tweeted and re-tweeted. The Daily does take up a lot of time to compile and I can be focusing on writing more articles (something I didn’t have time to do as I would spend up to 2 hours a day compiling the daily).

I will be Tweeting more news than ever now so if you are not on Twitter you can still see the timeline and get the latest Liverpool FC News by going to

Of course this doesn’t mean the end of the website :-)

As I said I will be writing more articles and focusing on the important stories instead of talking about what a certain player said.

Thanks again

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  1. Antoine, you know every day i log in just to see this compiled story. Because i know that if i am busy whole day or if any news story is being missed by me on twitter , i will still be able to read them here because you compile it for people like us. Don’t quit this.

  2. Gutted. Was always the first page I read every morning. I understand though. Thank you for all your effort and I look forward to reading your news updates.

  3. thanks for all the links up till now. Nice idea and good work (usualy).
    I checked here everyday. No need to return now though, and i suppose i’ll rarely be back. I don’t twitter, and don’t want to dig through a pile of tweets, so i suppose i’ll find my news elsewhere. To many weak writers here to sift through. ciao

  4. Jordan is disappointed. I was all the season with him he must leave with spearing, downing, enrique, maxi.

  5. Eventhough i have been following u on twitter i still loved to reading your collumn especially your own comments u add to the news. Always humour me. I will miss it very much

  6. Sorry to see the daily is going Antoine, im on facebook twitter etc. For the last 2 years the first thing i look at when i sit my comp is EOTK for any news.

    Still a fan of EOTK. Looking forawrd to your other articles.

  7. Hope you will reconsider this decision. I have read this every day since I joined twitter and consider it the best place to get Liverpool news.
    Great job Antoine.

  8. Dear Antoine,

    Always loved reading your daily updates. Appreciate the work you have been doing.

    Hope to read your articles. Keep up the good job mate.


  9. change is what we all need to keep up with the ever changing universe. We all are going to miss #eotk daily, yet we know you are with always. Thanks for you devoted work and service so far and we wish you even more success in your next plan. Gracias Antoine. #YNWA

  10. awww.. thats too bad.. I do appreciate your work.. still sad that there’s no more :(

  11. You are gonna miss out on a number of clicks now that you are pulling down the Daily.

  12. Many thanks for your hard work. Hope that you’ll reconsider, but completely understood.

    Again, top work. Cheers.

  13. Thanks Antoine,

    This has been my main source of Liverpool news for years now, really appreciate all the work you put into it.


  14. Like what had been said. I usually login to this side daily just to see what i have missed from the net. I’ll missed the daily EOTK.

  15. Bummer…

    Your the first site I pull up when I get to work before the sun comes up here in California. Job well done over the last few years. Go Reds..!!! YNWA

  16. Thanks Antoine,

    Your updates are the first thing I read in the morning to get the latest news on greatest club in the world! Thanks for helping us all stay connected and thanks for all of your hard work. It has helped all the Reds in Cincinnati, Ohio (not the baseball team) feel like part of the Liverpool FC family. I look forward to your future articles.

    Wishing you the best!

  17. Don’t quit this Antoine.
    I don’t had much time to follow all the story everyday, the most simple way and my daily “News Source” was your daily EOTK.
    If you quit this, I’ll missed it a lot.

    REDS from Indonesia

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